KBUU NEWS Tues Apr 11 Part 2: Mayor Says Horvath Is On Our Side After She Moves Violent Prisoners To Malibu; Council Members Call Out MRCA For Proclaiming ‘No Incidents’ At Overcrowded Trailheads;

Written by on April 12, 2023

Three weeks ago … the L A County Board of Supervisors approved the creation of a medium security prison in the hills above Malibu.

A youth camp called Campus Kilpatrick is now becoming a medium security prison … called Kilpatrick Secure Youth Facility. 

42 inmates from the state prison system are being transferred to the facility. 

Residents in Santa Clarita celebrated a victory… they moved the facility from Santa Clarita to Malibu. 

Their county supervisor opposed putting the convicted violent criminals in Santa Clarita.

Malibu’s new county supervisor … Lindsay Horvath … not only favored moving the inmates to Malibu … she sponsored the motion to do so.

But Malibu Mayor Bruce Silverstein talks frequently with Horvath …in fact … in the past he has told Malibu that he would use his influence with her to get the inmates out of the Malibu area.

At last night’s city council meeting … Silverstein said the county supervisor could not control the board’s action … as she is just a junior member.


“There have been mixed reviews at least publicly about how she’s doing for the City of Malibu. I have to say last Sunday she called me on a Sunday afternoon and we spoke for more than an hour on her Sunday afternoon.

“I have confidence that she is actually trying for R. City to do something about the fact that the board of supervisors actually is insisting that they move more dangerous youthful offenders into the facility.

“It’s going to happen at least temporarily. Weather is going to happen permanently or not remains to be seen.”

That is contradicted by the facts.

The motion that Lindsey Horvath took to the board of supervisors… along with Janice Hunt… Does not say anything about temporary. Or about finding another solution.

And if Horvath is not in favor of permanently placing prison inmates in Malibu … she may have said that in a Sunday afternoon phone call with the mayor … but she has not said so publicly.

Horvath and Hahn were the two members of the five member Board of Supervisors who introduced the plan to bring 42 convicted violent criminals … men who were teenagers when they committed their crimes … to Malibu.
There was nothing in the motion to make the Kilpatrick Secure Youth Facility temporary or interim.

Horvath’s office has not returned our calls. 

Security So Lax At Juvenile Probation Centers That Door Dash Is Delivering Narcotics

Meanwhile… LA County’s juvenile probation division is running security that is so lax that drugs are being smuggled into secure areas by fake door Dash delivery drivers… thrown over fences to inmates… dropped off by drones… and delivered by visitors who do not get searched.

An investigation by the county’s Office of the Inspector General found that teenage wards of the county are overdosing on narcotics that are smuggled or tossed into the counties main juvenile hall.

Drugs are proliferating at the two juvenile halls… in Sylmar and in Los Angeles.  One juvenile hall had arrows spray painted on the outside walls… To show people where to toss drugs to their friends inside.

Bags are not regularly searched.  What alarms go off about possible contraband being smuggled in… Staff does not do any follow up investigation.

In some cases… Incarcerated youth arrange for friends to drop off burritos under the disguise of DoorDash delivery workers.  Inside the burritos … pills. 

Apparently… The Malibu young adult prison was not investigated by the inspector general. But it is operated by the same department… The department that is now in charge of a medium security prison just off Kanan Dume Road. 

This report is based off an article in the LA daily news… You can read it at dailynews.com .

MRCA Ranger Proclaims ‘No Incidents Over Holiday Weekend’ At Overcrowded Trails, Two Council Members Say Not So

Overcrowding and hikers doing stupid things …. at Malibu’s trials and beaches … are no secret.

But if you ask the Mountains Resources Conservation Authority … which owns the trailheads and many of the beach access ways … they say … everything is just fine.

The MRCA sent a park ranger to talk to the city council meeting Monday night.  He identified himself as “Ranger Tim.”

And Ranger Tim proceeded to tell the city council that everything was hunky dorry on MRCA parklands over the Easter weekend. 


“Additional ranger patrols were implemented patrols were implemented over the weekends to enhance public safety in all of our parks. Public officers were also added perform parking enforcement and also maintenance over the holidays. 

“Also …no service calls and or any incidents were reported … which is good.


The MRCA was called out at last night’s city council meeting by Councilwoman Marianne Riggins.


“The amount of people on the Winding Way trail head… I heard there were at least two rescues out there on that particular weekend from people who are having issues. It was absolutely overwhelmed with people visiting that particular trail head and I’m sure having an incredible impact on that neighborhood.”

Councilman Doug Stewart said there was a total hiker overload at Winding Way … the trailhead to the Escondido Falls trail.

Cars parked illegally on PCH … blocking the view of oncoming 50 mile an hour traffic for vehicles emerging out of side streets. 

Both Saturday and Sunday … an overload of people … dangerous conditions on PCH …


“MRCA and the other people that are running this park area like Escondido Falls has got to put some control in there and tell people it’s full.

“There are too many people in there – there are rescues – people fall over each other – not to mention the impact on the environment.

“We are loving some of these areas to death. This is ridiculous. We are killing these areas.

“MRCA ranger Tim hopefully you’ll pass that message along.” 

Remember … the MRCA official line … every thing is just fine at Malibu’s trailhead.

The fact is … not so.

So in the terms of the old country western song … who are you going to believe???   The MRCA’s Ranger Tim??  Or … your lying eyes?

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