Malibu Canyon Coverup Alleged By Jim Royal, So Why Did Villanueva Demote Him?

Written by on June 10, 2019

The series of shootings in Malibu Canyon was covered up by the LA County sheriffs Office.

That’s the contention made by the former Malibu sheriffs liaison officer … lieut. James Royal.

He’s filed a lawsuit against the sheriffs office … claiming the deputies knew that a sniper had been working in the canyon.

K A B C television broke the story over the weekend.

Royal was transferred from the Malibu Lost Hills Station to Lancaster … and demoted … when new Sheriff Alex Villanueva took office.

And Royal claims that was retaliation for having argued that the public should have been warned about a string of seven Random shootings in Malibu Canyon.

The shooting spree culminated in the murder of Tristan Beaudette … a biologist from orange county who was shot and killed as he camped with his two daughters at Malibu Creek State Park last summer.

The sheriffs office would not confirm that a serial sniper was at work … even at a town hall meeting after Beaudette was murdered.

This is Royal speaking at that community meeting last August.


“There is no confirmed connection. and remember even now there is no confirmed connection.”

No confirmed link … but royal did not say that there was a suspected link … and that the local sheriffs office suspected a serial shooter was active before the killing.

Royal’s lawyer claims the lieutenant was forced to communicate the department’s message … even though he knew different.

The lawsuit also claims that Royal on two occasions asked his superiors to issue a public safety warning – the first time was more than a year before Beaudette’s murder.

The answer from above … “It was a state park’s problem” … not the county sheriff’s.

It’s important to note that Royal lost his detective status and was transferrred out to distant Lancaster after the new sheriff … Alex Villanueva … took office.

And … and that Villanueva called a news conference during the election campaign … in Malibu Canyon … to decry the way that the sheriff’s offcie had been handling the series of shootings.

The story was broken by KABC TV over the weekend … so far … the department has not commented.

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