KBUU Newswire Mon Nov 15 – Record Heat, Idiots On PCH Cut Donuts; Council To Consider Releasing Affidavit Wagner Investigation Report; Coastal Says Elevate 6 Feet On Beach

Written by on November 15, 2021


=    That sure sounded like a street takeover and donut show at Zuma beach yesterday afternoon.

=     Record temperatures near us … 90 degrees at the beach here.

=     The city council will make a decision next week on whether to release the Wagner Affidavit Report.

=    They city council has the option to just keep it secret … the city attorney says.

=   Malibu approved an oceanfront house based on an 18 inch ocean level rise,.

=   Coastal says try again … with a six foot plus ocean level rise in mind.

=     Surf … 2 to 5 feet from the southwest.

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Residents tempers were inflamed over the weekend.

Roving groups of souped up cars … motorcycles and other vehicles driven by morons.

Several car crashes drawing the attention of law enforcement.

It was a typical Santa Anas November Day in Malibu …weekend edition.

At Zuma Beach … the road was briefly blocked for some idiots to cut donuts.

On Point Dume … dozens of cars parked illegally in the road at the point.

The beach team … the special extra staffing of sheriff’s deputies brought in for the summer???

It’s not summer anymore ,,,, the sheriff’s department apparently didn’t get the memo that sunny and hot November beach days can draw big crowds.

The Malibu Half marathon was run Sunday morning … as temperatures were already in the 80s.

Several medical assistance calls went out … no details if they were heat related.

Temperature records were set up and down the coast … 

No official records are kept for Malibu.

But as for the highs …. try 86º at Leo Carrillo.

87º at Paradise Cove and upper Las Flores.

88º at Point Dume.

No official records are kept for Malibu’s fleet of new weather stations … most of them installed to measure conditions for SCE power cutoffs. 

In Camarillo and Oxnard, temps hit 95 degrees …smashing the old record for the date – 89 degrees – set in 1974.

Woodland Hills joined Fillmore and Chino as the hottest spots in the nation on Saturday. 

Today’s gonna be hot but less windy … foggy the rest of the week … and another Santa Ana may be setting up for this coming weekend. 


Two significant crashes last night have been cleared up … in the mountains above Malibu.

A vehicle hit power lines in Las Flores Canyon last night … causing a small localized power outage there. 

And power lines were also knocked down on upper Encinal Canyon Road … 

Power was still out for two customers up near the old Malibu Country Club as of early this morning. 

But the roads are all open. 


It looks like the brakes might be slammed on a project that has been in the works … at City Hall … for six years.

The project … adding angled parking … a walkway and a three foot sand wall.

Already approved by the Public Works … Public Safety and Planning Commissions.

Already approved by the county Department off Beaches and Harbors … 

Approved by the city council … ready to go out for bid.

That took many Point Dume residents by surprise … and they voice the understandable concern that paving over beach sand as the ocean level rises might not be such a red hot idea. 

The project is strongly supported by some Malibu residents … as a solution for beach parking congestion … and a way to prevent campers and RVs from parking there. 

The Malibu city council will now get the hot potato … and take it up next Monday.


Speaking of hot potatoes … also Monday … the Malibu City Council will consider releasing a report … done by outside attorneys … into the allegations of cronyism and corruption made by city councilman Jefferson Wagner as he left office.

The allegations were made in the form of a written statement … an affidavit … the Wagner Affidavit.

The lawyers were reportedly paid upwards of 100 thousand dollars for their report.

They city council got the report several weeks ago … but sat on it for at least two meetings … without disclosing that it had custody of the long-awaited Affidavit Report.

KBUU filed a Public Records request for the report … it is after all a public document owned by the people. 

The city attorney replied … no … 

City council members then said they had planned to release the investigation all along … just wait for the process. 

But no process was put into play until a week after the Public Records request was made.

The city attorney has now told the city council they might want to keep parts of the report secret.

He says “much of the information set forth in the memoranda are “sensitive” and individuals might consider the information provided to be personal in nature, if not “confidential”. 

The California Public Records Act does not .. to our knowledge … allow an elected body to refuse to release information because it is deemed sensitive.

The whole issue comes to a head next Monday …. when the city council will decide whether to release  document that the city taxpayers paid a hundred thousand dollars to produce.

City attorney John Cotti says the city might want to redact parts of it. 

Or … the city council could simply issue a statement that it is satisfied that there is no need for further investigation or action …and that the matter is closed.

The city council will … finally … discuss the matter Monday night.


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A pedestrian was hit and killed by a car in Santa Monica Saturday night.

The man … in his 50s … has not been publicly named. 

Police tell the Santa Monica Daily Press the man was in a crosswalk on Pico at Tenth Street … just up the hill from Lincoln.

The crash was at 8:05 p-m Saturday.

The vehicle … a Dodge Charger … white … with a red stripe.

The driver sped away. 

Santa Monica police say 70 pedestrians have been hit in that small city so far this year.

65 pedestrians have been injured.

And three have been killed.


And many Pepperdine students are mourning the death of a student … killed by a hit and run driver on a winding section of Sunset Boulevard between Brentwood and Pacific Palisades. 

Dev Singh …age 21 … was killed on Sunset near Allenford 11 days ago. 

Singh was a Psychology and Public Relations double major with an Industrial Psychology minor, and he expected to graduate in 2022.


Spectrum Internet service appears to be back up in Los Angeles.

Phone … cable TV and Internet service went out for most of Sunday.

Malibu was apparently not int he outage area.

The outages was caused by a fire in an underpass under the 110 Freeway in south L-A.

Charter has been plagued with main Internet connections that have only one route … and no backup.

Malibu has been hard hit by Charter lines cut miles away.

The other major Internet provider … Frontier … has its own set of issues.

New competition iOS coming … as Verizon ATT and T Mobile are slowly rolling out wireless service for homes and businesses.

That rollout has been slowed in Malibu by anti 5-G activists.


What may serve as a precedent … how to build a new house next to a rising ocean level in Malibu … comes uo before the Coastal Commission this week. 

Malibu officials approved a new house rebuild on Board Beach with only 18 inches of anticipated sea level rise … and the Coastal Commission has rejected it.

Now … the owners have redesigned the project … to accommodate a 6 foot plus rise in ocean levels.

The existing house is right next to the Trancas Creek bridge… at the east end of Broad Beach …

The owner proposes to tear down the 1968 structure and build a much bigger house.

The city of Malibu approved the house with an 18 inch sea level rise in mind.

Coastal rejected that.

Now … the commission’s staff is OK with revised plans from the architects.

And this may set a precedent for other oceanfront houses … in terms of winning Coastal Commission OK.

The floor of the new house will now have to be 21 feet above sea mean sea level. 

And the owner has to promise to remove any structure from the property … should the average high tide line creep onto the development area. 

Also … the owner will not be allowed to add any protective structures if the house is threatened … by waves or by the creek. 

The commission staff has also forced the owner to remove a proposed wall around the beachfront house. 

The owner’s plans go before the Coastal Commission on Thursday.

Last week we told you about a proposal before the commission to consider moving away from high tide lines as the boundary of public property … and moving instead to a flexible zone of concern.

That concept will be considered Wednesday morning by the Coastal Commission.


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