Many Malibu Residents “Sickened” But Some Others Support Silverstein To Investigate City Hall

Written by on January 13, 2021

Yesterday … we reported on the marathon six and a half hour city council  meeting of Monday night.

That’s where  new city councilman Bruce Silverstein repeated his charges against the city manager … Reva Feldman … and the mayor … Mikke Pierson.

Yesterday … we brought you extensive coverage of the city council members.

Today … the people who spoke up from the general publ;ic. There were more than 2o … these are the first 12 … edited for length but in context.

First … former mayor and city council member Pamela Conley Ulich.


The COVID death count is now over 300,000. 

“The vaccine has been approved, developed and shipped..

Why is it that we here in Malibu and more specifically those in the most vulnerable populations still have no idea when or how vaccine will be administered to them???

This past month I was so disappointed by the back-and-forth bickering I witnessed at your very first city Council meeting.

And tonight I’m sickened.”

Bill Sampson:


Paul you just started here. 

You had duties … you took an oath when you started your Real estate career very early as I recently learned and I read the decision. 

You failed in your duties to your client then, you lied on a loan application, as so profound and you know it. You are repeating that mistake here.”

Joey Goodman:


After enduring four years of deep state lies and conspiracy theories … lies and deceit we find ourselves not believing that insanity behind us … but beginning a new more localized chapter.

Accusations of misconduct and malfeasance in office … and persistent. 

Mr. Silverstein’s behavior and comments suggest that he is aware of certain incriminating evidence that validates his position. 

Perhaps he will share some of those facts this evening.”

Mark Baute, an attorney:


Councilman Silverstein, you have already in public in your first month gone on social media just like Trump and decided to call someone that you’re supposed to work with, the city manager, a single working mom a fascist dictator a tyrannical leader who is corrupt.

“How do you expect to work with someone as a team member if you throw those kind of pathetic empty adjectives around?

Dana Graulich:


It’s clear that council members Silverstein and Uhring have a preconceived notion that they are trying to prove, so for them to appoint themselves to a committee to investigate the misuse of power and corruption within city government would be a very clear conflict of interest. 

If we have learned anything for the last week in politics is that this been dead at needs to stop, and precious time and resources are being wasted…

We need the city council to come together and work on the problems that Malibu is facing now.”

Deborah Frankel: 


Most of the people in the city want Bruce and Steve to do what they’re doing they really want an overhaul and everybody to…

You know it’s a little rough at first … but to get a really clean presentation of our city council and the way our city is run.”

Scott Ditrick:


Pam brought up something that overrides everything else we are discussing tonight. 

We are in the middle of a pandemic there’s vaccine available.

It’s sitting on shelves… 

I don’t know who’s running the distribution it sounds like the DMV. 

But we ought to turn our efforts or more elderly people are going to die … and we don’t want that.”

E Barry Haldemann … an attorney.


one of the tactics of our current federal administration has been to undermine Americans’ confidence in the FBI. the CIA, the military, the justice department prosecutors, government scientists, health officials, and more. 

Well that’s what seems to be the sort of confrontational politics that has been introduced here. “All of a sudden there is a move afoot to distrust our city council, our city manager, city attorney, the office of the Los Angeles District Attorney and multiple other city staff. 

And that is being done by innuendo, false accusations based on little fact, claims of bribery and kickbacks, and name-calling even to the point of one council member referring to our city manager, who is Jewish, as a fascist.

A fascist.”

Lloyd Ahearn:


I have never seen a new council person get conned like Bruce did by Jefferson, making you his stooge, by buying this phony affidavit that is loaded with lies, rumors and unproven nonsense.


It must’ve been unbelievable the hours you used to charge.

What could be written on two pages you did in ten.”

Former mayor and city councilman John Sibert:


We built a city hall without any kind of underhanded stuff going on. 

The idea that the city council could influence a decision on a call for proposals for a project is just crazy. “We don’t see it until it comes before us. 

And it’s the low bidder.

You know Malibu is better then this, and it’s better than the kind of noise that we’ve been hearing … in the insults and the personal attacks. 

This kind of innuendo half-truths and flat out lies really needs to end if we one us have a city that we can all be happy with.”

Alexis Aria:


For leadership style, I recommended that you choose service leadership altruism benevolence and efficiency. 

We voted for activists. 

Please listen to the voice of the people.”

Josh Spiegel:


“You know it initially I was excited to have a lawyer on our council.

“I thought we would finally have someone fight for us… To get things moving and issues involving other cities and agencies. 

It seems that Bruce has decided that the best use of his skills would be to fight with our own city staff. 

Immediately after the election the gloves came off and he went on the attack. 

This scares me because we have a lot of very important things to do.

And now they won’t get done … because he wants to investigate whether a city staff member got a gift certificate to Nobu or tickets to Cirque du Soleil.”

At the meeting … Silverstein said he realized a lot of people do not like his style.

And vowed to press on.

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