KBUU News Wed Jan 11 – Falling Rock On PCH Smushes Prius – Nearly Identical Slate Of Commissioners Appointed By New City Councilors – Council Meetings In Public Sort Of Soon – Rebecca Grossman Tells Off Iskander Supporters

Written by on January 11, 2023

This is Malibu’s Only Local Daily News … the Wednesday edition … I’m Hans Laetz reporting. 

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Prius Smushed By Falling Boulder Near Duke’s

All major roads in Southern California are back open. 

Northbound 101 in Ventura opened last night at 5:15.

101 is clear all thru Santa Barbara up to the Bay Area.

All major roads across the local mountains are clear.

That includes Pacific Coast Highway.

During the rainstorm … a big rockslide fell onto PCH about a block east of Duke’s restaurant … at las Flores Canyon.

A huge boulder smooshed a Prius that had been parked on the inland side of the highway.

Owner Mauricio Haenow told Channel 5 KTLA that he narrowly missed being smooshed as well.


“I just heard a loud crashes and just ran out and I ran out and I was on my cars in crust directions guys as a whole. The windshields are all broken and the frame is all crushed and twisted.”

The totaled Prius was quite an attraction yesterday … causing a traffic jam on PCH … a gaper block.

Looking at the big picture … last year was the fifth hottest ever recorded on the planet.

The jet stream across the pacific is so strong that it has overridden the La Niña weather condition.

Scientists yesterday said the last eight years have been the hottest recorded in human history.

The unabated global warming continues as humans continue to pump massive amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

And more bad weather is coming to California… after three days of clear skies.

Governor Gavin Newsom.


“We are not out of the woods yet.

“We expect these storms to continue at least through the 18th of this month.

“We expect a minimum three more of this atmospheric rivers in a different shapes and forms depending on different parts of the state.”

A light Santa Ana wind will actually crop up tomorrow… 

Rain will return to northern California today … but Malibu is not expected to see rain until Sunday night or Monday.

17 people in California have been killed by the storms.

All of those in central and northern California …. including a child who was washed out of her mother’s vehicle on Avila Beach Road near Pismo Beach … 140 miles up the coast from Malibu.

Malibu schools will be back in session … on campus .. today.

Major canyon roads are open today.

A few back roads are still blocked.

At Malibu High Schools … the principal Patrick Miller is crediting their daytime custodian for preventing damage at the school.

His name was given as AJ.

The principal says AJ “worked incredibly hard throughout the day today (as he always does) to keep the campus safe. 

“Clearing drains, shoveling mud, reporting roofing issues and leaks, drying up water, sandbags…he was a hero (during the storm).”

If you see AJ today … the Malibu High principal says … give him your thanks.


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Pierson and Farrer’s Commission Members (Nearly All) Reappointed By Riggins And Stewart; In Person Meetings To Resume Sort Of

Two former city council members will be returning to city hall.

Jeff Jennings and Skylar Peak were appointed to the Malibu Planning Commission at Monday night’s city council meeting. 

Jennings was appointed by Doug Stewart … Peak was appointed by Marianne Riggins.

Both new city council members made their appointments Monday night.

First Marianne Riggins.


“Malibu Arts Commission I would like to appoint Julia Holland … for the Parks and Recreation Commission Caylee Jenner … for the Planning Commission I would like to appoint Skyler Peak … for the Public Safety Commission I would like to appoint Brian Merrick …  for the public works commission Micah Betzberg . … for Wastewater Advisory … I would like to appoint Nick Barsocchini … and for the Homelessness Task Force I would request Bill Winokur and Wayne Cohen continue to serve on that task force. “

Then Doug Stewart.


“Down the list in the same order… Arts Commission Barry Haldeman … Parks and Recreation would be Alicia Peak … Planning Commission would be Jeff Jennings … Public Safety Commission would be Chris Frost … for Public Works Commission Wade Major… Wastewater Advisory Commission Norm Haney.

If those names are familiar … nearly all of those people had served in the same positions when Karen Farrer and Mikke Pierson were in office.

