KBUU News Fri Apr 15 – Covid test center at MHS – Actual Covid Rate Was 3x What Was Detected – Santa Clarita Protests Young Prisoners, Malibu May Get Them – Steve Uhring Says Show Movies At City Hall, Not The Church Near His House

Written by on April 15, 2022

=.  A special Covid test center opens at Malibu High tomorrow … as school gets ready to reopen.

=.  Major changes now … in the county’s isolation protocols for people exposed to Covid 19.

=.  Santa Clarita residents march on the street … to protest violent juvenile offenders who may be moved to Malibu. 

=.  The city grapples … how can it legally enforce a rat poison ban.

=.  And one city Councilmember says the Malibu Film Society should show movies at City Hall … not at a church. 


This is Malibu’s Only Local Daily News … the Friday edition … I’m Hans Laetz reporting. 

No Details Released Yet On Thursday’s Deadly Crash On Kanan-Dume

No details on yesterday’s fatal crash above Malibu.

A man was apparently killed … when what looked like a pickup truck went off Kanan Dume Road.

This was about 2 miles north of PCH … one mile outside the city limits. 

Neither there California Highway Patrol … nor the county coroner … have released any information.

That stretch of four lane highway has numerous steep embankments below the four lane roadway … embankments that are not blocked by guardrails.

The speed limit there is 55.

The speed limit was dropped to 45 after a series of fatal crashes back int he 1990s.

But it has inched back up … first to 50 then 55 … as a result of California’s speed trap law … which sets the speed limit based on the average speed of traffic. 


Back To School Covid Testing Sat and Mon For Local Kids

Malibu public school kids have been on vacation for two weeks… And now in order to go back to school on Monday… They have to pass a test.

A rapid COVID-19 Antigen test.

Before school Monday … Kidds and employees will need to take the test before going to school. 

A positive test will show two lines in the result area.

Anyone with two lines on their test is asked to stay home … contact the school nurse for instructions. 

A negative test stick means back to school … with the test result as a “ticket” to enter campus.

Tomorrow … the school district will have a spring break testing hub at Malibu High School, and at John Adams Middle School in Santa Monica.

This is for anyone who tested positive over break and need to clear before returning on Monday.

They will get an antigen test.

And PCR tests will be given to those without a history of positive result within 90 days who have symptoms … or anyone would like added peace of mind after travel or a holiday gathering .

The Malibu High testing center will be open tomorrow from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.


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Covid Cases Were 3x Greater Than Community testing Uncovered, County Now Says

How bad was Covid 19 over the last two years?

Three times more people caught the disease than the official case count.

County officials yesterday released a study …. That estimates that the number of people in Los Angeles County who have been infected with COVID-19 during the pandemic is far greater than the official figures.

So many people never developed symptoms … so they never got tested.

Others could not access tests, the county public health director said on Thursday.

So … how bad is Covid 19 now?

Same problem … except now it’s even more unknowable.

The large number of home tests means the official case count is a meaningless number. 

Researchers have given antibody tests to a wide sample L A County residents.

They found that between May and June of last year … the number of people infected with Covid 19 was three times greater than the county reported based on confirmed test results. 

Among children … five times more children were actually infected than the testing confirmed.

LA County health officials now have changed quarantine rules. 

Residents who have been exposed to Covid 19 no longer have to quarantine if they show no symptoms, mask up and test regularly.

The L-A region is now witnessing “substantial” community transmission.


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(2+1=) 3-Story House On Sea Level Goes To Planning Commission Monday

The Malibu Planning Commission is going to try again next Monday to  hear a request for some variances for a house on Sea Level Drive.

The public hearing in a week will center on a variance requested for a basement … that in essence creates a third floor.

Malibu zoning codes only allow two story houses.

But this basement would be cut into the hillside … but it will “daylight” on the downhill slope. 

That means it will in essence be the ground floor of a three story structure. 

City staff okayed that concept years ago … because other houses on Sea Level Drive have basements that “daylight.”

This matter has been on the Planning Commission agenda for some time … but has been delayed.


City Grapples With How To Ban Rat Poison Quickly And Legally

Everyone in Malibu agrees … rat poison should be banned.

But the Malibu city council is struggling with a way to do that. … legally and quickly.

Joel Schulman … at Poison Free Malibu … told a city council commission yesterday … do something.


“The community is very confused. They are still seeing the poisons all over.

“They get to us and they say ‘what’s happening? We’re still seeing animals getting sick and dying and we’re still seeing the poisons all over.

“They need some clarity and they need it as soon as possible.”

There are two possible ways for the city to ban poison… according to city officials.

One is to set a city policy … that putting rat poison out is a coastal development that can be banned. 

That can be done fairly quickly. 

But it may be hard to defend legally … 

The second is to pass an ordinance … but that has to go to Coastal Commission for approval … that could take two years.

