KBUU NEWS Fri Sept 30 – Mountain Lion Creeps Up To Men With Kids Playing At Western Malibu Pond – Woolsey Payouts From SCE Now State Tax Free – City Considers Ordering Landowner To Plant Large Bushes In Area Cleared to Prevent Fires – Malibou Lake Celebrates 100 Years Sat, You’re Invited

Written by on September 30, 2022


This is Malibu’s Only Local Daily News … the Friday edition … I’m Hans Laetz reporting. 


Mountain Lion Creeps Up To Men With Kids Playing At Western Malibu Pond

=.   “42 years of living in these mountains … heard lots of stories … and I’ve never seen a mountain lion.”

Austin Podnat saw a mountain lion yesterday

It was standing just behind him… when he turned around and was startled by the beast.

A fully grown … massive cougar … which had ambled over as Podnat and another man were watching their three kids play at a small pond in the mountains of western Malibu.

Austin Podnat picks up the story.


“… and after 10 minutes of playing I didn’t know the kids were making sounds and throwing rocks and trying to skip rocks and looking at the frogs, we turn around to look out. And I take three steps forward … this was at 5 PM today.

“And there’s a mountain lion to the right of me within 5 feet.

“And it immediately only runs about 20 to 25 feet away from us and then it stops and stares.

“And we were kind of like we made a little formation with the two dads in front of the kids right behind us.

“And while it was staring at us I did take a couple photos of it and then video but it was quite concerning because it was not afraid of us. It was scary it was just watching us from about 25 feet away.

Of course there’s video of this …. Here’s what the close encounter of the furry kind sounded like.


“I don’t like it … it was right here. 



Of course the best part of that is the kid cackling as dad tries to scare away the mountain lion.


“It was certainly an eye-opening experience.

“And the fact that we went there and we walked towards the lake and played around there for 10 minutes… It certainly wasn’t there and it came up behind us and the 10 minutes were playing with rocks.

“When I turned around it was only 5 feet away.”

Decker Canyon area resident Austin Podnat … describing his group’s up close and personal visit with a very large mountain lion in the mountains west of Malibu yesterday.

It’s a beautiful cat … full grown … very long tail … good health and no radio collar.

The picture and video are all over the Internet… search for Malibu mountain lion.


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Gov Signs Stern’s Bill, Makes SCE Woolsey Payments Free Of State Tax

Malibu residents will be able to exclude payments for Woolsey Fire damages … from Southern California Edison … from their income when filing with the state.

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed the bill yesterday ..

State Senator Henry Stern of Malibu carried the bill through the Legislature.

The bill specifically mentions the Woolsey and Thomas fires in southern California … and several massive fires started by Pacific gas and Electric in central and northern California.

Nwsom said he approved the bills even though the $200 million revenue loss is NOT included in the current state budgeT.

Newsom has been vetoing almost every legislative measure that costs additional money … in fear of an economic turndown that will hurt state revenues.

Newsom said the income tax exemtopion for Woolsey Fire victims is “a righteous policy” that will provide wildfire victims with the full value of settlements …

The insurance payouts are not yet exempt from federal income tax


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City Considers Ordering Bushes And Grass To Be Planted In Previous Fire Clearance Area Near Townhomes

What’s more important??

A place for the fire department to set up its fire engines during emergencies???

Or planting burnable bushes next to a pond that sometimes forms when it rains???

That’s the issue brought up at a meeting of the city’s Environmental review board yesterday.

The egret pond … is the small pond that forms during the rainy season next to Civic Center Way … below the condos.

The owner of the land three years ago plowed the weeds next to the seasonal pond … as he is required to by the fire department. 

Weeds and bushes on the lot has burned during brushfires . Most recently in 2007.

Problem is … the owner’s crews plowed away the invasive bushes too close to where the pond … sometimes … forms.

There is supposed to be a 100 foot buffer.

Yesterday … the city’s Environmental Review Board took a look at the property owner’s plan to revegetate the buffer zone.

Anthony Baumkemp {spelled phonetically]… an environmental consultant for the land owner … said he had questions about why the City wants them to plant bushes and grasses there.


“My concern is that, by using mostly shrubs in the area and some that are quite tall and large, and that will over time increase the fuel load within this area considerably … that it seems to me it’s inappropriate to add a fuel load within the Civic Center.”

And that is no small concern.

This lot burned during the Malibu Canyon Fire of 2007 … and flames spread to a palm tree and then a car on Pacific Coast Highway with 4 people in it caught fire.

And keeping land cleared of weeds at the Civic Center means the land can again be used as a fire department staging area.

Baumkemp says he questions the concept of adding fuel load … additional plants and grasses that will burn … in the Civic Center.


“I’m just not sure it’s appropriate. I’m not sure that the city wants to take on that responsibility. I would think there would be some liability in that, particularly in that you have a large complex of condominiums almost next door to this plot.”

Yesterday’s meeting was designed to gather insfomatiomn for the city staff to present to the Planning Commission.


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Quaint, Charming Malibou Lake Opens Up For 100th Anniversary Soiree Saturday, You’re Invited 

Malibou Lake celebrates its 100th birthday this weekend.

Reporter Lance Orozco from our news partners at KCLU Radio in Thousand Oaks takes us there.


[Entire report may be heard at:]


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