Malibu Senator Favors Special Surfer Plates That Will Benefit MRCA Beach Access Plan

Written by on June 29, 2020

Malibu’s State Senator has introduced a proposed law to require the DMV to sell special license plates … to commemorate surfing.

And proceeds from the special license plates will go to a fund that supports the M R  C A … and its Malibu Coastal Access Public Works Plan.

That’s the effort by the M R C A – the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority … headed by Joe Edmiston … 

He’s the man vilified in Malibu from shoving public access into places … then walking away from the crime and pollution that results from lack of rangers  . garbage pickup … and lack of toilets.’

Residents have been coping with vandalism … fires .. trash and trespassing on sections of the Malibu coast that are not set up for visitors.

Henry Stern has introduced senate Bill 1027 … which would require the state to offer license plates commemorating “The Endless Summer.” 

Proceeds from the specialized surfer license plate sales would go to a coastal conservancy awareness program.

That is the state Coastal Conservancy’s Explore the Coast Grant Program.

Stern’s bill says proceeds from the surfer license plates , upon appropriation by the Legislature to the State Coastal Conservancy, be used to fund a specified program within the conservancy’s Explore the Coast Grant Program.

Just what exactly that specified program exactly is … not clear in the bill. 

But that grant program is the one funding the M R C A Malibu beach access program.

If Senator Stern’s bill passes … it apparently will funnel additional money to the  M R C A coastal access project in Malibu … as well as projects up and down the state. 

We have an email in to Stern’s office but have had no reply.

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