KBUU Newswire – Day 460 – Wed Feb 12 – Shenkman Wants $560,000 From SMMUSD – ‘Critical Missing’ Woman Sought In Escondido Cyn – What Is Actual Malibu Death Toll From Woolsey?

Written by on February 12, 2020

  • =  A Malibu woman is missing … and may be in very rugged mountains off Latigo Canyon Road.
  • =  Malibu attorney Kevin Shenkman now wants a half million dollars from the local school district.
  • =  Should Malibu take action to reduce fire dangers? Here’s your chance to weigh in.
  • =  And it looks like more winds and no rain … as California gets a very dry February.


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Malibu attorney Kevin Shenkman is under fire for participating in what many Malibu residents consider to be a shakedown … collecting a large legal fee for demanding a change to district elections.

Now … attorneys for parents in the local school district say he is doing the same thing to school kids … to the tune of $560,000 he seeks from the cash-strapped school district. Details: https://www.radiomalibu.net/malibu-lawyers-wants-560000-from-smmusd-kevin-shenkman-says-he-worked-993-1-hours-on-case/

Sheriff’s helicopters were combing the mountains near Escondido Canyon yesterday … looking for a missing Malibu woman.

Julia Snyder is considered critical missing.

She disappeared from her home two nights ago … she lives on Ocean View Dirve off Latigo Canyon Road.

Her purse and cellphone her purse and cell phone were left behind.

Julia has been confronting some medical issues and her friends say her doctor had just changed her medication.

Yesterday … and LA County sheriffs helicopter flew over the rugged mountains near her house.

The terrain includes cliffs and the Escondido Falls Area … both treacherous for anyone on foot.

Sheriff deputies consider Julia Snider to be a critical missing person.

They are asking the public’s help to find her.


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The official death toll from the Woolsey Fire is three.

The official death toll from the Camp Fire … the same day … in Paradise … 85.

Today … a newspaper in northern California reports that the actual death toll up north is more like 135.

At least 50 people who died after the fire can be directly linked to affects from the Camp Fire.

That;s according to the Chico Enterprise Record.

The newspaper has identified at least 50 additional deaths medical experts and lawyers have linked to the Camp Fire.

So that raises the question … were there deaths in Malibu that wer elinked to the fire … but not on the official list of three fatalities???

We do not have the answer to that question … but we have heard anecdotal reports of at least one person who died of respiratory illness…. shortly after takign heavy smoke while fighting the Woolsey Fire.

A national expert tells the Chico newspaper that “here’s no clear definition on what constitutes a disaster death — that is really the heart of the issue.”

The National Academies of Science is conducting a study to find the best way to count deaths from disasters.

Questions … and no answers.


Malibu residents are being asked to identify fire hazards … and suggest ways to make the city more safe.

This is a formal process …. something called a Community Wildfire Protection Plan.

The state and federal governments will provide money for fire safety projects … things like trimming brush .. installing warning sirens.

But local areas must first draw up a roadmap of action items … according to city manager Reva Feldman.

The City of Malibu will host two public workshops … next Thursday and the following Saturday… on to get community feedback as it draws up its Community Wildfire Protection Plan.

There is also an online survey that people can take.

If all this sounds a bit familiar … it should.

More than a decade ago … a similar Wildfire Protection Plan was drawn up by an outside consultant.

She flew into Malibu … hosted a few meetings … wrote a big report … and it sits on a shelf somewhere.

This time … the city is doing the planning …. and has hired people to get the job done.

The workshops are next Thursday evening at 6 at Cuty Hall.

Also Saturday morning at 10.

We have a link to the survey posted at the KBUU web page.



State Senator Henry Stern faces one opponent in this year’s election.

The two-term Democrat is a native of Malibu.

His state senate district stretches from Malibu across the SDAn Fernando Valley … to Porter Ranch.

His opponent is Houman Salem … a fashion executive who lives in the West Hills section of the San Fernando Valley.

Salem describes himself as owner of a fashion design house based in San Fernando.

He tells the Ventura County Star that he also previously worked in the music industry.

Ans he says he is running for reasons related to homelessness. 

He tells the Ventura County Star that … quoting now … “We cannot put the burden of care for the entire homeless population of the country on the back of the state’s taxpayers.” 

Salem is a Republican.

Under California’s election system ….the top two finishers in this spring’s primary will advance to the fall general election.

Since there are only two candidates …. Stern and Salem will face each other twice … with the November election choosing the winner.


Speaking of power safety … a large portion of Malibu Park is without electricity this morning.

Southern California Edison crews are replacing power lines along Morning View Drive and Guernsey Avenue.

The old overhead lines will be replaced with new lines … wrapped in plastic insulation.

The power company is replacing hundreds of miles of bare-wire lines with insulated lines in the Malibu area.

The insulated lines are more expensive … but much less expensive than burying power liens underground.

They are regarded as much more resistant to sparking and causing fires when tree limbs hit them.

Traffic will be blocked by numerous trucks and flaggers on Morning View and Guernsey this morning and afternoon … if all goes to schedule.

This will be the scheduled third power outage in the area in two months … an Edison official tells KBUU News.


More windy weather is on the horizon for Southern California’.

A dry ow-pressure system wil move into California late Sunday and Monday, bringing the potential for strong, gusty winds lasting into Tuesday.


Traffic … in 65 seconds … first …


Weather for the Malibu ….

((((     )))) … highs  ((((     )))) beaches … ((((      )))) mountains and canyons.

Downcoast winds …  (((     )))) miles per hour this afternoon.

Sunset tonight is at   ((((       )))).

After that … (((    )))) tonight … low ((((    )))) beaches …  ((((   )))) mountains and canyons.

Tomorrow should be   ((((    much the same    )))).

Right now here at the KBUU studios in Trancas … it’s  ((((       )))) degrees.

Leo Carrillo beach … (((    ))).

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In upper Malibu Canyon … (((    ))).

Calabasas … (((    ))).

And Civic Center L-A … (((    ))).

In the ocean … it’s ((((       )))) degrees in the water at Zuma Beach.

Mo says the waves at Surfrider Beach today are   ((((    )))) feet high ….

Those are ((((  fair )))) surfing conditions …. according to Mo.

(((((   tide is at     

ide is at  .))))


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