KBUU News Thu Oct 20 – MRCA Plans 480 Camping Spots At Bluffs Park, 80 At Kanan-Dume City Limits – MRCA Fails To Inform Public About EIR – Another City Hall Department Head To Exit, As Planning Tells Parks ‘No Lemonade Stands’ At Bluffs – After More Drizzle, Mild Santa Anas Maybe Next Week

Written by on October 20, 2022

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MRCA Quietly Plans 480 Camping Spots At Malibu Bluffs Park, Plus 40 On Kanan-Dume At City Limits

Joe Edmonton and the MRCA are back with plans construct a huge campground next to Bluffs Park … big enough to sleep 480 people.

Also … a new campground for up to 80 people … perched right next to Kanan Dume Road … just outside the Malibu city limits. 

The MRCA … the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority … has for decades trying to build a campground at those two sites.

Last week … the MRCA quietly posted an announcement that it would start the environmental impact report process for the two campgrounds.

Usually … a public agency posts an Initial Study … outlining the project and setting up a scoping meeting and scoping period … where the public may look at the description of the project in the Initial Study and come up with environmental questions that it wants the EIR to study.

But the MRCA ,,, with its penchant for operating below the radar … is bypassing the Initial Study.

The agency says it already knows that it will have to prepare an Environmental Impact Report … so why bother with the Initial Study.

There are no maps provided by the MRCA of what would one installed where.

Just a written description … and a vague one at that.

Off Kanan Dume Road … the MRCA plans a 42 spot parking lot … 10 tent pad spaces … room for up to 80 people to camp.

At Malibu Bluffs Park … they plan an even larger campground.

It would be right up against PCH and west of the signal of John Tyler Drive … trying to avoid most but not all of the endangered plants on the bluff.

Up to 12 yurts … semi-permanent tent-like structures … housing up to 144 people at full capacity.

Plus … 20 tent cabins … housing up to 160 more people.

Plus … 22 tent pad sites … room for 176 people there.

Add that up .. and that Bluffs Park campground would be designed to hold a maximum of 480 people … served by a parking lot with 30-40 spaces.

Edmonton is calling these two campgrounds “The Malibu Low Cost Accommodations Public Works Plan.”

By designating it as a public works plan … the MRCA bypasses the City of Malibu …and the MRCA will get to approve its own plan.

Malibu residents may look at the five pages of vague descriptions of the two campgrounds … and tell the MRCA what environmental impacts they worry about.

In years past … Edmiston has packaged up his Bluffs campground plan in a humanitarian giftwrap.

He brought a bunch of kids seeking adoptive parents to a Coastal Commission meeting … and pledged that families with adopted kids would be the priority users of the campground. 

Edmonton was also caught by a KBUU tape recorder telling the Coastal Commissioners that the City of Malibu had blocked his plans to build a campground for adopted kids in Puerco Canyon.

In fact … it was the county fire. Department that raised safety concerns about the one road in … which cannot support fire engines.

Edmsiton was not telling the truth.

And … you won’t find the new plan … or the comment link … on the MRCA web site.

It’s buried deep inside the MRCA website. …. so deep .. we cannot find it.

As we said … the MRCA likes to fly under the radar.

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Another Department Head Bails Out At City Hall: Jesse Bobbett

And another top manager at the City of Malibu is Bailey bailing out.

Jesse Bobbett … .who leads parks and other. City services as the community services department … has had enough.

Bobbett has led the parks department … and then community services … for six years.

No plans announced … Bobbett says for the record “The decision to leave was extremely difficult as it has been a pleasure to serve the Malibu community…”
He resignation comes the same week that the Planning Department has decreed that all of the parks improvements at the city’s largest park … Bluffs Park … are illegal.

Bobbett had been striving to improve the Little League facilities at the park.

But last week … the Planning Department ruled that no improvements can be made … because the Coastal Commission imposed a “park-open space” zoning on the park.

Planning is taking the hard line that this zoning means no parks facilities. 

Bobbett has not said anything publicly about that.

Bobbett’s departure is part of the exodus of major Malibu city hall employees that started two years ago.

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One Killed In Early Morning Housefire Off San Vicente Blvd

At least one person was found dead in a house fire in Brentwood early this morning.

Fire was reported just after six this morning in the 400 block of South Cliffwood… Just off of San Vicente Blvd.… between 26th Street and Bundy.

Not a huge fire … it was quickly put out.

One person … found dead inside.

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LAPD Arrests Basketball Coach For ‘Ongoing Sex Crimes’ On Sunset Blvd In Palisades

Also in Pacific Palisades … LAPD detectives are looking for additional victims who may have been assaulted by a freelance basketball coach …. which may have occurred in Pacific Palisades.

Paul Anthony Davis was arrested yesterday morning as LAPD cops said an ongoing sexual assault was occurring in both an apartment complex near LAX … and at an address on Sunset Boulevard just above PCH … in Pacific Palisades.

Police said Davis currently coaches basketball at a Los Angeles high school … and is also involved in a local youth basketball program.

The juvenile detectives did not disclose which school … or what the address on Sunset Boulevard had to do with the case.

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Malibu Wins Accounting Report Certificate For 21st Year

For 21 straight years now … the Malibu city government has won a Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada

The award is judged by an impartial panel of government finance professionals.

It’s a gold star for the way that the city discloses its finances.

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Robot Taxis Coming To WLA, Same Agency That Regulates SCE Will Likely Police Them

Self driving taxis are on the way to Los Angeles.

Google … through its driverless car company Waymo … is planning to start the robot taxis next in LA … on the westside.

Way lready operates autonomous taxi fleets in Phoenix and San Francisco. 

A company spokesman tells the Los Angeles Times that L.A. is its next market. 

He says “L.A. is in the top three ride-hailing markets in the United States and globally … The commercial opportunity is huge.”

The company has been mapping Los Angeles using human drivers since 2019. 

Soon … trained drivers will test out Waymo’s robot taxi service on L.A.-area highways and neighborhood thoroughfares… from downtown west to the beach.

Way has been offering free robot test rides in San Francisco … and offering driverless taxi rides in Phoenix … where life is cheap.

One person has already been killed by a self driving robot car … in the Phoenix area.

The LA Times points out that … to charge for rides …Waymo must obtain a permit from the California Public Utilities Commission.


The same agency that regulates Southern California Edison’s rickety electric system are also in charge of robot taxis.

What could possibly go wrong?

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Hot Today, Drizzle Sat, Hot Winds Maybe Mon

It will be cooler today especially at the coast.

Coastal marine layer clouds should return late tonight, and an approaching low pressure system will bring a cooling trend through the weekend.

There is a chance of drizzle or light rain Saturday into early Sunday. 

But …

A mild Santa Ana looks like it is developing for Monday and Tuesday … but the forecast models are differing on how strong the warm winds will be.


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