Nobu Asks Permission To Maintain Current PCH Jam

Written by on July 11, 2019

The traffic knot that is the Soho House and Nobu restaurant goes back before the Malibu Planning Commission again next week.

Once again … one of the businesses is asking to expand its use … apparently without solving the traffic backups that frequently snarl traffic on Pacific Coast Highway.

The Soho House club is asking for permission to do what it has already done illegally …. operate its parking lot entrance from PCH in the same driveway used by Nobu.

The current mandatory plan  is that both Nobu and Soho use the driveway further west … so that left turn traffic from PCH would have enough room to get out of the way.

The city traffic engineer has actually approved that plan.

But the city has not addressed how left turn traffic using the wrong driveway can be accommodated without blocking westbound PCH traffic.

Soho is also asking permission to have its employees park down the street … at the Enclave office building.

City staff says te Enclave has enough empty parking places to accommodate Soho employees.

But the staff does not address the precedent of allowing off-site parking … and how that will serve as a legal precedent for the future … as the Malibu Beach Inn seeks to split its parking lot onto the inland side of the road.

Soho House also seeks permission to have live amplified music … another current prohibition that it has been found to be violating on occasion.

And the club wants permission to start selling alcohol when it opens at 8 in the morning … instead of at 11.

City staff recommends approval on all of that.

All this goes to the Planning Commission … next Monday at City Hall.

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