Malibu Sheriff Captain Says He Will Not Honor City Request For Traffic Deputies in Blackouts

Written by on November 8, 2019

The head of the local sheriff’s office says he will not provide deputies to direct traffic … when power outages take out signals in Malibu.

Captain Mark Vander Horck tells KBUU News that … in his words … “If we were to assign deputy sheriffs to direct traffic at the intersections that were affected by the blackouts, it would prevent them from conducting their regular assigned duties – patrol.”

The sheriff goes on to say that blacked out traffic lights are required under state law to be treated as stop signs … and that he expects motorists to follow the law and stop.

Anyone who drove in malibu on Halloween … during the blackout … knows this did not happen.

And the sheriff’s captain says this is not a change in policy … even though under previous management the local sheriff’s office had made putting deouties on the street to direct traffic a priority.

And not only did the sheriff’s office not order its deputies to direct traffic… it did -not- ask Caltrans to deliver portable stop signs on October 31st … as drivers zipped thru blacked out traffic lights with impunity,

The sheriff made his comments in an email to KBUU News … after the city yesterday put out a most-unusual public report yesterday.

In it … city manager Reva Feldman said her requests to the sheriff’s office for traffic direction were rebuffed.

She also said that Caltrans did not answer her request to bring out the portable stop signs.

Feldman said that … while the City may request traffic control from the Malibu Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station … it is up to the Sheriff’s Department to make the decision.

And their decision was to -not- provide traffic control on PCH intersections in the blacked out area.

Back at the sheriff’s station … Captain Vander Horck also says deputies will -not- be deployed to direct traffic …when the power goes out next time.

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