Point Dume Gas Station Closed Today … And Tomorrow It Will Be A …

Written by on December 3, 2019

And the talk of the town today …

The Arco gas station at Point Dume is all roped off today.

It looks like Arco is moving out … and a chain called Speedway is moving in.

Maybe a different gas brand … or maybe it’s just a branding change.

One thing likely is that the ingredients in the gas pumps will not change.

The Southern California Automobile Club has analyzed gasoline from the Southland’s independent gas stations and the big oil company gas dealers.

The big guys indeed put some detergent in their gas … which may or may not help the engine run longer.

But the Auto Club says … go to the nearest cheapest gas station you can find … and buy your gas there.

Your car will never know.

As for the Point Dume gas station … Arco was selling gas there last night for four dollars a gallon.

What will the price be when they reopen? 

We will keep you posted.

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