Malibu Surfer Tells Coastal That Pt Dume Gate Would Be Discriminatory

Written by on December 13, 2019

Malibu attorney Frank Angel is a surfer … and a frequent critic of the city of Malibu on development issues.

And yesterday ,… Angel appeared before the Coastal Commission to demand that it overturn a city decision to install a parking gate on Point Dume.

Residents in the area have objected to late night partying and other shenanigans in the small parking lot on Point Dume …. which is technically closed to the public at night.

They have been lobbying for a bar that will block entrance to the parking lot … after it is closed at sunset.

People would still be allowed to park at the State Beach parking lot … down the cliff … and access the park via a trail.

Not good enough for Frank Angel.


“The city already about 20 years ago tried to block all access to Point Dume State Beach by dumping rocks where people park.

“This is a very significant environmental justice because that’s one of the few points in Malibu that ’s not gated … at Point Dume.

“I surf there myself very early in the morning.

“And so now you have dozens of surfers who have no more access before dawn to this point … because of these gates. “

In fact … Angel incorrectly characterized the nature of the project to the Coastal Commissioners.

There are no gates to prevent surfers from entering anything … other than the six parking spaces that already are already  … under state parks rules … closed to public use until sunrise.

Every other state park in the area has a gate to close it off to vehicles when the park is closed.

And there are parking plces at Poiitn Dume that are open before sunrise … just below the point.

That lot also has a bar to prevent late night partiers from driving in.

The Coastal Commission has not taken up the issue … but if it does … Frank Angel’s request will have been granted.

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