KBUU News Thu Feb 3 – Woman Killed Near Moonshadows – Another Closed Meeting On Feldman Replacement – Malibu Crime Maps On Line – County Investigating SM Conflict, Drati Calls Malibu Parents ‘Naive,’ As School Negotiations Continue

Written by on February 3, 2022

=.  Once again … a pedestrian is killed on PCH … once again … in front of Moonshadows.

=.  Malibu residents can now track crime on a map … even get automatic emails when something happens.

=.  Malibu gets a one month delay in the county decision on an independent school district.

=.  The district’s lawyer complains … and the school superintendent calls Malibu parents naive.

=.  Free Covid 19 tests today … over the hill … you have to sign up on line.

=.  Dry Santa Anas are going to be with us … off and on … next six days … and it’s going to heat up.


This is Malibu’s Only Local Daily News … the Thursday edition … I’m Hans Laetz reporting. 

Another Pedestrian Is Killed At Moonshadows, Even Cop Is Asking – Why No Signal?

We are getting more details now about a woman who was struck and killed on Pacific Coast Highway near Moonshadows.

The crash was Monday night.

It was in front of the restaurant … which as all Malibu drivers know is on the middle of a straightaway on the coast highway.

And pedestrians often park on the inland side of the highway … to cross back and forth to and from the restaurant. 

The exact circumstances for this crash have not been released by sheriff’s deputies … other than that the woman was crossing the road without a crosswalk in a dark area.

A woman in her 40s was hit … she was taken to a hospital …. where she died. 

The driver remained at the scene and cooperated with authorities.

A similar crash claimed the life of a woman in that same stretch of highway several years ago.

Lieutenant Chad Watters .,.. the temporary sheriff’s liaison to Malibu … says something needs to be done to improve pedestrian safety at the Moonshadows straightaway.


“This is the second young woman I have seen personally get hit and killed in that area.  The last one was back when I was a sergeant, back in 2014 I think it was. 

“A man and a woman a young couple were going across the street.  He was holding her hand and the next thing he knew she was gone – hit by a car. 

“It was tragic.”

The lieutenant is the new temporary liaison to Malibu… As sheriffs Lieutenant Jim Braden is out on medical leave. And Lieutenant Waters asked the obvious question… Why can’t the city or Caltrans put in some sort of pedestrian safety installation in front of Moonshadows. The city’s polite reply… basically… is ask Caltrans … it’s their highway.

City Public Safety commission chairman Chris Frost set the bottom line is unsafe behavior by pedestrians and motorists.


“They’ve ticketed pedestrians as well as motorists … so it’s not just one side. It’s both. So you combine both out there on the highway… inattentive driving… Inattentive driving… Speeding through crosswalks on red lights… Looking at your cell phone… It’s going to kill people. “I’m sad too … that it’s only a month end of the season into the season… A month into the year… And we’ve already had a pedestrian killed on PCH.”


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City Council To Meet (Again) (Again) (Again) (Again) To Permanent Pick City Manager

Malibu’s city council will meet for a fourth time Friday afternoon to try again to vote for a permanent city manager.

The extraordinary 2 p-m Friday meeting is the latest in a string of efforts to hire a chief executive.

Being secret ..,. we are not being told what the hangup is … or if the hangup is a political problem on the council.

Interim city manager Steve McClary is apparently still on the list of potential hires.

He’s been working for 8 months now … at a pay rate significantly less than his predecessor.

Malibu city government has been in a state of disagreement and flux for more than a year … something that may be seen as a good thing by some voters.

Others… not so much.


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Crime Mapping Now Available To Malibu Residents

After years of requests… a new online tool is allowing Malibu residents to track recent crime activity in their exact neighborhood.

It’s a website called crimemapping.com.

The Los Angeles county sheriffs office is feeding data to a map… 

Users can sign up to receive email alerts when crimes occur near a specific location. Think of it as PulsePoint for the cops. 

City public safety commission member Doug Stewart says … it’s a good thing.


“I really think that’s a good benefits about taking some of the chatter that’s not factual and having factual information about what is happening in our town. next-door is not a good reporting mechanism but crime reporting is.”

Several things to keep in mind … 

CrimeMapping.com, the crime data is automatically extracted on a regular basis from law enforcement databases.

That does not mean real time. so the maps are always up to date.

And perhaps most importantly… The maps show reports of crime. Not necessarily crime.

Privacy concerns may not exactly be addressed.

The exact locations are not revealed… but in given the unique layout of Malibu… it may not be too hard to figure them out.

