Malibu City Council May Get Around To Ordering Mask Use Under Threat Of Fines … Eventually

Written by on July 31, 2020

Malibu appears to be inching ever so closer towards requiring face masks to be worn in public.


And slowly.

While other cities moved with ewmergency speed … it will be a week and a half from now … when the city council will look at issuing fines for not wearing masks.

And even at that … the council will merely be asked on August 10th … if such an ordinance should be drawn up … to be voted on at a later date.

Other cities have moved quickly .. and have drafted … passed and implemented mask requirements.

Some cities did this within hours of the Governor ordering masks to be worn statewide.

The governor’s order has no teeth … it seems that every California city and county needs to enact an ordinance telling its local police force to write tickets … and every city needs to set the fine levels.

As we’ve reported … the city of Los Angeles is considering an emergency order … allowing cops to write tickets of up to 500 dollars for people in public and not wearing face masks.

Santa Monica already has enacted face masks fines … and the L-A County sheriff is already enforcing it in West Hollywood and Calabasas.

While the majority of Californians appear to be following the rules, videos of shouting matches in stores over people not wearing masks have gone viral.

And other blatant mass violations of the governor’s tothless order … particularly religious gatherings on beaches and in parks … appear to be on the rise, potentially causing additional outbreaks.

The mayor of Beverly Hills tells Politico that “Now it seems we are in the phase where there are a lot more people who are just more recalcitrant, who just don’t believe in it and just won’t wear it.”

A lot of Malibu residents have been asking … why no face requirements in this city?

On August 10th … that’s a week from next Monday … Malibu’s city council will finally ponder the issue.

Mayor Mikke Pierson is asking the council to “consider directing staff to bring back an urgency ordinance requiring all individuals to wear a face covering while in public.

That’s 10 days from now. 

If there’s a reason for the slow speed on this in Malibu … city officials are not saying publicly.

Malibu mayor Mikke Pierson has said only … we’re working on it … gathering information.

Meanwhile … L A County sheriff Alex Villanueva says he is enforcing mask rules in other cities.

Villanueva is asking the public … however … not to confront persons out there who are not wearIng a mask.


“Bear in mind that they may not be wearing a mask for a specific reason.

“They could have an issue with a medical condition … asthma or something that does not permit them to allow them to wear masks. a mask.

“They may be developmentally disabled  … have some handicap that does not allow them to wear the mask … or it’s just not an option.

“So don’t just make an assumption right away.

“Because I’m seeing some social media posts and some video clips of some people just brutally assaulting people and chastising fopr not wearing a mask without finding out first: can they wear a mask?

So let’s have a littl ebit of compassion … some understanding … before we’re so quick to judge on this.

“All right?”

That medical advice from the sheriff is contradicted by the Medical Scientific Council for the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

They say that wearing a mask is “probably not going to be an issue … for people with very mild asthma or well-controlled asthma.

Only persons with “very severe disease and have frequent exacerbations, ER visits, hospitalizations, require lots of medications and frequent symptoms” might have issues with wearing face masks …”

So says Doctor David Stukus … writing on the Asthma Foundation’s web page.


In other coronavirus news that will affect Malibu ….

A youth prison just up the coast from malibu continues ot blossom with COVD 19 cases.

47 cases of COVID 19 have been detected at the Ventura Youth Correctional Facility near Camarillo by yesterday.

That’s 39 youths and eight employees … have now tested positive for the virus that causes COVID-19.

The state-run prison houses adults under age 25 and teenagers .. all of them serius offenders.

It has around 270 inmates and 380 employees.

Only a few of the unmates have exhibited mild symptoms like fever and loss of smell and were subsequently moved to a medical housing unit.

There have been no hospitalizations or deaths.


A mutant strain of the coronavirus that some researchers believe is more infectious is rampaging across the globe and has moved into the Bay Area, but there are conflicting views about how this tiny deviant is impacting people.

The mutated virus, known as the G strain, appears in some studies to be more contagious — up to six times more transmissible — than the original strain of the coronavirus that emerged last year from Wuhan, China.

The G strain is now believed to make up 70% of the infections worldwide.

It has established itself as the dominant strain in virtually every state, including California, and now makes up the majority of cases in the Bay Area, according to infectious disease specialists. This reported by the San Francisco Chronicle.


A coronavirus outbreak at USC’s fraternity row leaves at least 40 people infected — “A significant number of the cases were associated with four fraternity houses … according to U S C officials.

The outbreak is centered along 28th Street … best known as USC Greek Row.

To date, around 150 USC students and employees have tested positive … according to the L A Times.


Health officials in Los Angeles County are investigating a deadly outbreak at a food processing plant in Commerce.

And they have issued another urgent plea for businesses and employees to report COVID 19 cases to the Los Angeles County Department of Public health.

The L A Times reports that the county is examining the deaths of two employees at Mission Foods Corp. in Commerce.

Mission Foods, a leading distributor of tortillas, chips and salsas sold in grocery stores, was one of three big food factories in eastern L A County that the county shut down Sunday.

At Mission Foods … 49 employees have tested positive.

The business reopened with county public health permission yesterday.

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