KBUU NewsScript Wed Nov 17 – Panga Washes Up At Corral Bch – Civic Center Sewer Deadline May Get Pushed Back –

Written by on November 17, 2021

=.  A panga washes ashore at Corral Beach … submerged and abandoned.

=.  Residents of the Civic Center area are getting a little breathing room on the Water Board order.

=.  A deadline to join the new Civic Center sewage is pushed back to June… in hopes of lowering the cost.

=.  The Coastal Commission meets today to consider moving property lines inland from the wet sand.

=.  That concept is getting pushback from property rights advocates …. They say they have a constitutional right to protect houses from he rising ocean level.’

=   A tent with two homeless men inside is set on fire next to the 101.

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A smuggling boat washed ashore in the middle of Malibu overnight.

Apparently at about 730 this morning … somebody spotted a panga submerged in the waves across the street from the RV Park in the center of town.

This was across the street from Malibu seafood at Corral Beach.

The boat was abandoned …. There was nobody in the water and no people on the beach either. County lifeguards were seen hooking up the small boat and preparing to tow it to the county dock at Marina Del Rey.

This is one of a series of pangas that have washed ashore on the Malibu and Ventura County Coast recently … as human smugglers are turning towards the largely unguarded Pacific coast as a port of entry for their human cargo.


State water officials have okayed giving Malibu Civic Center area homeowners a little breathing room …. In terms of hooking up to the new city sewer plant.

The state water board has set a deadline …. no more semi-treated sewage can be injected into the groundwater basin near the Malibu Lagoon.

That includes water from septic tanks in the Malibu Colony and Serra Estates.

That also includes water from the decades old sewer plant serving condos on Civic Center Way.

That little county treatment plant does not cleanse treated human waste to state standards … not like the new sewage plant across the street.

It’s going to cost homeowners thousands of dollars to plug into the new sewer plant … the state has ordered them to commit to the new sewage plant by November 5th.

As in … two weeks ago.

Many homeowners are balking.

The city wants the commitment deadline pushed back … so it can get the project qualified for state grants and low interest loans.

That will cut the cost substantially, 

The state water board has okayed moving the deadline back to next June. 

That goes before the city council Monday night.


California’s Coastal Commission meets today … and on the agenda is talk that has oceanfront house owners really worried. 

With ocean levels rising … an influential advisor is recommending that beachfront property owners be prohibited from erecting any structures to protect their existing structures. 

The idea … Charles Lester says .. is to move away from using the high tide line as the property line… And instead use a zone of concern line that could be considerable distance up from the beach.

Property rights advocates are concerned.

Don Schmitz speaks for Smart Coast California … he says there is a very tiny chance that the ocean level will go up six feet like the coast commission predicts.

But there is a likelihood that property lines will be moving towards oceanfront houses …

Schmitz sees this as a way for the state too get rid of houses on pilings along the beach … in a coastal area like Malibu.   [[[[TIGHT]]]]


“If the coastal commission is capable of denying people the ability to construct shoreline protection devices to protect their homes and businesses, then effectively sea levels will rise .. there coast will recede ,,,, the mean high tide line will then come underneath existing homes and businesses.  Then that demarcation for the public versus private property will be under the structure and let’s just call it what it is ….  then the government would … under that theory … have the ability to require a demolition of that structure as encroaching on the public trust lands.”

Don Schmitz … a frequent hired advocate for property owners along the coast.

And he tells that while the coastal Commission may think they have the legal authority to prevent beachfront owners from protecting their existing structures … there is a big problem to that theory.


“The problem that they have is that Article 1 Section 1 of the California Constitution states that it is an inalienable rights= for property owners to protect their property.  And that’s a problem for regulatory agencies contemplating denying the ability of property owners to build shoreline protection devices.”

Don Schmitz … speaking as a representative of Smart Coast California … a group advocating for the rights of ocean front property owners. 

Of course there are two sides to the story… The coastal commission will discuss the matter this morning at about 10 o’clock and will have a report on that tomorrow.


