LA Sheriff Has 1 in 7 Jobs Not Filled

Written by on April 12, 2018

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is hired by the City of Malibu … and many other cities … to act as our city police department.

Now comes word from downtown that the countywide department is facing a projected 40 million deficit … and has vacancies of more than 1,000 deputies.

Thats a shortfall of 1 in 7 positions.

The sheriff … Jim McDonnell … says he’s blowing through his budget because of overtime costs… driven by the vacancies.

K P C C radio is reporting that the sheriff has to place on hold a plan to equip the nearly 6 thousand deputies in the field with body cameras …because the department does not have enough deputies to set up and manage the camera system.

Last Fall, the sheriff proposed to the Board of Supervisors a 55 million dollar per year program to olace body cameras on the 6 thousand deputies in the field.

That’s on hold.

Meanwhile … L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies are obligated to work overtime … many double shifts or cancelled days off.

A union official says that’s hurting morale and health … adding to difficulties in recruiting more deputies.

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