No real controversy Monday night.

The city council also voted to allow the public back into city hall for council meetings … starting in mid March. 

It will be a hybrid approach … people will still be allowed to call in to speak to public issues.

The recommendation from city clerk Kelsey Pettitjohjn was to generally ramp up the return of people to city hall meetings … 


“We are suggesting that the city Council transition to the new format depending on what you set tonight and what the timing is on that note we keep everything else virtual until you go into your format new format.

“And then the planning commission would follow and then the other commissions would follow based on what your decision would be tonight.”

But the prospect of all those people in one room still alarms some city council members.

Steve Uhring.


“I would be interested in seeing … when we go to the hybrid meeting … how many people actually show up at City Hall. 

“The Zoom meeting format has become fairly comfortable for a lot of people. 

“I went to the supermarket yesterday and there were a whole bunch of people wearing masks.”

Uhring also noted a new hybrid of the disease is sweeping across the Northeast and may return to Malibu.

One question … from Mayor Bruce Silverstein … would it be legal for the city to allow people who speak in person to have more time than those who phone in??

Maybe … said the interim city attorney … Trevor Russin.

But then Silverstein asked the interim city attorney … can residents be given permission to participate via video … but non residents kept to voice only???


SILVERSTEIN: “Would it be constitutional to provide that only residents will be given the privilege of participating by video??? 

“If you’re a non-resident and you want to participate in a City Council meeting you would have to come here? 

“That would materially eliminate if not completely eliminate the ‘Zoom Bomber’ concern…”

RUSSIN: “We can’t even require people to list their name … so it would be very difficult for us to enforce that type of policy remotely.”

SILVERSTEIN: “Fair enough.”

In the end … the city council approved the concept of in person meetings starting in March … 


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LA County Supervisors Declare Homeless State Of Emergency One Day After Malibu City Council Rescinds That Here

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors yesterday declared their homelessness situation an emergency.

This comes a day after the Malibu city council rescinded our local state of emergency.

Malibu officials say they are bound by state law … because our state of emergency was based on fire danger … which has washed away.

Frustrated supervisors declared a local state of emergency on homelessness … a move that the supervisors claim will expedite the building of interim shelters, permanent housing and jother steps to reduce the county’s unhoused population.

More than 69,000 residents in L A County are homeless … according to estimates.

“We are pressing the reset button on the homeless crisis,” Supervisor Janice Hahn said. 

“We need to treat this like an emergency.”

The board last month approved a motion calling on its staff to work arm-in-arm with Los Angeles city officials to address homelessness.

But there was no mention of the smaller cities like Malibu.


Support  for KBUU Radio comes from the Malibu Brewing Company. … which has a special release for the winter season.

Winter Warmer … an ale aged in bourbon barrels for a year.

Warm-winter spiced notes of clove, raisins and ginger. 

You can enjoy this limited release on draft while it lasts, or take home a few bottles. 

The Malibu tasting Room is open for lunch and dinner at Trancas Country Market.

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Rebecca Grossman Publicly Chastises Those Who Think She Murdered Two Little Boys She Drove Over

Rebecca Grossman .. the West Hills woman accused of running over and killing two little boys in a crosswalk …

Grossman has made headlines in western LA County for her hit and run actions … where there souped up car she was racing next to her boyfriend slammed into a family crossing a road just over the hill.

This was in 2020. 

There was a procedural hearing yesterday at the LA courthouse.

In the hallway … the 59 year old socialite addressed a small group of supporters for the victims’ family

“I know you think you’re doing the right thing, but you don’t know all the details,” Grossman said to supporters gathered in the hallway.

The quick exchange appeared to leave the group in stunned silence as Grossman continued out of the building.

Grossman allegedly hit and killed Mark and Jacob Iskander, ages 11 and 8, respectively, as they were crossing the street on Sept. 29, 2020, along Triunfo Canyon Road at Saddle Mountain Drive. 

The Westlake Village intersection is in Los Angeles County, just east of the Ventura County line.


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