KBUU News Tuesday Nov 22 – Thanksgiving Santa Anas Again? No Intentional Power Outages Yet – Mazza And Hill Object, But Caltrans Gets Permit For Noisy Work – MRCA Plans $400,000 In Trails And Water Lines In Ramirez Canyon – Electric Signs Coming To SM Sidewalks

Written by on November 22, 2022

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Thanksgiving Santa Anas Again? No Intentional Power Outages Set Yet

Santa Ana winds are expected for Thanksgiving.

Peak wind gusts of 30 miles an hour on the beaches … and 50 miles an hour in the mountains and below canyons.

This will be an 8 millibar Santa Ana … that’s moderately strong. 

Canyon winds will begin to increase Thursday evening as all of the elements for a strong Santa Ana come together,

Last year … Malibu had a big cold Thanksgiving.

A similar Santa Ana knocked out power …. In fact …. Southern California Edison had 75 thousand customers blacked out across the region.

Those were intentional blackouts … instituted by the power company to prevent fire ignition.

It also prevented Thanksgiving dinner from being cooked at thousands of Malibu homes. 

This year’s Thanksgiving Santa Ana is -not- raising the possibility of any intentional power outages in Malibu. 


About 17 thousand SCE customers right now … along the 118 freeway corridor … are being warned their power may be intentionally trueness off tomorrow night and Thanksgiving Day. 

Those warnings have gone out in the Moorpark … Santa Rose Valley … Simi Valley and Magic Mountain areas.

But not Malibu.

Malibu does have a chance for accidental outages this Thanksgiving … but not intentional ones. 

Getting back to the weather.

Expect winds to pick up tomorrow night. 


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Crash Into Phalanx Of Deputies Was Accident, Defense Atty Says

The attorney for the 22-year-old man who plowed his car into law enforcement recruits last week says the driver fell asleep at the wheel on his way to work.

Nicholas Gutierrez swerved into law enforcement recruits …. who were out on a training run at 6:30 a.m. on Wednesday (Nov. 16).

75 recruits were jogging down a street in Whittier at the time of the crash, 

25 were injured by the wrong-way driver, five of them critically. Three of the other severely injured recruits remain in critical condition …

One recruit is in very bad shape.

The Malibu lost hill sheriff station is organizing a fundraiser for the recruits families who are incurring expenses because their men and women are injured.

It’s a benefit truck concert on Thursday … December First … at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills.

There’s a 25 dollar donation.


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SMMUSD Calls Special Meeting For Noon Today

The Santa Monica Malibu school board has suddenly called a special meeting for noon today.

It’s an executive session … with one thing on the agenda. 

That would be employment of a superintendent.

Last Friday … Superintendent Ben Drati suddenly announced he would be leaving after 6 years.

Drati is making somewhat of a lateral job move … out of Santa Monica and into the Bellflower School District.

Bellflower is about 10 percent bigger … the job paid about the same amount to the former Bellflower superintendent. 

The district has not announced if it planning to hire a replacement … hire temporary acting superintendent … hire a headhunting firm … no announcement at all.

The meeting is at noon… we’ll keep you posted.


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Caltrans Gets Permit From City For Noisy Work For Protective Wall

Plans to sink a vertical wall under PCH near Big Rock were approved by a split Malibu Planning Commission last night.

Two of the commissioners made up their minds that starting overnight work at 9 p-m. … and working until 6 a-m … was a bad idea.

Kraig Hill and John Mazza wanted the start times pushed back to 10 … and the all clear time tmoved jump an hour earlier … to 5 a-m.

But the city public works people said trimming the work hours by two hours a night would extend the construction window by 40 percent. 

Commissioner Mark Wetten


“Caltrans adjusts the hours based on the traffic flow. To me it sounds like a non-issue. 

“You know … we’re speculating a little bit … the traffic is gonna be this or the traffic is gonna be that. 

“I don’t understand … we you don’t let Caltrans do their job?”

That was Commissioner Mark Wetten.

Hill and Mazza got shot down on a 3-to-2 vote.

That wasn’t the only question raised last night. 

