KBUU News Mon Jun 6 – 2 Dead In Malibu Crashes – Coastal Staff Dislikes Malibu B-And-B Regs – Terrible Traffic Jams Likely, Avoid PCH Thursday – Gigantic Unforeseen Expense Socks SMMUSD – Looking For Potshards On Malibu Cyn Rd

Written by on June 6, 2022

KBUU News Mon Jun =. Two killed in weekend traffic crashes in the Malibu.
=. A monumental week of traffic jams at LAX and in DTLA is coming.
=. Coastal hates Malibu … again … this time the commission staff doesn’t like Malibu’s short term residence ordinance. … even though it’s just like Santa Monica’s.
=. And Malibu will get a taste of the Summit of the Americas gridlock Thursday.
=. The contentious city gift to the L A Library District circles back to the city council.
=. A major mold contamination problem in a Santa Monica school may have repercussions in Malibu.
This is Malibu’s Only Local Daily News … the Monday edition … I’m Hans Laetz reporting.

Two People Killed Over Weekend In, Near Malibu

Two fatalities this weekend in Malibu.
The first .,.. a homeless man killed just after midnight Friday night Saturday morning…. On PCH.
That was a hit-and-run… Somebody driving on the road ran over this human being and sped away. This was one Pacific coast highway between Ladigo Canyon Road and Escondido Creek. The second fatality was late Saturday afternoon… A car versus a motorcycle somewhere north of Mulholland Highway on Westlake Blvd.
That twisting road… lots of blind turns… A 25 mile an hour speed limit.
It’s not clear who was at fault in that one.


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Huge Diplomacy Traffic Jams at LAX, DTLA, and On Thursday: PCH

Traffic jams of monumental proportions are shaping up for this week on freeways in the downtown Los Angeles area … and on Thursday the chaos will spread to the Pacific Coast Highway.
It appears that the Summit Of the Americas will take away one of the two lanes at PCH at the the Getty Villa Museum … the closure will extend down to the tunnel in Santa Monica.
With little publicity … the United States government is going to commandeer one southbound traffic lane on PCH from Coastline Drive to the Santa Monica tunnel.
This will mean traffic control at Coastline Drive … then one lane only down past Sunset …. Then two lanes instead of three through Santa Monica.
This will be Thursday on PCH … but the traffic misery this weekend will be in downtown Los Angeles.
Starting sat 10 tonight … and continuing through noon on Saturday … traffic is going to be a compete and total mess in downtown L.A. and near LAX.
Most of the downtown exits from the one-10 Harbor freeway will be closed all week.
Surface streets around the Staples Center … including Figueroa Street … will be closed as well.
Pico … Seventh … Wilshire … all closed at Figueroa and over the one-10.
And the 10 freeway will see ramps closed near the Convention Center … it can safely be predicted to be a giant traffic jam.
Given the number of official motorcades … particularly Wednesday … Thursday and Friday … this is going to be a real traffic mess.
Details about the conference logistics are being kept secret …. security reasons.
View president Kamala Harris has been at her home last weekend and that has been causing traffic on Sunset Boulevard west of the 405 to jam up as motorcades comes and go.
Now multiply that by more than a dozen nations … whose presidents or premiers or majordomos will all be in L-A … all with motorcades befitting their office.
Or maybe not.
Some presidents are threatening to stay home.
This year’s Summit of the Americas may be a gigantic flop.
It appears that the L-A news media have not yet grasped the traffic impact of all this on the downtown area and westside.
Stopped traffic.
Again … for Malibu residents .. the major takeaway on all this.
L A X and the 405 are going to be a mess.
Stay away from anywhere within a mile of Staples Center starting tomorrow … including the 10 freeway.
And PCH heading to Santa Monica will be a complete disaster … on Thursday afternoon.


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Coastal Staff Does Not Like Malibu’s Proposed B-And-B Ordinance

The California Coastal Commission staff has turned thumbs down to Malibu’s proposed short term overnight rental ordinance.
The commission staff does not like the city’s proposal that overnight rentals must have the owner … or the owner’s representative … near the site of the rental.
Many Malibu residents had strongly urged an onsite host requirement … someone who can deal with unruly guests … parking problems or overnight rentals that turn into raucous fraternity or bachelorette parties.
No dice says coastal.
Coastal says the required host would reduce the availability of short term rentals in the city.
Santa Monica has gotten away with requiring overnight hoists … says the Coastal staff.
But they say Malibu has fewer overnight accommodations to make up for the loss of the overnight owners who bail out of the program … rather than provide a host.
The city council will discuss this latest anti-Malibu move by the Coastal Commission at its meeting next week.