The Santa Monica Malibu school board meets tomorrow …and promises to be a long and controversial night,

Activists from Malibu Santa Monica… And frankly from across the state… expected to call in.

The issue of mandatory vaccinations for school children is NOT on the agenda.

But here vaccine mandate is on the mind of many … who are claiming to be anti mandate … but not necessarily anti vax. 

Yesterday … a Superior Court judge gave final approval to a settlement agreement that requires the Santa Monica based School District to reimburse parents nearly $1 million for items and fees.

655 families will get a total of $960,343.96 in reimbursements for items they purchased or rented or for pupil fees they paid that were needed for school or school-related activities.

California’s constitution requires a free public education.

The district illegally required students to purchase certain items needed for school — such as supplies, uniforms and field trips.

Malibu attorney Kevin Shenkman filed the suit.

He has made it somewhat of his specialty … suing government agencies to protect minority rights.


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A tent with two homeless men in it was set on fire late yesterday in Thousand Oaks … and a third homeless man is the suspected arsonist.

The attempted murder left two victims with minor burns.

It happened just before sunset in a thicket …. next to the 101 Freeway offramp at Lynn Road.

This was on the north side of the freeway … near The Oaks Mall. 

Ventura County firefighters extinguished the fire by 5 p.m.

Deputies spent much of the evening scouring the side of the freeway …. As well as drainage pipes and brush on the south side of the 101.

Both tent occupants suffered minor burns, according to deputies.

The suspect is Robert Burn, a 34-year-old transient in the Thousand Oaks area. 

As of late last night …. Burn was still on the run. 

All this was 20 miles from Malibu … on the other side of the Santa Monica Mountains.

Fires ignited not far from there have burned all the way to PCH in past years.

Fires in encampments are a major concern in local mountains, 

The L A Times reports that the Los Angeles County coroner records show 41 homeless people have died of burns or smoke inhalation since 2015.

L A Fire started tracking fires related to homelessness after the 2017 Skirball fire was traced to a cooking fire in a ravine near Sepulveda Boulevard.

That fire destroyed six houses.. 


Unvaccinated young adults are 20 times more likely to be hospitalized with Covid … in the Los Angeles area.

And for older people … 50 and up … they are more than 12 times more likely to be hospitalized than vaccinated adults.

Those are the latest statistics from L A County Public health.

And new details about those breakthrough cases … those cases of Covid afflicting people who are fully vaccinated.

Most of them are older and have three or more factors affecting their health …. Like obesity or diabetes. 

The average age for vaccinated people getting hospitalized … 66.

But the average age for unvaccinated people in the hospital is not 66 … it’s 54 years. 

And about three quarters of them have no complicating health factors at all. 

Those statistics put out yesterday by L A County Health.


Malibu High School’s Sharks Fund is hosting a Holiday Boutique … This Thursday … at the school.

Swimwear … jewelry … candles… orchids.

A lot of the vendors are Malibu residents and parents of children in the school.

Proceeds go to fund arts teachers …. Science technology engineering and math tutors … athletics. 

Aid from the Santa Monica school district … Malibu property tax money that flows to Santa Monica … is not flowing back out to Malibu .. 

The history … is that Malibu parents used to lavishly donate to the local schools.

The Santa Monica school district said that was no fair … parents in Santa Monica could not afford that,.

So Santa Monica took the donations from Malibu.

Malibu parents stopped donating. 

Santa Monica parents began raising money in a big way … and with Malibu parents still angry … donation money began to flow from Santa Monica to Malibu.

So the school board cut that off.

As a result … for example … Santa Monica elementary schools now have arts teachers.

Malibu elementary schools don’t.

This makes the PTAs at the elementary schools … and the Malibu Middle and High School Shark Fund even … even more instrumental than ever. 

That brings us back to the Malibu High Shark Fund Holiday Boutique.

This Thursday … from 8 to 4 at the high school.

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