Racial Insults Hurled on MHS Playground

Written by on May 15, 2019

A small protest at Malibu High School this morning … about 20 – 25 students standing with a young African American boy.

This … over video that is circulating on the web …

One parent describes the video as a group of boys bullying … pushing and starting to beat up a young ninth grader … who is African-American.

The child was spit upon and called racial epithets,

it was a lunchtime confrontation on the school basketball courts.

The child is spit upon and apparently called racial epithets.

But other boys accuse this particular child of having spit first.

The video is not complete … it does not show what started the fight.

Reports were filed with the sheriff’s office.

The school district says that federal student privacy laws prohibit them from releasing any information … about offensive actions or corrective measures.

This morning … about 20 to 25 students stood outside school … to say they stood by the child.

And to campaign against racism.

The child’s brother … named William … tells KBUU News that a protest was held this morning.


“We came together today to .. to do a peaceful gathering of the community and to know that we have to address it.”

That child’s mother has also complained on an internet platform … Nextdoor … that her son has been discriminated against by the school.

She says her son was given a mildewed Calculus textbook … which was missing a large chunk of pages.

The school library has publicly apologized … and vouches that there was no discriminatory intent.

She says this textbook is quite unique … it has out of print and school officials cannot get new copies.

The school district has sent out a letter to parents ,. from principal Chelli Nye.

She says the incident occurred last week … and the school’s team has been and is continuing to work on it. 

Nye says the school cannot go into exact details about hwat happened or what discipline was handed out.

This due to privacy laws.

And that any students found in violation of any policy or California Education Code will disciplined as outlined by state law.

The video spread like wildfire through the school yesterday.

About 25 students protested this morning … against racism and to stand with the two African American kids.

The protest ended as the tardy bell rang.

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