KBUU Newswire Wed Jan 18 – 8.6 Foot High Tide Predicted Sat Morn – Santa Barbara Police Tell Malibu They Observe The Boise Case Law – Planning Director Hires Hourly Help By The Dozen – Biggest Hotel Near Malibu Closes – Santa Anas? Rain? Fuggedaboutit

Written by on January 18, 2023

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‘Domestic Disturbance’ Roils The Point

Lots of noise on Point Dume last night … as. A sheriff’s helicopters circled low and sheri’’d deptuiiers on the ground took up oppositions.

Dispatchers said there was some sort of family disturbance inside a house on Bluewater Road,

The incident started at about 11:15 and lasted about 2 hours.

It’s unclear how it was resolved.


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8.3 Foot High Tides By Saturday

High tides are increasing all this week.

The moon earth and sun are in peak alignment … bringing King Tides …. The twice a year period of very high tides.

This morning’s high tide … .7 point 4 feet … came at 5:39.

Tomorrow’s high tide will peak at 7.9 feet at 6:30.

8.4 feet early Friday morning.

And the highest King Tide … 8.6 feet … comes at 8:09 Saturday morning.

8.9 feet above the mean sea level is the highest high tide forecast we have ever seen in Malibu.

With the substantial erosion of Malibu beaches due to the storms of the past two weeks … there is not much between the ocean and structures on land.


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A chef prepared menu to enjoy on the patio or inside.

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Santa Barbara Cop Tells Malibu Task Force, They Use A Shelter To Enforce No-Camping Rule

If members of the Malibu Homelessness Task Force wanted to hear a way around recent federal court rulings … they did not get support for that from an outside expert yesterday.

Malibu officials invited experts from Santa Barbara to describe how that costal city handles homeless persons. 

‘Santa Barbara for decades had been famous …  or infamous … for a stubborn population of people down near the train station … and elsewhere between downtown and the beach.

But Santa Barbara has found housing for many of those people.

And Santa Barbara police Sergeant Chris Payne told the Malibu commission they did that by establishing seven shelter beds … at a shelter operated by a charity.

The police sergeant said … doing that allows the city to arrest homeless persons for vagrancy ,.,.. if they refuse to go to a shelter.


“Our camping enforcement is very very specific because of the recent Boise decision and the recent decision out of Oregon for caselaw. 

“It’s very specific. 

“Basically when working with path we have a contract with path to have seven beds write down available for use by the city and by our partners if there’s. There has to be housing available for somebody to go to before we can do any enforcement is that municipal code section.”

Santa Barbara police Sergeant Chris Payne .. speaking at last night’s Malibu Homelessness Task Force.

Santa Barbara has 10 times as many residents as does Malibu.

Their city government spends $6 million a year on homeless cleanup and services.


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Planning Department Brings In Hired Guns To Clear Case Backlog

Malibu has seen a brain drain of staff at city hall.

Key staff embers have been quitting … tired of the long commute and in some cases … tired of dealing with difficult and demanding people. 

City planning director Richard Mollica … at last night’s Planning Commission meeting.


“As you know the past year has been extremely high turnover in the department.

“And we have been very appreciative of the council okaying a budget amendment for the department so that we can get all of these consultants here to help out with this.

“We’ve had three senior planners doing all of the work that you see.

“These people have each been doing the work of three of four people each.”

Mollica last night announced he is bringing in consultants … on contract … to deal with the backlog of planning department applications.

How many consultants???

All 12 consultants will be paid hourly wages … money that comes from the applicants fees. 

Mollica says he has had great difficulty finding experts in applying the state Coastal Act to local zoning codes. 

Malibu has hired planning experts from as far away as Del Mar, in San Diego County, to help out here.


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Malibu Gets ‘F’ From OC Newspaper, But The LA Newspaper Gets An ‘F’ In Accuracy

Malibu has received an “F” in a report card issued on how well the city is complying with state law on building affordable houses for low income people.

