KBUU NEWS Wed Apr 18 – Planning Commission Argues And Argues But Fails To Even Get To Hotel – Malibu Divorce On Santa Monica Agenda Tomorrow – Car Stolen, Then Agoura Hills Bank Robbed,

Written by on April 18, 2023

L A County Again Shuts Off Water Main Into Malibu For Quick Repairs

L A County Water is once again asking Malibu people to hold off on big water projects today and tomorrow.

This time… This is for construction and maintenance on the new water bypass that was installed along Pacific Coast Highway earlier this year.

For today and tomorrow… Malibu people are asked not to fill swimming pools… Wash down driveways… Or consume water in any major fashion.

Plus… Construction crews will be working today along PCH between Chautauqua Bopulevardf and temescal Canyon Road.

There may be a lane closure this afternoon heading to the traffic pressure on PCH coming on Santa Monica.


Planning Commission Argues So Long, It Fails To Get To Major Item By 11:40 PM

The Malibu Planning Commission did not do its job last night … 

The Commissioners did not get to the major item on the agenda … the proposed hotel, next to the Malibu Inn.

Instead … they spent five hours arguing over two projects … a house on Malibu Road … and a house on Sea level Drive.

On both of them … it was there familiar 3 to 2 split … with Jeff Jennings … Skylar Peak … and Dennis Smith voting yes … and John Mazza and Kraig Hill voting no.

Mazza and Hill again last night complained publicly about being overwhelmed with staff reports …. That they need to analyze carefully before meetings.

They wanted to push the hotel matter back into June.

Skylar Peak had enough.


“There is a lot of stuff going on, and there is going to be a lotto reading.

“It’s our job to get to it and I don’t know what else to say..”


PEAK:  “No, no,hold on if we’re going to have meetings that are going until 1130 at night and we’re wasting hours and hours and hours on things that are getting talked about in circles, for all of us, it is not productive. 

“And it is not productive for our community.”

The round and round discussion on the two houses ate up the entire night .

King and Mazza said the others were rushing towards approval … approvals that they said would end up in appeals to the city council … appeals to the Coastal Commission … and appeals to Superior Court judges.

JeFF Jennings said … same old same out of Hill and Mazza.


“I would say probably 80% of the decisions that go against Kraig and John are always ‘apocalyptic’ and they’re always ‘going to result in appeals and waste of time and wasted money’ and all this other stuff. That’s the claim,

MAZZA, INTERRUPTRING: “Well, a judge who’s against this lives next door.  You don’t think this is going to get appealed, then) don’t think this is going to get appealeD.

JENNINGS: “If it weren’t for the fact that you guys always oppose every project it would be a lot easier to give weight to your arguments.”

Jeff Jennings and John Mazza… at last night’s Planning Commission meeting.  With a familar 3 to 2 deadlock … the commission trundled on until 11:40 last night … when it adjourned with its work undone.


“I just wanna point out that this is really unconscionable. It’s 20 minutes of midnight and this is ridiculous. I mean really.”

Because of a packed city hall agenda … and lack of available staff … the hotel matter was out off to the next available date … May 31st.

That’s six weeks away … 


Housekeeper’s Car Stolen And Used At Bank Robbery On Kanan Road Monday

Sheriff’s deputies at Lost Hills say a bank in Agoura Hills was robbed yesterday … by a pair of people who had just stolen a car to be used as a getaway vehicle.

A housekeeper not far from Agura High had just arrived for work yesterday morning … when she saw that her locked car had been stolen.

According to the Acorn newspaper … the housekeeper’s employer immediately called deputies and pulled up security camera video.

It showed that a a Toyota Camry sedan had pulled up next to the housejkeerper’s locked Dodge Neon … which was then driven off.

The Dodge neon was then used as a getaway car from the bank robbery at the Citibank on Kanan Road just north of Thousand Oaks Boulevard.

The suspect was described as a male Hispanic wearing a green and white camouflage sweatshirt and a blue and white medical mask. He did not present a weapon during the holdup, the sheriff said.After obtaining an unknown amount of cash, the man left the scene in a gold Dodge Neon. 


