KBUU News – Planning Chair Publicly Proclaims Joy At 200 Car Rally At Zuma – Malibu Film Society Had Council Support, But No Permit, For All Those Films At MJCS – Mollica Rebuts Schmitz, Sort Of – Caltrans Has Lots Of Work Ahead on Decker Cyn – Nearby Church Targets School District, Man Threatens To Kill Superintendent –

Written by on October 18, 2022

This is Malibu’s Only Local Daily News … the Tuesday edition … I’m Hans Laetz reporting. 


Caltrans Plans More Work On Decker Cyn Road in Malibu

Cliff climbers on ropes … with long metal sticks … continue to knock loose rocks off the side of Decker Canyon Road in the lower switchbacks.

Caltrans has closed the road since last Friday … and officials yesterday said more rocks and boulders need to come down.

As of Sunday … 18 truckloads of debris have been hauled out.

When that’s done … the state plans to staple heavy metal mesh to the hillside to prevent more rocks from working loose in the future. 

Expect lower Decker Canyon Road to be closed into Thursday afternoon … as the rock removal continues.


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Planning Chair Tells Car Show They Are Welcome At Zuma, If They Ask Lambos To Depart Nicely

Remember that car show that popped up two weekends ago at Zuma Beach???

Residents have been complaining about the 200 exotic cars … the noise and outrageous speeding … caused by the Lamborghini drivers and other car enthusiasts that Sunday.

Turns out… a Malibu official showed up at the car show to endorse it.

Planning Commission Chairman Dennis Smith says he happened to see the car show … and went in to see the cars. 

He related the experience to the Malibu Planning Commission last night.


“I’m going by Zuma and I’m coming down the hill and I went ‘wow – this looks like a lot of cars.’ I go by and I went ‘oh I’ve got to go check this out.’

“I could tell there was at least 100 cars. My thought was ‘OK now that you’ve got everybody who is down at the country market and now that you’ve got them in this great spot.

“They’re all here. And they paid eight dollars to get in. So we’re in good shape … this can’t be all bad.’ ”

Smith says he has heard some Malibu residents complain that the car show was loud … the speeding after the show was dangerous … 


“They were probably 200 cars there, but to me it was a great show. So I left and I guess whatever happened after I left… But I did talk to two people who run the show.

“And they were excited and I said ‘yes I would try and promote it.’ 

“But then as usual we know we had on Nextdoor that I read that people were as people were leaving the show in a hurry. And it’s the same thing that was going on downtown at (Malibu) Country Market.

“So …it was a good thing but unfortunately when people left they hightailed it.” 

Smith said last night that he told the car show organizers he would endorse it … if they remind car show participants to play nice on PCH as they leave.

The Planning Commission chairman .. of course … does not have the power to -officially- endorse a car show … 

And at the last city council meeting .. sheriff’s Lt Dustin Carr said sheriff’s department resources would be needed …. if another car show crops up at Zuma.


“We have information that this car show was going to occur and there was no time to prepare for that particular car show.

“But any future car shows that obviously it would be advertised… and we heard when that would be November 6… We are going to be able to prepare to have additional enforcement to have PCH safe and clear and appropriately managed.”

Many people in Malibu have said the car shows … be they on public property or a shopping center …. should be restricted … 

They bring speeders and loud cars onto PCH and the canyon roads.

At the last city council meeting … the sheriff’s representative said the impromptu car show at Zuma Beach caught them by surprise ….and should have had police resources standing by for the inevitable speeding and reckless driving problems. 

It appears that the City of Malibu is now sending mixed messages … on whether that is a good thing … at least unofficially. 


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Film Society May Have Been Encouraged By City Councils, But Not Exempt From Permits – Planner Says

City Planner Richard Mollica says the Malibu Film Society’s plan to show movies at Malibu Pacific Church would be a change in land use that would require a city permit.

Mollica told the Planning Commission last night that the objections of city councilman Steve Uhring … about potential traffic from the late night movies … have not been addressed.

The Film Society has lost its home at the Malibu Jewish Center and Synagogue … where major construction is about to start.

Malibu Pacific Church said its hall could be used to show the popular movie series … but the city put a stop to that.

Last night … Mollica said past city councils may have endorsed the Malibu Film Society … but did not exempt them from getting a city permit.


“We’ve actually spent a lot of time researching past council agendas … past minutes … past resolutions … trying to find something in there where the council said they could operate without the benefit of a TUP.

“And we have been unable to find anything to that effect. 

“We found where the council encouraged the Film Society… they looked at partnering…. think it’s a fair word… but we couldn’t find anything on the permitting process.”

Mollica told the Planning Commission that the Malibu Film Society issue has not been resolved. 

The Malibu Film Society was formed about 12 years ago when the Malibu movie house closed down.

We should point out that Malibu Film Society director Scott Tallal is a community volunteer at KBUU Radio …. 

This creates a conflict of interest that we must acknowledge … and an extra obligation to report the story accurately and in fair context.


