KBUU News Monday Dec 19 – Broad Beach May Hire Reva Feldman To Lobby For Sandhauling Trucks – Drati Says ‘Bye’ To Joint School District – Berms Break, Bacteria Count Up – Caltrans Has Apparent Plan To Get Out Of Creaked By Jan 1

Written by on December 19, 2022

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Broad Beach District May Hire Reva Feldman To Lobby Moorpark For Broad Beach Sand Trucking Permits

Broad Beach residents hope to begin trucking in as many as 30 thousand truckloads of sand next fall … sand coming from a mine 40 miles inland … 

But 10 years after they started to tax themselves to pay for this … there is great confusion over exactly how much sand will be trucked in.

And how much this will cost.

And if the project will really begin in 9 months.

The Broad Beach Geologic Hazards Assessment District board met yesterday.

That’s the government agency set up by the city … for Broad Beach residents to tax themselves to rebuild what used to be a broad beach.

Ten years ago .. the district was given permission by the city and construal commission to collect tax assessments to rebuild the beach.

The sand all washed away 18 years ago.

The stand replenishment project has been buried in legal quicksand ever since. 

But yesterday … its lawyer said it looks like all the legal wrangling and delays have been cleared up … and sand can be trucked in starting next fall.

But how much sand?

How much will it cost?

Even the board chairman … at Sunday’s meeting … said he would really like to know … the answer to those fundamental questions.


“I would very much appreciate getting some insight from staff or whoever is in a position to provide this … of what the approximate range of cost is going to be for the sand what I now understand to be the trucking.”

Norton Kano .. chairman of the Broad Beach district.

Prices have changed since the project was approved by homeowners along Broad beach more than 10 years ago.

But yesterday ..,. the Broad Beach homeowners questions were answered in a broad manner,.’

The sand is available for purchase from a quarry owned by the big cement company Cemex … from a sand quarry up near Fillmore.

The price will be about 15 to 18 dollar per yard.

At 300 thousand yards … that’s around 5 million dollars.

Trucking it 50 miles down to Malibu… five years ago. … costs more.

Five years ago .,.. the quote was about was 2.1 million,

And then dropping off the sand at Zuma Beach … and transferring it into little trucks to be

Then there is the problem of the City of Moorpark .. the city next to the sand quarry that blocked Bird beach’s plans to drive the sand straight to Malibu. 

Yesterday … the Broad beach district approved hiring a lobbyist for ten thousand dollars a month … to try to get permission for the Broad beach sand to be trucked through Moorpark.

District lawyer ken Ehrlich has a particular lobbyist he wants to hire. 


“We have the opportunity, and I found out that Reva Feldman who resigned as the City of Malibu city manager about five months ago, under a false allegation from one of the city council members, for those of you follow the story.

“Her best friend … her literal best friend… is the city manager of Moorpark.”

Ehrlich’s plan is to hire Feldman … or some other connected lobbyist … for ten thousand dollars a month.

He wants to try to get the city of Moorpark to reverse its stand against the sand going through that city.

Then there is the matter of Zuma Beach,.

Some residents there are not happy about then prospect of tens of thousands of dump trucks being unloaded next to their houses at Zuma Beach … as many as 30 thousand truck loads of sand.

The prospects of truck noise and traffic … from up to 30 thousand truckloads being unloaded and transferred … has not been addressed by the Broad beach district.

Lots of unanswered questions … Sunday morning … at the Broad Beach Geologic Hazards Assessment District board meeting.

Chairman Norton Kano.


 “I have just lived here too many years, where each year there is another reason why our project and timetable gets pushed back one more year. 

“And the obvious as if the Coastal Commission staff says’ no, so we’re not gonna get it done next year once again’.”

The Broad Beach sand district still needs its Coastal Development Permit amendment to be approved by the Coastal Commission.

It’s latest revised application got bounced back from Coastal staff …. Denied … some changes must be made and then it can be resubmitted,


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Drati Says Nothing About Two School Districts In Farewell Statement

Santa Monica Malibu school superintendent Ben Drati has said goodbye … Friday … after six years leading the local public school district.

Drati is tasking a new job as superintendent of the Bellflower district .. near Long Beach.

