Reva Feldman’s City Job Performance Comes And Goes

Written by on November 18, 2019

Malibu city manager Reva Feldman had her job performance review last week.

It was a special city council meeting … called for the purpose of evaluating her job performance behind closed doors.

A small but vocal number of Malibu residents is opposed to keeping her in charge of the 100 employees at malibu City Hall.

Exactly two of them spoke.

Sam Hall Kaplan was one of them.


“It’s a waste of goddamn time and money for this council to go on and on to go on with someone who is not serving them. “

“You are the employer … the employer.

“She serves you.

“You do not serve her.”

One other person spoke in favor of firing Feldman.

Two other Malibu residents spoke in favor of doing away with the job of city manager … and replacing it with an elected full-time mayor with full power at city hall.

Nobody spoke in favor of Feldman … but there is a large percentage of Malibu residents who oppose injecting small town politics directly into the daily function of city government.

The city council went behind closed doors … and emerged to say nothing in public.

Feldman’s tenure continues.

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