Overnight Rental Ordinance Goes Before Council

Written by on December 3, 2019

Short term rentals … B and Bs … turning Malibu residential neighborhoods into visitor serving zones.

Like every tourist destination in the world … Malibu is grappling with the issue.

One one side … residents and investors … introducing strangers into residential neighborhoods.

On the other side … Malibu citizens using new technology to capitalize on their private property rights … to help make their mortgage payments.

The issue comes to a head at a special city council meeting tonight at 5.

The city council has already decided it wants a version of the Santa Monica Ordinance … which is generally tough on B and Bs.

But it may take more than a year to get that through the Coastal Commission … and in the meanwhile … city staff is proposing a temporary … interim measure.

And that has opponents of B and Bs … like Michael Lustig … very not happy.

Lustig has organized a group that opposes B and Bs in residential neighborhoods … And he is also not happy that the temporary ordinance does not have the teeth yo make enforcement possible.

He calls that disastrous and very bad.

The proposed permanent ordinance would allow hosted vacation rentals … the traditional type of B and B where people rent a backyard cottage or room in a main house as a hosted guest.

The city council has carved out an entire night for people to testify …. and for the council to debate the matter.

The meeting starts tonight at 5 … at Malibu City Hall.

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