KBUU Newswire Mon June 25: Armed Guard On School Campuses? – 13 Parked Cars Impounded Sunday Afternoon – Bitter Political Fight To Resurrect Tonight – Abortion Rift Widens –

Written by on June 27, 2022

=.   Armed guards at local schools … on the agenda at the Malibu city council tonight.

=.   Local police officials want to hear what Malibu wants … but they say there are alternatives.

=.   Abortion becomes the biggest issue in California and the nation.

=.   A gigantic beach crowd … as the Point Dume towaway impound lot gets put into use.

=.   Hot again today in the Malibu Hills … expect a high of 102 along the 101 freeway today.


This is Malibu’s Only Local Daily News … the Monday edition … I’m Hans Laetz reporting.


Malibu Asked Tonight: Do You Want Armed Guard On School Campuses? 

Armed guards at local schools.

That’s the most extreme possibility tonight …as local school and city officials talk publicly with Malibu about the risk of school shootings.

Malibu city council members are indicating they may spend up to 250 thousand dollars for some sort of enhanced security at Malibu’s public schools. 

Does that mean metal detectors??
Security guards with guns at the front door???

Sheriff’s captain Jennifer Seetoo runs the local sheriff’s station .. and she is also a mother with two small kids in elementary school.

School security is professionally and personally a matter of great concern for her. 

She told KBUU News Sunday that it is up to Malibu to decide what it wants at the schools.


“I was contacted by council member Karen Farrer and Mayor Paul Grisanti to have a meeting with the school district and talk about school safety. 

“During our discussion we spoke about the Sandy Hook Promise, which I recommend that everybody listening to this actually researches the Sandy Hook Promise, and everything that they provide to school districts for free. It’s a nonprofit. “

“Two, we talked about actual physical security, when it comes to locks and gates and cameras. We talked about physical security. 

“The third thing discussed was actually human security, whether it’s a deputy an armed security guard or an unarmed security guard. Those are the three things that I discussed during that meeting. “

REPORTER:  “So the choice for the community is not a bipolar one: armed guard versus armed deputy, is it? There are lots of options that have to be examined?”

CAPT. JENNIFER SEETOO: “Correct.”So tomorrow (the meeting at 6:30 Monday)  is really about do we want to go out with an RFP (request for proposals).

“The city is asking the community do we want to do an RFP for private security companies to actually provide their proposals. The city already knows what the deputy proposal is because they already pay for multiple deputies anyways so they already know what it cost for the deputies.

“So the question is does the community want a proposal from security companies, which provide arm security or unarmed security.”

REPORTER:  “Should armed security guards be at the schools, at least at the middle school and the high school?”

SEETOO:  “That is a question that the community of Malibu needs to answer for themselves.

“People have strong feelings one way or the other. 

“And there’s different models. For example Pacific Palisades has gate security: they do some unarmed at most of the schools but they do a movie a roving patrol with an armed security guard.

“Beverly Hills PD or the Beverly Hills School District: I’ve talked to the superintendent Comment I spoke to the head of security. They do arm security guards there at that school, that’s what that community wants. 

“So it’s really up to the community of Malibu what is it that you want?”

What Seetoo wants is for Malibu parents and kids to look up the Sandy Hook Promise … on the Internet.

It is a national nonprofit organization led by several family members whose loved ones were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School  10 years ago,

Its goal is to empower youth to “know the signs” of a potential school shooter.

It has an app that allows kids or parents to instantly talk to a trained counselor if they spot someone who might need help.

In most of the local school district … Santa Monica city police provide active presence on campuses there.

And that means the local school board has been satisfied that there are police on campus as needed in Santa Monica. 

But the Santa Monica-based district has not acted to add police presence in Malibu … in the form of sheriff’s deputies.

On Friday … Santa Monica police had a practice … an active shooter drill … at one of the junior high schools in Santa Monica.

No such drill has occurred in Malibu’s four pubic schools. 

The need to possibly tighten security at Malibu schools will be on the agenda at the city Council meeting tonight at 6:30 on the computers.


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Bitter Political Fight Resurrected: Should Malibu Share Tax Dollars With County Library System?

Also on the agenda tonight… … a bitter political battle will likely resume.. 

Councilman Steve Uhring wants the city council to reconsider its vote from a month ago … the 2-to-1 vote to give a 500 thousand dollar grant to the L A County Library system.

Uhring says all five city council members should vote on the issue … Bruce Silverstein and Paul Grisanti were absent that night. 

Uhring says the city grant of a half million dollars … to set up an endowment to fund library services countywide … is not allowed by the agreement with the county. 

And he argues that the $500,000 grant is a gift of public funds … and may be illegal.

At that heart of his argument … the money came from Malibu taxpayers and should stay in Malibu.

He said the half million dollars should stay in Malibu … to build a library in the western part of the city.


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Vote Likely Today On Proposed Ballot Measure To Write California Abortion Sanctuary Into Constitution

The California Legislature is expected to vote as early as today on a state constitutional  to place a measure on the November ballot to enshrine abortion rights into the state constitution. The move is a reaction to the decision Friday by the Supreme Court to reverse Roe v. Wade and lift federal abortion protections. 

