KBUU Newswire Thursday June 30 – Power Outage Caused By SCE Equipment Failure – SMMUSD Thanks Malibu For School Security – No Fireworks In Malibu Skies This 4th – Pt Dume Parade Is A Green Light – Moron Hits 68 MPH In Construction Zone

Written by on June 30, 2022

=.  A hot afternoon … something blew out … and 18 hundred houses and businesses blacked out in Malibu yesterday.

=. New fencing at Malibu Elementary .. as the school superintendent thanks Malibu for more security.

=.  The all-volunteer Point Dume Fourth of July parade still passing the hat.

=.  No fireworks shows this year off the Malibu coast … that’s a modern first. 

=.  And the top moron score so far … some idiot clocked at 68 miles an hour in the Trancas construction zone. 

=.  The 30 mile an hour zone gets special enforcement action. 


This is Malibu’s Only Local Daily News … the Thursday edition … I’m Hans Laetz reporting. 


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Edison Can’t Officially Say What Caused 1/3 Of Malibu To Black Out Wed

The official cause for yesterday’s power outage in the eastern third of Malibu is … not specified by Southern California Edison officials.

As best they can determine … they say it was some sort of equipment failure that blacked out eastern Malibu yesterday afternoon.

Could have been triggered by hot weather … if you call above 80 hot.

Traffic signals went out … and about 18 hundred homes and businesses were blacked out.

The astern quarter of Malibu was affected… from the civic Center to Topanga Beach. 

Some customers got restored quickly … others were out of juice for about 4 hours.

And metallic balloons were blamed for a second … smaller outage just east of Paradise Cove … also yesterday afternoon.

Three houses were zotzed out of power for more than three hours.

But the power zap showed out the traffic signals on PCH at Kanan Dume Road … causing a monumental traffic jam.


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Driver Clocked At 68 MPH In 30 MPH Bridge Detour

Malibu’s sheriff’s deputies have begin special speed enforcement …. shooting radar … at the Trancas Creek bridge detour.

The 50 mile an hour speed limit drops to 30 miles an hour at the zigzag bridge lane squeeze.

Deputies have been observed writing tickets there.

But they tell KBUU they are only writing tickets for the most extreme violations.

Like the guy they clocked going 68 miles an hour this week … in the 30 zone. 

Deputies are using new speed guns that also record a video clip of the targeted car … able to zoom in all the way to the license plate.


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New Security Systems Going In At Schools

New security systems are being installed at Malibu schools this summer.

And Santa Monica school superintendent Ben Drati says he is … in his word … thrilled that Malibu is moving to improve safety at the four public school campuses. 

And the Santa Monica Malibu school system has already been moving to increase the physical security at the campuses.

Fencing is being replaced at malibu elementary school this summer … a uniform six foot high fence will replace the old fence … which is only 4 feet high in some places. 

And new public address and bell systems are being installed in all classrooms … high tech systems that have special functions for lockdowns or campus threats.

The district was criticized this week for arranging for extra police patrols at schools in Santa Monica. … but not in Malibu.

District officials say the amount of help that they get from Santa Monica police is negligible.

Ben Drati says he is “thrilled thrilled to be working collaboratively with LA Sheriffs Department under the direction of Jennifer Seetoo, the City of Malibu, and other Malibu community partners to enhance security measures and responsiveness around our four Malibu schools

Drati went on to thank them for this joint effort to improve patrolling, response time and intervention in emergencies or threats to our campuses … and he thanked the Malibu City Council for the initial funding for this pilot project.

Secret Service May Close Westside Street This Weekend

Motorcade alert.

The vice president will be in the local area starting this evening.

Kamala Harris and her husband live in a house just off Sunset Boulevard in Brentwood  …. About a mile west of the 405 Freeway.

Her exact plans have not been announced … but her long weekends away from Washington have frequently included brief day trips to Santa Monica … downtown Brentwood … and elsewhere on the Westside.

Do not be surprised by any sudden motorcade road closures on Sunset Boulevard … or elsewhere between the 405 and the PCH.

City May Act To Get Deputies Keys To Gated Neighborhoods

Malibu has 55 neighborhoods or houses with remote control gates.

L-A sheriff’s deputies do not have the keys to any of them.

The fire department has special keys … but not the sheriff’s department.

That’s a problem … 

Next week … the city’s Public Safety Commission will consider requiring owners of electronic perimeter gates to take action to allow deputies to be able to quickly get up a driveway. 

City officials say they are two options … either the carrot or the stick.

The carrot … a community education campaign that encourages all property owners in gated residential communities to install their own emergency key systems.

The stick … implement a Citywide ordinance requiring gated residential communities to install an emergency key system for cops to use. 

Malibu deputies already carry a Knox Master Key … which grants them access to any gated residential community with a KnoxBox installed. 

The Knox Master Key is to be used solely by law enforcement and is not provided to residents, City staff, or other officials. 

Many individual properties throughout the City already have a KnoxBox installed … and nearby Calabasas already requires an emergency key system be installed at all unstaffed vehicular and pedestrian gates.

The Malibu public safety commission will consider requiring master keys at the next public safety commission meeting… next Wednesday.


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No Fireworks In Bu The 4th, But Point Dume Parade Sounds Fun

Point Dume residents are still passing the hat to pay for insurance … road closure signs and other requirements for their annual volunteer Fourth Of July Parade.

No city funding … although the Point Dume Community Services District is going to kick in 2500 dollars from their otherwise unused savings account.

Kids from all over Malibu … and their parents … are invited by the Point Dume community to decorate their bikes … their jalopies … themselves … for the Monday morning parade.

The lineup is at 9:30 am at the corner of Bluewater and Birdview .

The parade starts at 10 a-m.

It ends at Malibu Elementary Schoo.

Point Dume residents have been putting on this low-key … all volunteer effort for 21 years.

No last minute applications for offshore firework barges urged have been received by the L A County Fire Department.

That means this will be the first Fourth of July in decades to pass by without legal fireworks exhibitions somewhere off the coast of Malibu.

There has never been an official fireworks show here .,.. given fears of attracting too many people at night.

That’s also why fireworks shows have been cancelled for years now at the Santa Monica Pier.

L A County fire says 19 people were injured from the use of fireworks in its jurisdiction areas last year.

Crews responded to 66 fires reportedly caused by fireworks in 2021.

The City of Malibu is not observing the Fourth of July by doing anything other than closing the municipal pool at Malibu High on the Fourth and also July Fifth.

Bluffs Park will be closed to the public at sunset as well.

On the Fourth…. overhead fireworks shows will be conducted at the Janss Marketplace shopping center in Thousand Oaks … at Ventura College … over Pacific Palisades … and in Marina Del Rey.

But not in Santa Monica … and not in Malibu.


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