Drati sent out a letter Friday … saying he is optimistic for the future of the district.

Notice that he said district … singular … not districts .. plural.

In his six years running the schools … Drati actively campaigned against Malibu separation … doing the bidding of the school board majority.

A mediator has turned the school board majority around … and the Santa Monica board majority now supports a separate Malibu school district … on realistic financial terms.

Drati’s farewell mail said he is optimistic about everything else.

“Transforming the District” is what he called it.

As voiced by a KBUU reporter … Drati said He said the public schools .… parents and students


“have been working together to reach greater heights in the pursuit of adjusting the system to increase student engagement and to instill the love of learning for our students.

“Adjusting our assumptions as educators and community in order to make better decisions …. and adjusting programing that will lead to ensuring that all students have what they need academically and socio-emotionally.

“Accepting and incorporating multiple perspectives of lived experiences in curriculum that will lead to a more rich, relevant, and holistic education experiences.”

“Edubabble”…. sniffs one veteran teacher in response.

Broad overall terms … but nothing about the big, giant elephant in the room … splitting the district in two.


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Berms Break At Lagoons, And Bacterial Count Goes Up

Routine beach water testing has turned up higher than normal bacterial counts at two Malibu area beaches.

Both are at the mouths of major creeks.

Malibu Creek may have contaminated Surfriderr Beach … and water coming down Topanga Canyon may have  caused elevated bacteria counts there.

LA County public health officials warn people that surfing at those two locations can cause people to become sick.

Recent rain storms may have caused Creek water to seep through the sand berms … flushing nutrients from the creek lagoons into the ocean … and causing elevated levels of biological contamination.


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Caltrans Has A Plan To Get Out Of Protected Creek In 2 Weeks

Contractors are working as fast as possible to finish up construction in the creek bed at Trancas Creek… Before the end of the year.

That work was supposed to be done two months ago… Because KBUU has reported… The Caltrans plans were not done exactly right.

Columns that were supposed to be deep enough into the mud to hold up the bridge could not pass stress tests …. After the state engineers screwed uop the design.

The state failed to drill test boreholes in the middle of the dry Creek… And missed the fact that sand and mud extends much deeper than they thought.

This week … workers are laying cement cross beams that will hold up the bridge deck.

They hope to finish the first one of those by the New Years Day … which is when their permit to have trucks in the creek bottom expires.

After that … they will be able to continue working … to eventually lay the deck …. without going into the creek.

That means this phase of construction ,… which was supposed to be finished November First … will finish sometime this spring.

Caltrans appears to have learned its lesson … and two weeks ago crews drilled a sample borehole in the middle of the creek next to the second half of the new bridge project.

Yay team.

The whole project is 15 months behind schedule …. and an unknown amount of money over budget.

But work goes on … the bridge is supposed to bar complete in 11 months.


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LAX Overload Continues This Week

Heading to LAX???

Los Angeles International Airport is expecting 200,000 passengers a day to pass through every day this week.

Prepared for traffic and lines. 

Last weekend was probably the peak days for crowds … 

more than 214,500 passengers were expected yesterday.

Another crush day is expected again the day after New Years.

89,000 vehicles projected to pass through each day from Dec. 19 to 21. That would be an increase of 12% compared to the daily average.

Parking lots are already at a premium… Jammed. 

If you’re planning to stash a car down there… Make a reservation.


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P-22 Mourned As A City Cat in LA

P-22 died a star.

Some TV people were calling him the Brad Pitt of mountain lions.

The cougar was euthanized … put to sleep … at the San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park on Saturday.

He was 12.

The mountain lion had been hit by a car … was unable to feed himself … and had a whole list of age related illnesses and infirmities. 

A celebration of his life is planned in L-A.

L-A city council member Ntihya Ramon yesterday said P-22 meant a lot to people who live in the heart of the city. … as opposed to the heart of the mountains.


 “For so many of us P 22 is a chance for us to have the wildness of the Santa Monica Mountains right here in our backyards. I think for so many of us here in our area he represented a chance to have nature right here, and a chance to preserve that nature.”

The mountain lion made a wring turn early in his life … somehow getting across the 405 and 101 freeways in his effort to find some open territory and maybe a mate.


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