The blanket law affects every jurisdiction across the state … aimed at alleviating the chronic housing shortage. 

Malibu is supposed to have built 2 houses over the past 8 years … 2 houses for very low income people.

As you might expect … zero affordable houses have been built here. 

Under state law … local jurisdictions are required to draft housing plans to meet their state housing goals.

Malibu has done that … the city has provided zoning that encouraged residential development in lower economic tiers. 

If apartments or condos were to be built on vacant land near Paradise Cove … the owners could get a bonus density for adding in housing for low income families. 

Th owners of that land have not decided to build anything.

So … Malibu has compiled with the state law … 

But the newspaper … the Orange County Register …  that issued the “F” grade looked at the number of houses that were actually built … and not the number off units allowed by the city.

And in Malibu … the property owners have elected to keep their land vacant. 

The fact of the matter is that Malibu does not have major new housing developments going in … so none of those nonexistent units can be reserved for low cost housing.

So ..Malibu gets an “F” from a newspaper that flunks the accuracy test.


Camarillo Man Dumped Near Malibu Was Young Plumber, Murder Charge Filed

More details about the murder of a man whose body was found dumped on Mulholland Highway will be released by the Ventura County District Attorney today.

The DA’s office filed murder charges Tuesday in the death of a Camarillo man who had been reported missing in July.

A Camarillo resident named Rotherie Durell Foster … age 37 … will be charged today.

Prosecutors allege that Foster shot a 35 year old man … also from Camarillo … several times in a business dispute.

The body of the victim … Jose Antonio Velasquez … was eventually found by hikers off Mulholland Highway in the Santa Monica Mountains. 

The discovery was October 3 in the unincorporated Los Angeles County area … but an exact location of the grim find has not been released. 

The Ventura County Star reports that Foster was a work acquaintance of Velasquez. 

Prosecutors say the victim was starting a plumbing business. 

Foster was is charged with murder … eight counts of identity theft … two counts of forgery and with firearms violations based on prior felony convictions.


Ventura Officials Confirm 35 Year Old Homeless Woman Drowned In Her River Shanty

Also in Ventura … officials confirm that a 35 year old woman who was living in a wooden shanty in the Ventura River bed drowned in fast water.

Christina Lorenzen, had reportedly called out for help in the night as storm water surged. 

A swift-water rescue team aided by a county helicopter crew was unable to find her that night.

Lorenzen died n a makeshift wooden structure she apparently lived in, police told the Ventura County Star. 

This was 20 miles up the coast from Malibu.


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Closest Big Hotel To Malibu To Close Doors

In news from down the coast … the landmark Lowe’s Hotel in Santa Monica is going to close March 4th.,

320 employees have been told they will be laid off.

The hotel’s owner has told the Loew’s company that the management agreement is being cancelled. 

With 347 rooms …. the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel is one of the largest hotels near Malibu ..,. and certainly is the largest beach hotel in the Los Angeles area. 

It opened in 1989 and was remodeled in 2021.

The landmark hotel … just south of the Santa Monica Pier …  has been featured on national commercials for Los Angeles tourism.

This story was reported by the Santa Monica Daily Press. 


Kindergarten, Transitional Kindergarten Roundup Coming to Webster, Malibu Elem Schools

Malibu’s two public schools will host their kindergarten roundup in two weeks … on Thursday, Jan. 26, at your neighborhood school.

Transitional Kindergarten (TK) and Kindergarten Roundup, as the yearly event is called, is an opportunity for Malibu parents of children entering TK or kindergarten for the upcoming year to meet the principal and teachers of their neighborhood school, learn about before and after school care, and begin the registration process for the school year.

Round up time on Jan. 26 varies by school.

Malibu Elementary principal Chris Hertz says that school is hoping to open a TK classroom next year … so he hopes to get a good turnout of parents interested in Transitional Kindergarten.


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