Proposed Billionaires Beach Hotel Moves Front And Center – Would Replace Abandoned Green Gas Station

Written by on April 27, 2020

A proposal to convert an office building and an abandoned gas station at Billionaire’s Beach … into a ritzy hotel … has been in the works at City Hall for 3-1/2 years.

Developer Norm Haynie has been doing the preperatory work … aimed at converting the abandoned Shell gas station and the 30-year-old office complex.

Haynie appeared at the last city council meeting … to say he understood that the pandemic is important.

But he wants city staff to begin processing his application … which was filed nearly 4 years ago …


“It eliminates a visual blight adjacent to the most traveled in in scenic Highway in the entire city.

“The first 24 feet will be landscape except for the driveways, and the actual buildings will be set back 46 1/2 feet.

Haynie’s proposed hotel would be in the center of the Malibu commercial strip … not far from Nobu … on th eland side of the highway.

Haynie ticks off a long list of benefits to the city … starting with the fact that his hotel would generate less traffic than the office building does now.


“Some of the positive things about the project is that it actually reduces traffic on PCH.

“It increases the safety element on PCH, reduces congestion, just a whole lot of positive things.

“One of the most important things however is that the TOT the transient sea occupancy tax – will deliver approximately $1 million a year to the city.

“Plus the parcel tax will increase on the two parcels involved at approximately 400 percent.

“In addition to that … when the building permits are issued there … will be a grant to the city of $400,000.”

Haynie has been working behind the scenes to generate support for his proposed hotel for four years.

If there is any opposition to it … none has surfaced.

The city manager is asking the city council is it wants to start processing the permits and zoning changes.

It’s on the agenda for tonight’s teleconference meeting.


Also on the agenda tonight … not much.

Mayor Karen Farrer wants the city to endorse a couple of proposed bills in the state Assembly.

Local assemblyman Richard bloom’s bill would help homeowners to pay for the cost of meeting building codes that are in effect at the time of rebuild, not at the time of loss.

Assemblymember Bloom believes this bill would be a great benefit to Malibu as it will help reduce some of the out-of-pocket costs homeowners are facing when trying to rebuild their homes after the devastating Woolsey Fire in 2018.

Another bill would require an ember-resistant zone within five feet of any structure built in the state.

Current law for high fire hazard areas, including Malibu, includes a two-zone defensible space strategy.

The first zone goes out 30 feet from a home …. the second zone extends outward from 30-100 feet of the home.

AB 3074 would require the CALFire to create of a third zone … right next to houses … which would require an ember-resistant zone within five feet of any occupised structure.

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