Mayor Paul Grisanti put out a news release saying “community crime maps and incident reports are useful tools that can help increase situational awareness.”

But the same press release says tt should be noted that the crime data is posted automatically … without context. 

So the maps show confirmed crimes as well as unconfirmed reports of crimes.

When Pulse Point first began broadcasting fire department dispatches … there was a city-wide panic.

Every fire truck dispatch resulted in worried calls to the sheriff’s department.

That has died down a bit.


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Independent Malibu District Vote Delayed, Drati Calls Malibu Parents ‘Naive’, Conflict of Interest Is Investigated Against SM Boosters

The City of Malibu is asking for a one month delay in the L A County decision on recommending a school district divorce.

And the county school board says a one month delay may be necessary … as the county counsel’s office investigates two partisan Santa Monica advocates who are on the county school board … and who have a rather obvious conflict of interest. 

Barry Snell and Ralph Mechur … both former Santa Monica board members … are on the 10-member county panel that will make a recommendation.

City officials yesterday told the L A County Board of Education that they are working on last minute negotiations with the Santa Monica school board. 

The county school board is scheduled to hear its own independent analysis of the viability of a proposed independent Malibu school district in just one month.

However … that may be delayed at Malibu’s request.

At yesterday’s county school board meeting …. Malibu district advocates let loose with accusation after complaint against Santa Monica. 

Malibu city council member Karen Farrer gave the county board specific examples.

She said Malibu elementary kids have an achievement gap larger than in Santa Monica.

And she said Malibu high kids are deprived vocational programs… Called CTE… That are offered in Santa Monica. 


“The size of the elementary achievement cap of over 9% exists in only two of the seven elementary schools in Santa Monica.

“Further, Malibu students do not have a CTE program. Although Malibu high school has high graduation rates, these students are less prepared than their Santa Monica counterparts for their careers and the workforce.”

Santa Monica Malibu school superintendent Ben Drati testified against the Malibu independence drive. 

He said Malibu parent complaints about their kids not having equal access to the same programs as santa monica’s high school… with its much larger enrollment… shows that Malibu parents are naïve.


“When you have a 400 (student) high school district, the sports program is not going to be as robust  bust as a 2800 (student) sports program. That’s just logic. So a lot of the comments made are really naïve and it just tells me that there’s not really an education expert there explaining how schools are run.”

About a dozen Malibu independence advocates spoke at yesterdays counties meeting. Only a few Santa Monica status quo advocates… and the Santa Monica school boards attorney explained that by … basically … whining. 

David Soldani:


“When I looked at the agenda it says it’s an update on a proposal. And instead I’m hearing a criteria by criteria analysis which puts the district at a little bit of a disadvantage. We did not mobilize thinking this was going to be a public hearing.”

It should be pointed out that both Saldani and Drati are paid for by taxpayers in the entire Santa Monica Malibu district … but are leading partisan campaigns for santa monica only.

With the one-month delay requested by Malibu… we will  have to wait until April to see if the LA County school board sees that as one of the inequities claimed by Malibu rdistrict advocates and taxpayers. 


A reminder,

Free Covid 19 testing if offered by local cities today from 9 to 5.

Malibu is going with 4 small cities over the hill to offer this service.

It’s the PCR test .. more reliable … it uses a nasal swab.

The test is being given Tuesdays … Thursdays and Saturdays at the Agoura Hills / Calabasas community center.

That over near the sheriff’;s station … on malibu Ridge Road at Lost Hills Road.

It’s free … but you do need to sign up ion advance.

We have th elink on the KBUU web page and social media … it’s also at the city’s website. 


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Third Street Promenade Garage Bites Dust Next Week

In news from down the coast … one of the most convenient parking places next to the third Street Promenade will be demolished … starting in a week.

Parking garage 3 … on Fourth between Santa Monica and Arizona … is biting the dust.

Fencing will go up on Thursday, Feb. 10. 

Santa Monica is going to build affordable housing there … to help address the regional affordable housing crisis. 

Nearby businesses had hoped to block the demolition by challenging it in court… But the lawyer they hired missed a key deadline and the judge threw out their lawsuit.

Santa Anas Will Blow And Go All Weekend

Offshore winds will remain in place across the region into next week and keep a dry weather pattern in place. Periods of gusty

Santa Ana winds are expected through at least this weekend.  A warming trend will develop through the period, possibly turning

significantly warmer for the early half of next week.

A high wind watch is in effect until noon today … and then again tonight … for the Santa Monica Mountains tonight and Friday afternoon.

It’s a 7 millibar storm … that’s good for peak wind gusts of 50 mph on the mountaintops.


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