KBUU NewsScript FRI OCT 28 – City Council Approves Malibu Independent School District On 3-0-1 Vote – Truck Hits Bike On PCH – MRCA Reveals Nothing About Bluffs Park Campground – Halloween Carnival At Bluffs Today: Hurry Before Planning Declares it Illegal

Written by on October 28, 2022

Malibu’s Only Local Daily News … the Friday edition … I’m Hans Laetz reporting. 


Malibu Gets The M Out of SMMUSD,

Independent Malibu School District Approved

UPDATE BREAKING NEWS  – Malibu’s city council accepted the tentative agreement this morning on a 3-0 vote, with Bruce Silverstein abstaining and Steve Uhring absent.


A separate and independent Malibu school district may emerge out of the Malibu city council meeting this morning … 

The council goes into closed-door executive session at when they meet at 10 this morning.

If the council reaches a decision … state law requires that decision to be announced at the end of the meeting.

But in years past … the city council has been silent when coming out of an executive session.

The school district told us Wednesday that they are preparing to do a joint announcement with the City of Malibu after today’s meeting.

But sources at City hall tell KBUU News that the city may not be able to move that fast.

Expects an announcement Monday … they say.

KBUU will break in to regular programming this morning when the council comes out of the secret session …

And we will have an updated full report on our KBUU Newscast at noon.


Bicyclist Hit By Trunk On PCH Hill, Choppered Out

A person on a bicycle was hit and seriously injured by a large truck on Pacific Coast Highway near Point Dume yesterday (Thursday).

The bike rider was hit while riding up the hill near the old Zuma Sushi restaurant location.

Witnesses say it looked like this person had a large amount of possessions on the bike . possibly a transient.…

Heavy traffic in both directions.

It’s not clear who was at fault.

Yesterday’s crash involved a truck that was hauling cars for private clients.

It was not one of those transport carriers hauling brand new cars down to LA from Port Hueneme.

The victim was rushed to Zuma Beach … where a helicopter took him to a hospital.


Elon Musk Celebrates Malibu Dark Skies Ordinance With Bright Lights Over Western US

A rocket launch from Vandenberg Space Force Base last night caused a bright white could in the post-sunset dark.

It was Elon Musk launching another fleet of small internet relay satellites into low earth orbit.

53 internet relay satellites were the cargo on board a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

In Los Angeles … some drivers on the 405 pulled over to look at the exhaust cloud … as it reflected sunlight down to the post-sunset part of earth. 

It was visible from Mexico … Arizona … and Malibu..


MRCA Asks Malibu Residents To Comment On A Project Plan We Can’t See

The MRCA now admits that its proposed campground in the heart of Malibu has the potential for significant wildfire impacts on Malibu.

Those are the words of a project manager for the MRCA … the Mountain Resource and Conservation Authority … at a public hearing last night.

Sandra Alarcon-Lopez represents the campground builders … the MRCA.


“The California environmental quality act … it applies to projects that require a discretionary approval.

“So MRCA as the lead agency agency has made a decision that this project has the potential to have significant environmental impacts.

“And some of those impacts have been identified in the notice of preparation.

“They include biological resources, air quality, cultural, wildfire as examples.”

But the extent of those fire impacts was not disclosed … because the MRCA is using a loophole in the state environmental law … CEQA.

Normally … an agency provides more than just a rough description of what it hopes to build … in what CEQA calls an Initial Study.

Normally … maps showing the rough location of buildings, roads and other concepts is given to the public … at an early stage … to give the public some idea of what is planned … where.

MRCA did not do that.

As its spokeswoman said last night … only a rough map of the general site for the 480 accommodation overnight sleeping accommodations was presented.

No details.

One resident … Christopher Hudson .. said residents were being asked for scoping comments on a project that they has not been justified or described.


“The presentation does not explain why the project exist in the first place … what is driving it …and what is the perceived need for it.”

The MRCA’s Sandra Alarcon-Lopez said simply …  the MRCA has a clause in the state law that allows it to bypass an Initial Study … which would spell that out.