Santa Monica To Install AI Cameras In Buses To Spot And Identify Lane Cheaters

Santa Monica will soon test cameras along Lincoln Boulevard … mounted in Big Blue Buses …to detect vehicles illegally blocking or using the bus lanes along the busy street.

The cameras will share Artificial Intelligence … like license plate numbers … with police.

But they won’t actually write a ticket … yet.

It’s a 45 day field test … to see I f the technology works,

Like many cities … Santa Monica has installed a bus only lane along part of Lincoln … between there 10 Freeway and the LA city limits near rose Avenue.
Some drivers illegally use the bus only lane as a personal Xpress route. Others… Particular delivery drivers… Think turning their flashers on allows them to block the buses.

A company called Hayden AI will install cameras on Santa Monica Big Blue Buses … which will spot offenders and relay the data to the police. 

The data will not be used to issue tickets … yet. 

In fact … using AI to write a traffic ticket sounds certain to require a change in state law. 

But a police officer looking at a camera to write a ticket is another matter,

It’s not too hard to imagine cameras on PCH … funneling license plate data to sheriff’s deputies right down the road … data about drivers performing stunts or driving too fast.

The test in Santa Monica is for 45 days.

This news is baed on reporting by the Santa Monica Lookout newspaper.


Malibu Divorce On Santa Monica Agenda, As SMMUSD Considers Expensive Projects

The Santa Monica Malibu school board meets Thursday night … and the pending divorce with Malibu is item number one on the agenda.

Of course … because it is a legal matter… that will be behind closed doors.

The school board will also meet in closed session to discuss a school district purchase of the old Santa Monica Civic Auditorium … for conversion into a new gym fro Santa Monica High.

Even if the district splits … this will affect Malibu.

That’s because the Santa Monica school district will need a bond issue to pay for the next phase of school contraction in Santa Monica.

And that may mean a separate Malibu election … to finish construction air Malibu High School … may move forward at the same time.

This is conjecture … 

But right now … the school district has a little more than 100 million dollars in Malibu taxpayer approved bond money available to build a new high school.

The new classroom building may cost just about that much … depending on when and if the Coastal Commission ever approves the zoning.

But other new facilities… Like a performing arts center and a new swimming pool… Are not funded.

The existing school auditorium is a remodel cafeteria … and the 30 year old swimming pool is too small and has maintenance issues.

Malibu school boosters say that a larger swimming pool would open up more time for community members to use the pool.

Most school districts do a bond issue every 10 years or so… and planning and groundwork for a bond election takes several years as well.

In other words … divorce or no divorce … it’s time to look to the future construction needs of Malibu’s public schools.

The school divorce of course will complicate that discussion. 

As part of the divorce… Malibu voters will have to OK the continuation of the current parcel tax already in effect.

And all that leads back to the negotiations between the City of Malibu and the school district … which will be discussed Thursday night in closed session in Santa Monica. 


Pt Mugu Naval Air Base Hosts C-130 Aerial Firefighting Platform Conversion and Training

The California Air National Guard is bringing in C-130 aircraft from across the western U-S to the skies west of Malibu… 

The big 4-engine planes can be seen parked off pacific Coast Highway … just up the coast from Malibu.

The runways at the Point Mugu Navy station .. and skies above western Malibu … are a key part of the training effort for firefighting aircraft flown across the western U-S.

Reporter Lance Orozco. … from KCLU in Ventura County … has this report.



IRS Deadline Is October 16, Not April, In Malibu And LA/Ventura Counties

You might be hearing about tonight being the deadline to file your IRS tax returns.

Not so … for California.

We are in federal disaster areas this year … because of winter storms.

Taxpayers in most of California … including Los Angeles and Ventura counties … now have until Oct. 16, 2023, to file.

That also includes a delayed deadline for making tax payments an estimated tax payments. 

Check your tax consultant… but breathe easy for now.


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