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City Planner Defends Department Against Some Of Don Schmidt’s Charges

Two weeks ago … planning consultant Don Schmitz made some charges about the City of Malibu planning department.

He alleged that the city staff was unilaterally changing the rules on things like swimming pools and remodeling … changing the rules without telling anyone … changing the rules without any vote by the planning commission or city council.

KBUU News … the very next morning … asked the city manager and planning director about three of the specific charges. 

We have received an immediate promise that the city would respond.

Several promises … in fact … that a reply would be coming.

We have received no such response. 

But last night … Planning Commissioners asked about the KBUU report. 

And city planner Richard Mollica said …. Schmitz was incorrect on some of those charges.

For example … Mollica says the city has always allowed small remodeling projects … less than 5 percent of a home … to continue without major permits.

Not 10 percent … as Schmitz charged.


“I have it consistent with Bonnie’s policy at 5% [former city Planning Director Bonnie Blue]. In one case I’ve actually allowed one – I think – to be a little bit larger … I think upwards of 7 percent.

“But in general we were stuck with that.

“And then there was also the concern with swimming pools and the issue that we run into there is that while the city’s zoning code is silent on how you look at swimming pools – impermeable or permeable surfaces – according to our Public Works Director their guidelines have always stated that swimming pools are considered to be impermeable surfaces.”

That makes a big difference … as counting a pool as an impermeable surface effectively rules out swimming pools for many lots.

Schmitz said they were not counted that way in the past … because swimming pools retain rainfall and do not add to the amount of hard surface that causes water to run off.

Schmitz maintains the city has changed the rules.

Perhaps the biggest charge that was leveled by Don Schmitz … was that it takes an inordinate amount of time to get a permit – either a good permit or a bad permit – up to the Planning Commission for a decision.

Schmitz says it that takes about 100 to 110 days in similar coastal cities in California.

In Malibu … he says it takes 858 days average … that’s almost three years … to get a permit up to the planning commission for a decision.

That assertion from Schmitz was not addressed by Mollica last night 


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Yet Another Lawsuit Claims Villanueva Favoritism And Punishment

Another lawsuit filed by a sheriff’s lieutenant against Alex Villanueva … alleging retaliation over political matters.

Lt Joseph Garrido claims in his filing that sheriff’s officials targeted him with a trumped-up criminal investigation … retaliation for donating 15 hundred dollars to one of Villanueva’s political challengers.

Garrido says the department brass trimmed up a bogus criminal probe into whether he misused his department-issued vehicle.

And he says that a primo assignment that had been offered to him was rescinded because of his support for Vera.

The sheriff’s captain at the Malibu Lost Hills station has a similar lawsuit pending against Villanueva.

And contrary to reports published on local internet sites … that lawsuit was -not- dropped by Jennifer Seetoo when she was promoted and returned to Malibu-Lost Hills.

It’s one of numerous lawsuits that have been filed against the sheriff over denied promotions … retaliations and other personelll moves made by Alex Villanueva during his three years of turmoil in office.


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Fire Insurance Companies Ordered To Write Discounts If A Property Is Hardened Against Wildfire Spread

Fire insurance companies in California are now required to give customers discounts if their homes and businesses are made safer from wildfires.

Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara yesterday signed the new rules into alw.

New rules mandate that insurance companies reward consumers who take wildfire safety and mitigation actions under the state’s Safer From Wildfires framework.

The framework includes a list of expert-recommended actions that home and business owners can take to better protect themselves from fires.

Currently, fewer than half of the insurance companies doing business in California provide such discounts.

The regulation is largely a response to skyrocketing insurance costs for residents in wildfire-prone areas, Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara said. 


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Conejo School Superintendent Threatened By Bullet Into Head After Megachurch Goes After District – VC Star

The leader of a church just over the hill is inflaming far right hatred against a school district in that area.

And yesterday … police arrested a man for allegedly threatening to put a bullet through the head of the school superintendent.

Turning Point USA is a conservative nonprofit whose faith-based organizing is co-led by pastor Rob McCoy … the head of a so-called super church in Newbury Park.

The Ventura County Star reports that the Conejo Valley Unified School District has been added to a “watchlist” of so-called “radical” school boards compiled by Turning Point USA.

The listing includes the district office phone number along with public contact information for the five board trustees.

And that’s where the threat to put a bullet through the head of the superintendent was recorded.

The Ventura County Star reports that Thousand Oaks police arrested Randell Graham, 45, at his home in Santa Barbara County for suspicion of making felony criminal threats.

Right wing media have zeroed in on Conejo Valley … after the parent of a female student claimed that a male student masturbated in class.

The superintendent says no one else in the classroom corroborated the alleged incident …  but right-leaning websites accuse him of defending the incident as normal. 

The superintendent said he is seeking legal action … according to the newspaper.

Conservative activists have in the past protested at Conejo Valley board meetings about the district’s handling of transgender issues in the classroom … and state-mandated sex education.


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