MRCA says it can fit a cabin for the park ranger … and about two dozen permanent structures … tent cabins and yurts … plus a parking lot and access road … even a medical center … on the buildable space.

All this on the northwest corner of the big field … away from the environmentally sensitive habitat areas in the canyons. 

There are plans for 480 sleeping spaces …. logic would state … that they have p[lans for that. 

How else would they come up with the number 480?

Mayor Paul Grisanti last night said he wants to know more about the exact plans.


“When you add up the possible number of residents and all of that all of those various facilities you’re talking about …. I come up with a total of 480 people.

“And at four persons a car … that is 120 cars.  

“And parking spaces for those cars would take up over a half an acre.”

The MRCA is asking residents to comment on a project they have not seen.

Again … MRCA spokeswoman Sandra Alarcon-Lopez

NEWSCART A73724  MRCASCOPE 222 comments on the document

“This is the beginning of the process.

“It is the opportunity for public the public and agencies to give us comments on the document.”

Except …. that is not really true. 

MRCA certainly has plans in its possession… for what it wants to build on the mesa across PCH from Pepperdine.

MRCA has simply elected not to share them with the public at this time. 


Comments last night …. 

Richard Stutzman:


“It seems right off the bat this project is already preordained… you’ve got this much energy in it it is going to be hard to put if off. 

“Are you guys nuts?”

“The MRCA has come to the pitfalls of many large agencies: you feel like you have to do something to justify your existence.”

Richard Troupe [phonetic]:


“We don’t like the fact that there are gonna be people there 24 hours a day … with little or no way to keep them from smoking and throwing cigarettes.”

Barry Haldeman:


“The MRCA has a terrible history of maintaining the property that it has.

“They don’t have enough rangers … they don’t have enough of a fire department.”

Ted Vaill:


“There are plenty of campground in Malibu. There is also an RV park.

“There is one out at Sycamore Canyon, at Leo Carrillo. 

“We don’t need another large campground, right off Coast Highway.”

Wade Major:


“They are just inventing projects to justify staff. 

“I would say you need fewer projects and less staff.”

Jennifer Harris:


“In 2016 … someone threw a cigarette – one cigarette – at the light at Bluffs Park .

“Within minutes … four houses below burned … despise there being a fire station right there.”

But remember … this was a CEQA scoping meeting. 

That means comments have to be made about items on the CEQA checklist … the official state listing of areas that must be addressed by the MRCA as it draws up its plans.

One Malibu resident nailed the MRCA with a laundry list of specific CEQA checklist issues.

And we will have that report … Monday.


Last Big Gun Show Near Malibu Ends With Man Shooting Self In Leg

California has a new law. … banning gun shows at county fairgrounds.

So last weekend’s giant Crossroads Of the West gun Show at the Ventura County fairgrounds was the last one.

Opponents to the show say they function as a massive gun sales venue… And that they are dangerous. So Saturday…  a state corrections officer shot himself in the leg while leaving the gun show.

He is alive.

One last casualty.


Lots Of Small Spooks And Small Goblins At Bluffs Park Today

This afternoon from 2 to 4 … the City of Malibu will host a halloween trick or treat event and carnival at Bluffs Park … fro kids aged 2 – 9.

Low intensity spooky Halloween fun … it’s the City’s Halloween Bu-Bash Carnival.

 on Friday, October 28, 2:00 to 4:00 PM at Malibu Bluffs Park.

Carnival games and prizes, bounce houses, an art activity with the Malibu Library, and a costume parade on the “Cat Walk.” 

Face painting with Fancy Pantz and food from D’Amores Pizza Truck will be available for a nominal fee.

Attendees are invited to donate new, unused socks to support the “Sock-tober” charitable drive to benefit homeless shelters and those in need. 

The event is open to the public. A $5 Event Pass is required to participate. Pre-registration is recommended at MalibuCity.org/Register.

A cynic would note that the city staff would consider this city-sponsored event to be illegal under the zoning code.


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