KBUU NewsScript TUESDAY Oct 25 – Expect More Blackout Warnings This Fall As SCE Is Scared, Councilman Says – Future Car Rally Will Be Met With Cops And Barricades- Swimming Pool Policy Change Was 2 Planning Directors Ago, Planning Director Says

Written by on October 25, 2022

This is Malibu’s Only Local Daily News … the Monday edition … I’m Hans Laetz reporting. 

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Intentional Blackout Warnings Will Come Often This Fall, Councilman Predicts

The first real Santa Ana of the year ended with zero intentional blackouts in Malibu yesterday.

But there was one small outage – an accident, not intentional – at the height of the winds.

Southern California Edison says 22 houses in the Encinal Heights Lost power yesterday morning.

Winds in the area were blowing about 40 miles per hour.

Southern California Edison did not supply a cause for the outage.

In fact … SCE is still unable to supply an exact reason for the big power blackout that took down service to 22 hundred customers at Point Dume and paradise Cove two weeks ago.

KBUU news has repeatedly asked what failed there … Edison’s spokesman said repeatedly they were checking … then gave up.

Malibu city council member Mikke Pierson says it is apparent that yesterday’s threatened intentional blackout … with relatively mild Santa Ana winds … shows that the power company has its finger on the off switch.


“In my opinion is they are going to shut off our power very very quickly.

“They are very very afraid because … the Cuthbert Circuit is a very old circuit that hasn’t been upgraded … they’re very worried about about potential liability.

At the peak of yesterday’s windstorm … winds hit 51 miles per hour at the windiest point in the trouble plagued Cuthbert Circuit.

That would be an automated wind gauge in Ramirez Canyon … above Paradise Cove. 

Before the California Public Utilities Commission started allowing power companies to shut off power in windy weather … the companies were required to keep the power on at wind speeds up to 81 miles per hour.

Now … they are allowed to set their own trigger speeds for power cutoff.

And in that area of Malibu … that windspeed is 28 miles per hour. 


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Sheriff Plans Barricades At Zuma Lot Nov. 6, When Car Rally Coincides With Marathon

Sheriff’s deputies plan to oversee the barricading of the Zuma Beach parking lot in two weekends … when an Internet-fueled gathering of high performance vehicles is scheduled.

November 6th has been designated on the Internet as a repeat of the exotic car gathering … unofficial … that brought 200 high performance … loud and speeding cars to Zuma Beach.

Lt Dustin Carr says the next one is planned November 6th.

Only one problem.

That’s the same day of the Malibu Marathon and children’s fun run … scheduled at Zuma Beach. 

And Lt. Carr says … that’s a problem.


“Early in the morning on November 6 or even late at night on November 5 they’re going to be setting up barricades in the parking lot much of the parking lot is going to be blocked off for that event. So there will also be increased personnel, and there will be zero tolerance for putting anybody in danger or any kind of exhibition of speed or anything like that during that event.”

The Malibu sheriff’s liaison also told the city council last night that the post-pandemic crime wave appears to have abated.

Major violent crimes are down significantly … after a post pandemic spike.


“Aggravated assault were down 14%, robberies were down 33%, armed robberies were down 57%, auto theft down 54%, petty theft down 33%.”

Burglaries are up … a lot. … 75 percent.

But Carr says most of those were kids breaking into unoccupied houses to party … and that there were no high-value burglary capers in Malibu in the last reporting period.


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Planning Director Says Swimming Pool Policy Change Was Done 10 years Ago

A Malibu city official is now denying that they have surreptitiously changed the rules regarding swimming pool construction.

That’s been a big deal for local builders … architects and project expediters … like Don Schmitz.

As we have reported … Schmitz called a public meeting two weeks ago to use the swimming pool issue as an example of the city planning department changing rules on its own… unannounced and without city council are planning Commission review.

Last night .. several builders appeared at the city council meeting … including Schmitz.


“And this is a pretty big departure. For decades, literally, the city has considered pools to be permeable because they have enough freeboard to retain rainwater.”

But planning director Richard Mollica says there has been no planning department change.

The change was down the hall .. at public works … where the rules were changed because swimming pools today are different.


“Today we are seeing a lot of rim flow pools, or pools that are infinity edge. And those pools do apparently – I’m not an engineer but from talking to our engineers. Those pills apparently do discharge water during a storm event so they do overflow. So that’s why…”

And Mollica told the city council last night that it was the Public works Department had made the change a long time ago.


“It is not the new issue that it was made out to be under public comment I should say. I’ve been looking into this matter because ideally I don’t want to make any decisions that haven’t gone by our commissions or committees. And actually looking into this I actually think this is an issue that went back a decade or so to a couple of planning directors, it wasn’t the last planning Director, it was the one before her.”

The swimming pools issue was not on the agenda last night … so no city council decision, and on the controversy goes on.

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The controversial changes at the Malibu Inn were before the city council last night.

That story, Wednesday.


Small Kids Halloween Festival This Friday At Bluffs Park

City press release:

The City of Malibu invites all the goblins and ghouls ages 2 – 9 to enjoy an afternoon of family-friendly, spooky Halloween fun at the City’s Halloween Bu-Bash Carnival on Friday, October 28, 2:00 to 4:00 PM at Malibu Bluffs Park.

The event is open to the public. A $5 Event Pass is required to participate. Pre-registration is recommended at MalibuCity.org/Register. If Event Passes are still available, they can be purchased on-site at event.

Event highlights will include carnival games and prizes, bounce houses, an art activity with the Malibu Library, interactive S.T.E.A.M demonstrations with MakMo Mobilemaker, and a costume parade on the “Cat Walk.” Face painting with Fancy Pantz and food from D’Amores Pizza Truck will be available for a nominal fee.

Attendees are invited to donate new, unused socks to support the “Sock-tober” charitable drive to benefit homeless shelters and those in need. Everyone who donates a pair of socks will receive a raffle ticket for the chance to win a great prize. Please be sure to tag the Malibu Community Services Department on social media and use #socktober and #halloweeninthebu.

For more information, visit MalibuCity.org/Halloween or call 310-317-1364.


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