KBUU News: String Lights Are Already Illegal In Malibu – Incoming Sixth Grade Size Jumps 25% At Malibu Middle School – Brutal Heat On Tap

Written by on August 31, 2022

As Dark Skies Ordinance Nears, String Lights Are Already Illegal In Malibu

Efforts continue to educate Malibu residents and business owners about the Dark Skies ordinance.

The requirements are supported bt a large majority of Malibu residents … but the technical rules are going to require almost every homeowner to make changes. 

Taht is the message delivered yesterday but the city team that is going to enforce the tules. 

The city has hired a national expert in dark skies to help write and implement Malibu’s dark skies ordinance. 

And Jim Benya says a majority of outdoor lighting fixtures he’s seen in Malibu residences blast too much light up and out.


“Very few of common residential outdoor lights… even a lot of them with LEDs… will pass the dark sky requirement of lighting.

“Lanterns like the black one there floodlights I see a couple different floodlights bar lamps like that one really nice silver luminair… Most of the decorative types are nart dark sky lamps. “Most homeowners are going to face replacing Lumineers that they have was something new.”

And here’s a surprise … 

At yesterday’s seminar for homeowners … educating the public about the Dark Skies Ordinance … this little nugget.

The city already has rules on the books aimed at some light pollution light sources … like String Lights. 

String Lights may also be known as the gas powered leaf blowers of the nighttime world. 

Guess what??? They’re illegal in Malibu. 

City assistant planner Tyler Eaton says leaf blowers are illegal under existing city building codes.


“There are a few aspects of the code that are required today. One of those is to have the ability to redirect your light downward you should. 

“And lastly … if you do have existing string lights if you you can only use those in occupied dining areas and the keyword is occupied so if you have left that dining area you are then be required to shut off the lights. 

“Any string lights for landscaping … any other string lights that you may have in your backyard … are technically not allowed at this time.”

We recorded the entire seminar for homeowners and renters … and we will put some more highlights out to on the next few newscasts.


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High School Plans Can Handle Sudden Influx Of New Students

As we reported last week … enrollment at Malibu Middle School took an unexpected up turn this fall semester. 104 kids showed up for sixth grade this year… Up from the 80 or so that were projected. This could mean an end to the long decline in student population… as parents made the decision to put their kids in private school. 

The PCB contamination scare of 10 years ago was the beginning of a decline in student enrollment at the combined Malibu middle school and Malibu high school. 

The gigantic construction project that surrounded students at the middle school was intimidating and ugly. 

And then of course the pandemic caused student enrollment declines nationwide. And a 20% increase in enrollment is a healthy sign… but it means that school construction plans have to be flexible. 

Carey Upton is the pointman for designing a new Malibu high school… a campus plan that will go before the city Council for approval this fall. 

Upton says the high school building… Which will replace one Cabrillo Elementary school… Will be flexible enough to handle enrollment increase.


“Yeah we were really surprised and that’s really good. We usually lose six graders but I think the division of really being clear that there’s a middle school and that there’s a high school and that those are separated has really made a difference. And that more people are really feeling comfortable about bringing their six graders back.”

Plans for the new high school building were approved by a group made up of Malibu residents and teachers only. 

The Malibu city council will vote on the overall zoning plan for the new high school on September 12th.

After that plan gets approved by the Coastal Commission … the school will come back top the city planning commission and city council with story poles that will show what the current blueprints look like.

Brutal Heat On Tap: 90º In Malibu And 115º In Valley Sunday

Brutal heat – but no winds – are forecast for today and the next week over the hill and in LA.

Today will be a scorcher .

Temperatures will drop for a couple of days … but by Sunday it will be even hotter.

90 degrees forecast for Malibu on Sunday.

The western San Fernando Valley will see a high Sunday of about 115 degrees.

As for today … highs are predicted to hit 84 on the sand at the beach in Malibu.

Inland … the Santa Monica Mountains will hot 102s today.

And along the beach … we will see downcoast winds of 25 miles an hour today … and tonight.

The overnight lows tonight will be around 71.

Heat will back off a little bit tomorrow … and for a few days.

But blast furnace conditions are predicted for Sunday … including on the beaches win Malibu … where will will see highs of 90 along the ocean.

