Shadowy Advocacy Group Buying Ads Opposing Anti-Mansionization Ordinance

Written by on June 17, 2019

The issue of mansionization in Malibu is heating up.

The Planning Commission is set to hear a proposed ordinance in two weeks … on the thorny issue of neighborhood standards.

Ads are popping up on local Facebook accounts … from a group called “Together For Dwelling Size Fairness.”

There’s also a glossy internet web site.

The city council has ordered an ordinance to prevent giant houses from being built amidst more modest homes.

The key measurement is the T D S F  … the Total Development Square Footage.

The group that opposes TDSF limits has chosen the name “Together for Dwelling Size Fairness” … conveniently … also T D S F.

They alleges that the anti-mansionization move has the stated goal of further significantly reducing the size of home Malibu residents can build.

The group has a web site that features a letter written by a Point Dume resident … who claims that the move to limit the size of houses to the approximate size of other houses in the neighborhood is unconstitutional.

The letter also claims that the anti-mansionization move is aimed at people who lost their homes in the Woolsey Fire.

The ordinance was in the works well before the fire.

It is the result of a broad feeling … voiced at elections … that malibu’s rural character is being destroyed as older and smaller houses are replaced by big mansions … built right up to the limits.

It’s not clear who are the people behind the group T D S F.

But tellingly … the 8 people who have clicked “like” on their Facebook page are not Malibu residents.

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