Lindsey Horvath Opposes Camping And May Seek Transfer Of MRCA Land in Malibu To National Park Service

Written by on July 29, 2022

With a Malibu debate between the two candidates to replace Sheila Kuehl as the emperor of western LA County … both candidates have come out against unsupervised camping in the local moutains.   But both have also left just a little wriggle room.

Supervisors candidate Lindsay Horvath on Friday told KBUU News that … if elected … she may act to take jurisdiction over parkland in the Santa Monica Mountains away from the MRCA.

Horvath, like her opponent Bob Hertzberg, has come out publicly against the Mountain Recreation Conservation Authority’s plans for unsupervised camping in the mountains above Malibu. 

Horvath says her opponent may say he is opposed to the MRCA now that he’s running for office … but she says the state senator has not lifted a finger against the MRCA in the past.


“I’ve held this opinion for a long time and have been working with community members on this issue. 

“I wish my opponent had been using his authority in Sacramento to do the same, but he’s taken this position now.

“But what we know the climate crisis is real. This issue is directly related to the impacts of the climate crisis in our neighborhoods and to peoples quality of life… 

“That’s a big concern… We need to make sure that we are listening to people and taking care of these quality of life issues.”

REPORTER: “Malibu residents feel that (incumbent Supervisor) Sheila Kuehl has been giving Joe Edmondson and the MRCA everything that they want. Now there is always going to be a conflict between Malibu and the MRCA… That’s baked into the pie. But what are your feelings about the MRCA and the way it has been treating Santa Monica Mountains residence?  [Editor’s Note: Kuehl has endorsed Horvath to replace her.]

HORVATH: “Well first … I want to make very clear that if people have questions for supervisor cue they should direct them to her. I am a different person and running my own race based on conversations that I am having with people in the community.

“On this issue, we need to make sure that everyone has a seat at the table, that we are preparing to listen to our residents.

“There might even be a possibility… and I would use my authority … to change the management of some of the jurisdiction of this area to the national Park service… And make sure that people have a seat at the table as to how we address issues in this area”

Lindsay Horvath … running for LA County supervisor … 

She and Robert Hertzberg will face off in a two hour long … Malibu-specific debate this Sunday …at 2 p-m.

Sponsored by the Malibu Democratic Club.

All the tickets are spoken for …. but the event will be streamed at 2 p-m Sunday. 

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