LA County Changes Malibu’s Mandatory Water Rules Based On KBUU Report

Written by on June 3, 2022

Those new mandatory watering day rules are being changed for Malibu … five days after they were implemented.
And you can thank a local reporter for that … or maybe … blame him.
Last week … the county announced odd and even watering day rules … baed on the last digit of your address …. for automatic sprinklers in Malibu.
Bu the county’s rules were a mishmash of confusion.
As KBUU reported on Monday … because the new rules say you have to water between 10 p m one day and 6 a m the next day … someone who was being told their days were Tuesday and Friday would actually have to set their times for one day later … Wednesday and Saturday.
We asked the county if we were reading the new rules correctly … or if we were confused.
And L A County got back to us yesterday … yes to both questions … we were reading them, correctly. … and yes … they were confusing.
So confusing the rules have been changed … as a result of the KBUU report.
Spokesman Steven Frasher says the Waterworks team appreciates KBUU News for bringing the confusion to their attention.
Here are revised instructions based on that feedback.
Outdoor sprinkler watering of grass lawns is restricted to two days per week.
If your address ends in an odd number … Mondays and Thursdays.
If your address ends in an even number ,,, Tuesdays and Fridays.
But no more of this setting your sprinkler timers for after midnight the next day.
The news rule: automatic outdoor watering is allowed from midnight to 6am … and then again from 10 pm to 11:59pm on the days that you are assigned to water.
Two other clarifications to the county rules … after the KBUU report.
Outdoor watering should last no longer than 10 minutes per station.   Not per property.
And hand watering of plants and trees is allowed without restriction … at any time of the day.
In fact … the county now says using water is legal the extent necessary to ensure the health of trees and other perennial non-turf plantings.  Just not the grass.
But  … this is important … you can water your grass as necessary to address an immediate health and safety need.  That might be interpreted reasonably to mean watering brown spots caused by dog pee.

Waterworks District 29 is urging total water consumption to be voluntarily cut water consumption by 25 percent.

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