LA County Apparently Dumps The Sheriff

Written by on November 7, 2018

There my be a new sheriff in town ….

and for Malibu … that means a new de facto police chief.

Jim McDonnell has been ousted as top law officer in the county.

And since the City of Malibu is one of 40 or so municipalities in LA County that hires the LA County Sheriff as the police department … that means Malibu has a new police chief.

Out of more than 1.6 million votes cast in the county wide race … McDonnell is 5000 votes behind Alex Villanueva.

An important “but” here … provisional and late mail ballots still have to be counted.

The race is nonpartisan … but the County Democratic Party through its weight behind Villanueva in an effort to oust McDonnell.

The incumbent sheriff had angered Latino groups by allowing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to use office space inside one of the county jails.

Villanueva said he would kick ICE agents out of the lockup ,,, but would continue to hand inmates over to ICE if they were suspected of serious crimes.

The new sheriff was backed by 1-point-4 million dollars in outside money from labor groups … including the rank-and-file deputy union.

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