LA Sheriff Inspector General Accuses Sheriff Villanueva Of Willfully Ignoring Evidence His Aid Beat Girlfriend

Written by on July 10, 2019

The L A County Sheriff’s inspector general is accusing elected sheriff Alex Villanueva of dishonesty … and of deliberately ignoring evidence that his key campaign aide sexually harassed his former girlfriend.

A damning report was issued yesterday … pointing to evidence that the sheriff manuevered to put his political crony back onto the payroll even before taking office.

The county Office of Inspector General also says Villanueva made public statements defending his decision to reinstate the deputy that are not supported by available evidence.

That’s lawyer-speak for not telling the truth.

The sheriff is also accused of making a legal agreement with the deputy without any approval from … or signature of … the county counsel’s office … the lawyers that have to sign off on such deals.

The report was obtained by the Los Angeles Times … which broke the story this morning.

The L A Times reported in January that the deputy … a man named Caren Carl Mandoyan ,,, had been fired.

There was evidence that Mandoyan grabbed his then-girlfriend  by the neck, tried to break into her home and sent her harassing text messages.

A county appeals board heard evidence and upheld the dismissal.

The deputy’s attorney, Greg Smith, has said the pair lived together and that Mandoyan was trying to get the woman’s attention after she locked him out.

Evidence cited by the Inspector General shows that the fix was in … that the newly elected sheriff acted to rehire Mandoyan even before the sheriff had instituted his so-called “Truth and Reconciliation Panel.”

The inspector general report says they have never seen a deputy reinstated under similar circumstances.

And the inspector genral says the evidence shows that the deputy …. Mandoyan …  is clearly unfit to be rehired as a deputy sheriff.

The department’s spokesman … Hamilton Underwood … told the L A Times yesterday that he did not have a response to the inspector general’s report. 

As the elected sheriff  … Alex Villanueva serves as the police chief for the City of Malibu and about 40 other small municipalities in L A County.

We have a link to the inspector general’s report about the sheriff posted on the KBUU newswire:

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