Planning Commission OKs 45 No Parking Signs At Latigo Beach, As Camping Ban Enforcement Lags

Written by on October 21, 2020

No parking signs may go up at Corral Beach … banning overnight parking from midnight to 2 A-M on one side of the street … and then from 2 to 4 on the other.

45 signs will go up … under city plans approved by the Planning Commission Monday night.

But only at Corral Beach … the issue of no RV parking at Zuma Beach has yet to be addressed.

And the fact is … the offset no overnight parking signs are not being enforced with tickets at the two beaches where the signs are already up.

Recent 2 AM reconnaissance trips up and down the highway by one City commissioner showed dozens of cars parked in the no parking zones at loss Tunis Beach … with the city has just put up signs banning parking for two hour periods on either side of the road.

Same story down at Topanga Beach … where the county has put up offset overnight parking signs.

Although it appears that raw sewage is not being dumped on the roadside by the dozens of RVs in Malibu … that doesn’t mean that unsanitary individual acts are occurring.

Planning commissioner David Weil.


“I think this gives it gives enforcement a leg to stand on to deal with serious violations.

“It’s certainly not a long-term or a comprehensive solution.

“On the other hand I ride my bike on a long bike ride from La Costa to Point Dume and back a couple of times a week.

“And last week there was a guy behind an R-V and he was peeling out on the highway.

“I went around.”

The plans for the staggered parking ban at Corral Beach are moving on to the city council.

But if the past repeats itself … and a crackdown occurs on overnight parking to the east … that will simply push even more RVs and campers out to Zuma Beach.

If Malibu residents think this is a Malibu problem … they have yet to visit many surfside cities. 

Some places … like Ventura County’s beaches … had overnight parking bans up for decades …

And those are still being enforced.

But the Coastal Commission has essentially frozen the creation of new no overnight parking zones.

The notorious Boise court decision has caused the L-A County sheriff’s office to simply say … it will not enforce overnight parking rules.

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