At the meeting last night … they questioned if it’s a good idea to put the power lines … water lines … gas pipes … and fiber cables underground ,,, in trenches too be dug as far away from the ocean as possible.

Commissioner Kraig Hill says it sounds like a bad idea.


“We’re talking about the portion that’s directly beneath the 1983 landslide … which looks to he fairly well remediated, the way they cut it back and so forth.

“There are sections on each side of that landslide that haven’t been cut back.

“And it seems to me that if we are trenching at directly at the toe of that slide, to put all the utilities in on the other side of the street …that might be what you would do if your intent was to get that slide to come down.”

And Mazza said that anyone looking at Google maps can see that the entire stretch of PCH at Big Rock slices across a landslide that goes out to sea 700 feet.

The city’s geologist … Lauren Doyle … said those contentions were wrong.


“This is a wall that is going in to support the fill and the road base.

“There is no evidence that there is any slide that comes underneath the road. You would’ve noticed it.

“Iif you’ve driven across the Tuna Canyon section… If there’s any movement on PCH… you notice it. The road gets wavy and bumpy you see the lines crossing. 

“Anyone who drives across any slides in Malibu… it is readily recognizable.”

Caltrans officials say the project will be very similar to what is happening out at La Jolla Cove … where a similar secant wall is being installed.

The drilling … steel installation and concrete work will take place during daytime hours.

But it is the utility relocation … before the wall can be installed ….. will have be done at night … to reduce the traffic impact. 

And that will be noisy.


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MRCA TO Spend $400,000 On Water Tanks And Pipes In Ramirez Canyon

The MRCA is about to spend 400 thousand dollars on water lines and trail construction in Ramirez Canyon.

At its meeting tomorrow … the Mountain Resource Conservation Authority plans to transfer the money from its affiliated state agency … the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy.

Executive director Joe Edmiston runs both agencies … and the only way to track its expenditures in Malibu is by watching how his agencies transfer money back and forth. 

The proposed conservancy grant would increase the existing water service capacity and storage to improve the Park’s on-site fire-fighting capacity. 

Edmiston’s staff says the site improvements will directly expand the Park’s water capacity … with an additional benefit for any firewater needs for the adjacent residential community.

It will also pave the way for construction of campgrounds next to Kanan Dume Rd.


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Electric Billboards Coming To Santa Monica Streets

Santa Monica is going to light up its sidewalks with flashing electronic signs.

And the city will make a lot of money … from the ads.

They call it digital signposts.

They will go in at high-traffic pedestrian areas around the bay City.

Interactive information, emergency notices and revenue-generating advertisements.

The City envisions about 50 of the tall, illuminated wayfinding signposts will be installed in various neighborhoods around the city.

They supposedly will help visitors navigate shopping and tourist areas while receiving timely emergency alerts as necessary. 

A privartew company will sell ads and split the revenue with the City of Santa Monica.

“BIG Outdoor offered the City a 50% share of adjusted gross revenues, which it estimates would be an approximate average of more than $14 million annually over the franchise term, assuming a total of 50 kiosks are installed,” according to the staff report prepared for last Tuesday’s council meeting.


Gas Prices Drop In Time For Thanksgiving

The average price of a gallon of self-serve regular gasoline in Los Angeles County recorded its largest decrease since Oct. 21 yesterday, dropping 4.2 cents to $5.254, its lowest amount since Sept. 2.

The average price has dropped 45 times in 48 days since rising to a record $6.494 on Oct. 5, decreasing $1.24, including 2 cents Monday, according to figures from the AAA and the Oil Price Information Service. 

It is 23.9 cents less than one week ago and 57.7 cents lower than one month ago, but 55 cents more than one year ago.

The national average price dropped for the 13th consecutive day, decreasing 2.6 cents to $3.636. It is 12.3 cents less than one week ago and 16.7 cents lower than one month ago, but 22.7 cents more than one year ago.

The national average price has dropped 16.9 cents over the past 13 days, including nine-tenths of a cent Monday. It is $1.38 lower than the record $5.016 set June 14.

This story was reported by the Westside Courant.


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