Regional Cops Meet To Swap Plans For Post-Election Upheaval In Region

Written by on November 2, 2020

Police from within 30 miles of the Malibu area met today to “hope for the best, but plan for the worst” in the most-precarious election in the United States since the Reconstruction.

“And all are fishing for intelligence to support their missions,” Capt. Chuck Becerra said.

“Thus far, no intelligence exist to suggest we will face a civil uprising. Nonetheless, we are prepared for it. 

Becerra put out a public statement Monday afternoon, and said his staff met with the command staff of 13 patrol stations in the region, including the Ventura County Sheirff’s Department, Los Angeles Police Department, California Highway Patrol and Simi Valley Police Department. 

All L.A. sheriff’s stations are on a modified schedule for maximum readiness, he said, and all have activated their Mobile Field Forces and Emergency Operation Centers.

Additional plywood has gone up in Santa Monica … and Beverly Hills … and Hollywood … as Southern California girds for an election night unlike any we have ever seen.

It could be a giant party.

Or it could be grim.

The Santa Monica Police Department is preparing for potential civil unrest leading up to next Tuesday’s presidential election and its aftermath.

Police presence on the streets was boosted starting Friday.

In Beverly Hills … huge pro Trump demonstrations over the weekend …. as motorcades of big trucks being driven in intimidating fashion converged there.

As usual …. one of those motorcades started in Simi Valley and wound through Malibu on the the way to Beverly Hills.

Elsewhere in Southern California … at least one voting center was disrupted in the Inland Empire … when Trumpcades circled the polling place.

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