City planning director Richard Mollica says defining poison use as against city policy … an illegal development … may be legally dicey.


“You know … you could argue that it’s development … because you’re placing something on the ground.  It’s something that has an impact on Coastal resources.

“But to me that that’s the hard part is making that argument that it is development where is if we had an ordinance … an ordinance is easy… you know, if you build a house too tall you are in violation of the ordinance.”

Members of the city Council zoning revision committee met yesterday. That would be Steve Uhring and Mikey Pearson.

And they agreed that the city needs to take a two-pronged approach… Making poison use against the city policy for the short term… While the city begins the two-year process of changing its city ordinance… Which has to go to the coastal commission for approval. 

Steve Uhring.


“I want to make sure that we got some ability to defend ourselves if somebody challenges us.

And if our law firm can’t do that for us let me know … cause I can find some other people can come in and help us out make that argument.

“But I want to see that in place when it comes to the city Council because I think the policy right now is the way to go … if we want to do an ordinance in the long run let’s do that but let’s get something going on that deals with these pesticides and prevents them from being used.”

The matter will eventually go to the City Council for a decision


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City Disagreement Over Whether Film Society Can Show Movies Down the Street From Uhring’s House

Disagreement from two city council members yesterday over whether the cities temporary use permit program needs to be revised.

City council member Mikey Pearson says it’s too hard to stage art shows in city parks… rr for churches to host film series… because the city is making people pull individual temperatures permits for each event.

City Council member Steve Uhring disagrees.

That led to this exchange at the zoning committee meeting yesterday.


PIERSON: “there is a huge amount of frustration and I think we owe it to the citizens of Malibu on all sides of any issue that deal with Art Events and film events to bring this to city Council and have a discussion. I realize a lot of people will show up.

“but you know what it’s time… There’s frustration on this town and maybe on both sides. And part of our job is to address the community’s concerns and we need to do that … and that’s what I’m attempting to talk about.”

UHRING: “what is the frustration here I mean if they want to get a temporary use permit they can go today apply for a temporary is permit and get one.

“So what are they frustrated with? Because they don’t want to do that? I mean the path is there for that to occur. And again with that path it allows for all the other things to take place… The residence get notified we understand what the impacts of that thing are gonna. … so they can do that today.”

PIERSON:  “No you can’t you really … you can’t really logically apply for 40 movies over the course of this movie season. Our system is not set up for that.”

“They want to do it in City Hall they can do it there… right?

“I mean if Scott Tallal wants to run his movies at City Hall… That’s a city location… We paid for the building … let him go do that … I don’t have any problem with that.”

Steve Uhring refers to the Malibu Film Society … which has now been told it has to stop showing movies at two  Malibu churches … because it failed to obtain temporary use permits.

For more than 10 years .,. the city considered showing movies to be part of the normal activity at a church.

But the city planning department has issued a new opinion on this … and says no dice.

The city hall auditorium has terrible sight lines and acoustics … and would make an awful movie theater … according to cinema experts in the Malibu Film Society.

Uhring lives down the street from a church … on Malibu Canyon Road … that wants to host the movie series. 

He apparently objects.

This editor’s note … KBUU Radio has a marketing agreement with the Malibu Film Society … and Scott Tallal serves on KBUU’s board of directors.

Santa Clarita Objects To Young Adult Prisoners, Malibu Is The Alternative

Protesters up in Santa Clarita waved signs along the street to protest the possible relocation of violent youth offenders to their community… As LA County continues its plans to move inmates to either Santa Clarita or Malibu.

Los Angeles county is grappling with a juvenile corrections system in a state of near total collapse.

The county has to find a place to put young men … men who were considered juveniles when they considered violent assaults or murders.

But the county juvenile system has these men in custody until they turn 25… And it doesn’t have a place to put them. The state essentially shut down the central juvenile hall… And Santa Clarita is objecting to plans to put them there.

County supervisors are looking at what used to =be called campus Kirkpatrick above malibu as an alternative.

Campus Kirkpatrick was … until now … the flagship location of the county’s “L.A. Model” for juvenile rehabilitative service facilities.

The L.A. Model at Campus Kilpatrick was a small-group treatment model that is youth-centered and embodies a culture of care rather than a culture of control.  

This model was to include intensive case planning with input from youth, family, probation, school/education, physical health, mental health, and, when appropriate, additional service providers or stakeholders.  

But there has been no communication with Malibu or the Santa Monica Mountains community about the changes coming to campus Kirkpatrick. 

Last month the board of supervisors approved plans to put the highest security violent offenders at the Malibu camp… or maybe in Santa Clarita. Santa Clarita residents are now on the street protesting any possible relocation of violent offenders to their city. 

What’s going to happen in Malibu? 

We really do not know.




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