KBUU Newswire Mon Sept 25 – Silverstein Charges Incompetence At City Hall, Over Kardashian Company Permits – Triathlon In Final Stretch, Will Get Cancelled Unless It Gets Three Votes Tonight – Mochi On Montana

Written by on September 25, 2023

The multi million dollar marketing juggernaut known as Kourtney Kardashian picked the wrong Malibu house to rent for a weekend Internet sales event.

She owns something called Poosh.

More than anything … Poosh sells stuff. 

They do events for influencers …. who are internet gurus who guide their followers to overpriced retail items that they probably don’t need.

Poosh got caught pink-handed … setting up a giant sales event at a house on 

Via Linda … near Paradise Cove.

Next door to the house lives Mayor Bruce Silverstein… and he is furious.

Trucks unloading stuff … cars blocking the dead end street … people milling about … too many cars blocking the view of oncoming traffic on PCH.

The Poosh hit the fan Friday … Silverstein demanding that city code enforcement do something to shut it down.

He points out that the city codes don’t allow Special Event permits to be issued at houses with open zoning violations. 

After 6 o’clock friday night … Silversiten was notified that the city had rushed through a permit for the event … set for the next day.

No 32 day notice to neighbors.

No five day notice to neighbors.

No consideration for neighbors.

Silverstein has come out swinging against the city staff members … who apparently signed off and rushed through permits for the event.

The city code enroceement team.

The city attorney.

The city manager.

Silverstein says he wants to know who okayed this. … and why. 

His said he is prepared to embarrass city staff at tonight’s city council meeting.

The event apparently violated several sections of Malibu’s Temporary Use Permit rules. 

Silverstein says the party organizer and owner of the house both lied on the application … they said the event was a baby shower … it was actually a marketing event held to showcase products from paying advertisers.

Now it turns out … it was a marketing event for influencers.

Kardashian was not even spotted at her supposed baby shower … which incidentally was sponsored by a tequila company.

They were selling stuff on the internet… big brands paying big bucks to attend a staged event set up by a Brentwood P-R company in a rented house.

Silverstein says it looks like this was another “pay to play” settlement as occurred a few weeks ago with the Broad Beach situation. 

That was when the city moved heaven and earth … and charged a 10 thousand dollar fine … to the Broad beach family yhjat built a giant platform on Broad beach … with lights and curtains … for a family wedding.

Hurricane Hillary hit that one. 

Hurricane Silverstein hit Poosh last Saturday. 

The mayor writes … and we quote

“It is incredible and entirely unacceptable that the city staff, including the Chief Code Enforcement Officer, Planning Director, Interim City Attorney, and possibly the City Manager would join together to move heaven and earth to get this accomplished on no day’s advance notice for a wealthy celebrity when our residents are required to wait days, weeks and even months for such attention respecting matters of much greater concern than a celebrity party.”

72 words if you are counting.

And you can count on this becoming a major item on tonight’s city council meeting.  Silverstein writes that he suspects “there are multiple other issues that were not uncovered in the rush to help out a celebrity.”

Silverstein’s nine month rotating term as mayor ends tonight – he will be succeeded by political ally Steve Uhring,

He has been on the city council for three years.

And on social media, he made a plea for Malibu voters to support candidates like him in the next election, in 2024.  In 2022, Malibu voters rejected the candidate endorsed by Silverstein.



And with that background … the Malibu Triathlon will be fighting for its permit tonight.

The Triathlon is supposed to run Saturday and Sunday.

Last week … it got snubbed by the Planning Commission.

Hundreds of letters have been sent to the city council … asking that they override the Planning Director’s reading of the Malibu Municipal Code.

The heart of the dispute … whether the Super League triathlon had a 32 day requirement to send out notices that the race course had been shortened.

The Planning Director says the city code could be read that way ,,, or it could be read as requiring a 5 day notice.

The Triathlon was late because it was getting the runaround from Caltrans and the Cou8nty and a host of wildlife agencies … all asserting jurisdiction on the Zuma Beach underpasss.

The underpass has become a babbling brook … 18 inches deep … atop the pavement under part of the underpass.

The rest of the underpass… where the creek used to flow … is piled high with rocks and gravel … Caltrans has been unable to clear it because it is p[art of the watercourse … which is now home to several endangered species. 

Ttiathletes all think this is stupid.

Larry Turkheimer was interviewed by L A TV station ABC 7.

“It’s the biggest race in LA, Ventura and probably Orange counties.  It brings together first-timers, corporate involvement, and people with experience in racing. And now this dream for all of this people of doing their first triathlon could be fine after all this effort … you know… from people buying stuff to getting all this personal training…”

ABC 7 is part of Disney … one of several major corporations that send teams to the Triathlon and help it raise money for the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles pediatric cancer wing.



Construction begins today at the intersections with the most crashes on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu.

This is the set of red lights just a few hundred feet apart on the coast highway at Rambla Pacifico and next door … at Las Flores Canyon Road.

Caltrans officials will be installing a longer left turn lane for eastbound PCH traffic … waiting to turn left onto Las Flores .… 

Also … changing the traffic signal to add a red left turn arrow … for cars from Malibu heading up the canyon.

Sounds simple … but it’s not.

The longer left turn lane for eastbound traffic will mean an end to left turns from PCH into the gas station the 76 station that’s been there for decades at the corner of PCH and Rambla Pacifico.

That means no left turn signs will go up for westbound traffic … that may try to turn left from the through traffic lanes.

Because of that … members of two city commissions voted against the roadway changes.

Using the power granted to them as amateur traffic engineers … predicted new mayhem.

They may well be right.  

Caltrans has ignored the rejection … they don;t have to get city permits … the state agency owns Malibu’s main street.

Construction starts today …. It being Caltrans … there is no completion date. 



In ice cream news from down the coast … a mochi parlor has just opened in Santa Monica.

Mochidoki has opened at 11th at Montana.

The Santa Monica Daily Press reports Mochi ice cream is the delicacy wrapped in a mochi rice cake molded from steamed mochigome, a short-grain glutinous rice found in eastern Asia.

The cooked rice is kneaded into a dough for both savory and sweet concoctions.

Mochidoki’s flavors range from fruit-inspired creations like passionfruit and mango (both of which are vegan options), to more typical ice cream flavors like chocolate and salted caramel.

Also boba and lattes.

Mochidoke is at 11th and Montana in Santa Monica.



Brown air cloaked Malibu and the Southern California basin yesterday… We actually got a smog alert from the AQMD.

Those forest fires burning along the Oregon California state line are responsible. T

The Bay Area has been having smoky skies for more than a week… and the air currents moved that smoke down to Malibu over the weekend.

Today should be a little bit better air quality.


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