KBUU Newswire Mon Jan 3 – Malibu Gets New Congressman, Sherman Says Congress Polarization Is Civil War-Bad

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=.  School resumes today for grade school kids … and tomorrow for middle school and high school kids. 

=.  Negative PCR tests for Covid … required … and masks mandatory.

=.  Covid is exploding nationwide … school officials trying to keep them open.

=.  The biggest opponent to a Malibu school district is now the president of the Santa Monica School Board.

=.  And the Santa Monica board rejects a request from Malibu for individual school board voting districts.

=. The Santa Monica school board attacks the Malibu residents … who want voting districts (see  related story).

=.  Malibu has a brand new Congressman … sort of.  KBUU talks with Brad Sherman about representing Malibu for the second time.


Malibu schools will continue in person learning until it becomes obvious that Covid 19 is being transmitted on the campuses.

Children nationwide are coming down with the disease in record numbers … although the hospitalization and death rates for kids are comparatively low

School employees and students were again told that they must present negative Covid 19 test results from yesterday or today ,.,.. before being admitted to campus.

L-A County will soon require school staff to wear surgical grade masks at work … at all times … mandatory starting in two weeks. 

Elementary school kids are being asked to either wear KN 95 masks … or double mask.

And to dress warm … windows will be open for ventilation … and some classes will be outside. 

School Superintendent Ben Drati wrote to parents yesterday.

He repeated that the local schools are …quoting now … “committed to continuing in-person instruction and have taken measures to ensure that we are doing so safely.” 

Face masks are required indoors and outdoors except when eating or drinking.

Drati told parents “there is no specific case threshold at which state and local public health recommend a temporary closure of a classroom or school.”

State officials say “a temporary school closure due to COVID-19 should be a last resort and considered only after all available resources have been exhausted in an attempt to preserve in-person education.”

In Malibu … the number of positive cases as diagnosed by doctors and county test sites has crossed one thousand.

But that does not count people taking tests at home …

The official death toll inside Malibu remains 13.

The official death toll for neighborhoods in the Santa Monica Mountains remains 18.

Nearly 45,000 new coronavirus cases were reported in L.A. County over the holiday weekend.


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Malibu is starting the new year with a new Congressman.

We are no longer part of Ted Lieu’s district … now we are represented once again by Brad Sherman.

We say once again … because Brad Sherman’s San Fernando Valley district included Malibu between 1996 and the year 2000.

Sherman tells KBUU that he is not a flamethrower like Lieu … 

NEWSCART SHERMAN ONE A72007 that democracy be played fairly.

“I’ve been working shoulder to shoulder with Ted Lieu. I think he’s got a turn of phrase that I don’t particularly match. I was the first to offer articles of impeachment against the president… President Trump … back in the middle of 2017. So there have been times when I was at the cutting edge. 

“As to where our democracy stands … this is the worst it’s been since the 1860s. I think it’s worse than the 1960s. What I don’t sense on either side is a dedication to the norms of democracy that exceeds a desire to win the point … to win the race. 

“We need a more vibrant middle … people who say ‘yes it’s important that we achieve this goal or that goal but what’s most important is that democracy be played fairly.’ “

Brad Sherman … speaking with KBUU Radio last week.

What does adding Malibu mean to his  District mean to his legislative agenda??
We’ll hear about Malibu … federal jurisdiction … and the Santa Monica Mountains national recreation area tomorrow.


One of the largest sewage spills in recent LA history has fouled the ocean in the L A Harbor area.

But it is not going to spread north of Palos Verdes Peninsula …. Towards Santa Monica Bay.

As much as 7 million gallons of raw sewage flowed out of a broken sewage pipe in Carson. 

The concrete pipe was 60 years old and one year away from being replaced. 

Sewer gas ate it away.

Beaches are closed from Ranchos Palos Verdes down the coast to Sunset Beach in Orange County. 


Malibu got between 8 and 9 inches of rain last month … half of that in that big soaker Thursday.

By our records .. which go back 23 years … that was the wettest single storm to hit us in almost a quarter century.

December saw more than 10 inches of rain … the wettest month since January 2005.

Southern California has now generally received much more rain this season … than we got all of the last rain year.

It is remarkable how few problems occurred. 

There was very little street flooding … PCH was open the whole time except for that one hillside near Puerto Canyon the has been shedding mud for 15 years now. 

No city streets were damaged.

For the next seven days … no rain … mild Santa Anas maybe Thursday.


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