Flex Alert Called For Wednesday, Biggest Power Demand Expected Next Week

As for air conditioners … the highest loads on the statewide electrical grid are expected next Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

That’s according to Cal ISO … the California Independent System Operator, which manages the state’s power grid.

But a Fle4x Alert was called for Wednesday afternoon.

For the first time in five years … California electric consumption will top 48 billion watts.

That has only happened three times before. 

The private companies that generate power in California have been asked to avoid taking down their facilities for routine maintenance for the next week.

This heat wave affect the entire western half of the continent. 

And that will limit California’s ability to import power from neighboring states.

Usually … California sends surplus power north to colder areas during the winter … and usually the Pacific Northwest sends surplus power south.

That regional power swap broke down during the last continent wide heat wave … in August 2020.

That’s when rolling blackouts in California for the first time in 19 years.

Those rolling blackouts only hit the San Francisco Bay Area and Central Valley. 

SpaceX Launch Viewed From Bu

SpaceX launched a rocket that was visible herein Malibu last night. 

It was at 10:40 … as the rocket blasted off. From Vendenberg Space Force Base … 100 miles up the coast.

SpaceX is launching another fleet of 40 Starlink low orbit satellites above Earth.

Think of these like a cluster of Internet routers ion the sky.

Major Progressive Bills Pass In Sacto

The California Legislature is in the midst of its busy season. 

Yesterday … a bill that would allow qualified nurse practitioners to perform first-trimester abortions passed the state Legislature. Also sent to the l Tuesday that would shield pregnant people from criminal and civil liability in the event of a self-induced abortion, miscarriage or stillbirth.

A first-of-its kind measure would require social media companies to make public their policies for removing disturbing content and provide details on how and when they remove it. 

A proposed law that would make it illegal for employers to penalize workers for using marijuana in their personal lives.

And the legislature has passed a bill that builds on several recent state laws designed to make it easier to build backyard in-law units, technically known as Accessory Dwelling Units, or ADUs. 

But like the recent bills … this one exempts ADUs proposed for areas covered by the Coastal Act … including Malibu.

And perhaps the bills with the most potential for Malibu … two that would allow residential construction on land zoned for commercial use.

Land currently set aside for offices, retail . Like the vacant land at the Malibu Civic Center …. And developed commercial strips like in eastern Malibu … could be built as residential dwellings.

On first read … we do not see any Coastal exemption apparent in those bills that would allow residential development on commercial zoning land. 

Animal Shelter Just Up Coast Loses Lease

An animal shelter just up the coast from Malibu will no longer accept dogs and cats as it scrambles to find a new facility.

Paw Works has about two months to vacate its building on Pleasant Valley Road. 

The Ventura County Star reports this sooty.

They write that Paw Works

If the shelter can’t find a new facility, the dogs and cats may have to go to Ventura County Animal Services, foster homes or their previous shelters.

“We’re hoping it won’t come to that,” Brittany Vizcarra, Paw Works director of operations, said Monday. “We’re pushing for adoptions.”

The shelter typically houses between 75 and 125 animals a day and saves about 2,500 a year., Vizcarra said.

Paw Works received notice in June to vacate, Atkins said. In an Instagram post on Thursday, he estimated the organization has about 60 days to leave.

Eric Michaelson, the building’s landlord, said he asked Paw Works and one other business in the plaza to move out. Another longtime renter needs the space to expand his business, which contracts with the Department of Defense, Michaelson said.

Paw Works leases the approximately 3,400- to 3,600-square-foot building month-to-month, but Michaelson said he understands Paw Works’ situation.

“We’re going to work with them as much as we possibly can,” he said.

Woman Killed Walking On PCH West of Ventura

The CHP says the driver of a large pickup truck was impaired by drugs when he smashed into a group of four women walking down PCH west of Ventura.

And a family is mourning the death of their matriarch.

68 year old Mary Jane Centeno was struck from behind by the truck between Ventura and Solimar Beach. 

The driver was identified only as a 61 year old man from Oak View .. driving a GMC 3500 truck with dual rear wheels.

He drove onto the right shoulder and hit Centeno from behind.


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