Planning Comm Will Likely Loosen Rules For Temp Housing Tonight

Written by on January 10, 2019

City planners have tinkered and revised their propose definition of temporary housing.

But temp houses cannot become permanent ADUs.

This is important for residents who want to use a mobile home… trailer or a Connex home as temporary dwelling while their burned down houses are rebuilt.

The city planners are recommending that temporary housing structures be defined as  mobile homes, trailers, recreational vehicles or other undefined structures.

They must have facilities for normal daily routines such as cooking, sleeping and toiletry. Temporary housing structures do not include any structure placed upon a permanent foundation.

And that may be a problem for some residents … who want to be able to use their temporary housing structure later … as an auxiliary housing unit … a granny flat.

But the city says a foundation is permanent … and if you want permanent … you need to get a coastal development permit.

And because temporary housing structures are intended to be temporary in nature .… the city staff wants to get rid of rules on temporary structure width … colors and skirting.

And the structures would be placed within the existing development area …  including the building pad and all graded slopes, all structures, driveways, and parking areas.

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