Nearly half the states are expected to make abortion illegal. 

California  Attorney General Rob Bonta slammed the ruling.


“This decision is an attack on privacy, on freedom, on self-determination, on equality. This decision is an attack on women. “

On Friday …  Governor Gavin Newsom signed a new law … that protects California abortion providers from being sued by those in other states … for providing prohibit people from traveling to get abortion care.

State Senate President Pro-Tem Toni Atkins vowed to help abortion seekers from other states.


“Those inhumane laws will not cross California borders. We will not leave women and families impacted by the fall of Roe v. Wade and the backwards, reckless policies of other states without options. We will not do that. We are here to further rights, not take them away. “

California Governor Gavin Newsom proposed a $125-million-dollar package to bolster the state’s ability to handle an influx of patients from other states. His wife, first partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom, spoke out strongly against the court’s rollback of women’s rights.


“This is toxic masculinities at work in the highest court, in the country. Domination and control of women’s bodily autonomy is so deeply ingrained in the patriarchy that unfortunately still rules our country.”

No public uproar on the streets of Malibu or Santa Monica ;… in the wake of Friday’s historic overturning of Roe versus Wade by the U-S Supreme Court. 

Anarchists moved into demonstrations in LA over the weekend … firing fireworks at cops.

Four police officers were injured Friday night. 

In one case … an aerosol can was turned into a flamethrower by one man in Los Angeles.

He was arrested for attempted murder … the targeted officer was burned but not severely.

L A police were also videoed shoving and beating credentialed reporters … covering the street demonstrations. 

At one point Saturday … protesters briefly blocked the 101 Freeway in downtown LA.

A fourth day of protests in Los Angeles is expected today.


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13 Cars Towed By 3:30 As High Huge Crowds Arrive From Hot Inland, $500 In Towing Costs

A huge beach crowd yesterday … as perfect beach weather and scorching inland weather swept a gigantic crown to Malibu. 

More than a dozen cars were towed to the new Malibu tow yard as of Sunday afternoon. 

Even a small truck was towed away from somewhere in the Point Dume area.

Most of the cars were towed from the perennial parking problem area near the Point Dume State Park … up on the bluff.

But others were towed from being double-parked on PCH at Zuma … and from blocking traffic on Winding Way near Paradise Cove. 

Nadia … a tourist from LA .. was parked in a red zone at Zuma Beach.


“The signage… I don’t know… I don’t know it wasn’t very visible. I mean it’s visible in certain areas. Anyway… I’ll try not to be frustrated about this.”

REPORTER:  “How much did this actually cost you?”

MOTORIST: “Well, so far, it’s a city fee of $150 and then there’s a towing fee of $250 and then there’s a parking ticket of $73 and they said that if this car had stayed a little longer they would’ve taken it somewhere else it would’ve been even more expensive. So that is like close to $500… That’s pretty bad… That’s pretty intense for a day at the beach. They gave me a free water for it.”

The impound yard on Point Dume was a matter of loud controversy from some. 

The 11 impounded cars yesterday were pretty much hidden behind a green plastic fence … barely visible from PCH next to the loading dock for the post office … and there parking lot for the rock shop.

Or … depending on your point of view … it was a visible impediment that marked the end of Point Dume’s rural way of life.


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Dume Passes Hat For Ind Day Parade

Point Dume residents are once again rallying to raise enough money to have a Fourth of July parade.

Insurance costs … renting the elementary school field … a few portable signs.

Putting on the parade will cost about 10 thousand dollars.

Once again … passing the hat is the only way to make the Fourth of July parade happen.

Point Dume has an official community services district … designed to manage and fund neighborhood activities.

It has kicked in 25 hundred dollars for this year’s parade.

Social media posts over the weekend indicate the Point Parade is a go for this year. 


Mandatory Indoor Mask Need Diminishes: LA County

Mandatory indoor mask orders look unlikely in Los Angeles County.

The number of people hospitalized with Covid 19 remains in the mid 700s across LA County. 

76 people in intensive care units. 

The rate of increase in COVID-positive patients has begun to diminish … county officials say.

That means the county is pushing back the estimate of when an indoor mask-wearing mandate might be re-imposed.

County officials have thanked residents who have continued to take infection-control measures — such as continuing to wear masks even without a mandate.


County Fire Chief Retiring Soon

Los Angeles County Fire Chief Daryl Osby is retiring.

Osby is best known in Malibu forgiving to explain that his department ran out of trucks in 2018 … and had to leave Malibu unprotected as the Woolsey Fire roared over the Santa Monica Mountains. 

Firefighters had placed every available truck on the other side of the mountains … trying to prevent their from crossing the 101 freeway and racing towards Malibu. 

Osby stood in front of Malibu homeowners to say … he did what he could. … and he was sorry. 

Daryl Osby has been a county firefighter nearly 40 years … the last 10 years as chief.

The Board of Supervisors will pick a replacement. 





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