SMMUSD Has Major School Contamination Issue In SM, Malibu Impact Unknown

The Santa Monica-Malibu school district has a major problem on its hands . With a contained school in Ocean park … Santa Monica.
And if it sounds familiar to Malibu residents … perhaps it should.
Tests have just uncovered a major environmental problems at a Santa Monica elementary school.
The districts’s alternative high school … also shares the affected campus.
Months and months of parent complaints have resulted in mold tests being conducted in classrooms at John Muir Elementary school … and the results are really bad.
Extensive mold … some of it possibly harmful to human health .. has been found in the entire school campus.
Major dry rot, insect damage and water intrusion issues at the campus … in Ocean Park at the south edge of Santa Monica.
850 kids are affected.
Now … Santa Monica Malibu officials are scrambling to contain parent unhappiness … and find new places for those 850 kids to attend class.
All of a sudden … our local school district has to make plans on how to get rid of the mold … how to patch the water leaks that caused to mold in the first place … and maybe how to replace affected buildings.
Students from preschool through eighth grade will need to put into classrooms are other campuses … or at John Muir … moved into portable classrooms … or shuffled around into some campus buildings while others are worked on.
It’s a huge controversy in Santa Monica.
Parents do not want their kids dispersed into nearby schools … scattered to the winds as one put it.
District Superintendent Ben Drati and facilities manager Carey Upton say there are no great options here.
At the very least … the John Muir disaster is going to take a lot of school board attention … and district tax money … to fix.
The cost … not even discussed at an emergency parent meeting last week.
Santa Monica school board members have not … in years past … been shy about transferring property tax revenue from Malibu to Santa Monica.
But the most recent bond issue … the 195 million dollar Measure M bond issue … can legally only be spent in Malibu.
That leaves other district funds … that will have to be tapped to fix John Muir school.
That will no doubt make the Santa Monica-dominated school board even more adamant that Malibu tax dollars continue to flow to Santa Monica for general school operations …. As school district divorce negotiations grind on.
All this is certain to come up tonight … at 7 … when the school board has a special meeting.


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Local Schools Chief Warns Of Bad Ecstasy Sold To Kids

An urgent letter went out last Friday to school parents from the school district superintendent … Ben Drati.
Three Santa Monica students overdosed on fentanyl two weeks ago,.
The three teenage girls found on May 25 in an apartment on 20th Street near the Santa Monica Freeway.
They had snorted crushed-up tablets they had believed to be ecstasy.
The blue circular tablets were laced with fentanyl and at least one other still-unidentified “psychoactive” substance, according to Los Angeles County Health officials.
The girls had obtained the supposed ecstasy tablets from a a mail order pusher.
School Superintendent Ben Drati warned that “a large amount of ecstasy pills contaminated with fentanyl that have entered the Los Angeles Illicit drug market.”
Drati saud L A County testing has found that “Fentanyl is increasingly making its way into other drugs, as well.
“The risk of overdose, even death, is very high when exposed to these substances.”
According to County Health officials, the three students required “emergency medical intervention, including naloxone (Narcan) and a breathing tube.”
Fentanyl — which is colorless and odorless — can cause rapid respiratory depression resulting in accidental death.
Drati urged parents to discuss the dangers of these drugs with their children.
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Secret Council Session To Discuss Undisclosed Legal Threat To City
Malibu’s city council goes into secret session next week … to discuss some sort of legal claim filed by Malibu resident Jo Drummond.
The threatened legal action … and the secret session … were not announced until after 7 last Friday night,.
No comment over the weekend from the city attorney … as to what the nature of the legal claim is … or if the city faces some sort of lawsuit.
Legal advice between the city attorney and city council is of course confidential … but the legal claim should be a matter of public record …
It was not disclosed in the public in the agenda when it was published late Friday evening.


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City Council To Consider Budget, City Manager Contract, And Maybe Library Foundation Gift

After the secret session next week … a huge list if important items for the city council to discuss.
A final approval of the city’s budget for next year.
Finalizing the contract with city manager-designate Steve McClary.
Approve a plan to reduce the speed limits on Malibu’s major streets by 5 to 10 miles an hour … please note this does not include PCH …
And … city councilman Steve Uhring wants the entire city council to reconsider a =vote taken two weeks ago.
That was when three members of the council voted to approve a 500 thousand dollar gift from Malibu to the L-A County Library Foundation.
Championed by former mayor Laura Rosenthal … the transfer of Malibu library funds to the county is aimed at establishing an endowment … seed money to improve library services across the county.
Rosenthal called it an investment in the greater community … but Uhring calls it a possibly illegal gift of public funds.
And councilman Bruce Silverstein wants the city to delve into the issue of school shootings.
He wants Malibu to consider hiring a consultant to develop a plan to provide enhanced protection to our public-school students.
And he says that protection consultancy might be expanded to the protection of other residents and visitors.


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Malibu Canyon Rd To Be Dug Up To Look For Native American Artifacts

The State Water Board is requiring Malibu to test for buried Native American artifacts along Malibu Canyon Road … between Pepperdine and the Hughes Research Lab.
H-R-L is paying for the 150 thousand dollars in archaeological work.
Holes might be dug along the road … where a proposed city sewer line will connect H-R-L to the city’s sewage plant on Civic Center Way.
The idea is to find out if the Chumash had enjoyed any ocean view hillside cooking pits or acorn grinding rocks.
Or perhaps if the Chumash had bed and breakfasts …


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