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Written by on August 1, 2022

Lane Closures And Street Flooding Expected As Malibu Water Main Will Be Flushed Tonight

Expect big lane closures and a lot of spilled water on PCH tonight in Pacific Palisades.

The L A County waterworks people are installing a new water main to supply Malibu and Topanga Canyon.

The 30 inch line has to be flushed out tonight.

Water is expected to flood the right two lanes … westbound … tonight.   The flushing and water ponding will be under the Pacific Palisades, between Santa Monica Canyon and Temescal Canyon Road.

The water will be recaptured for re-use at nearby parks … but some may flow into the flood control system.

That water will be pumped to the Hyperion Sewage Plant … where some of it will be recycled.

There will be no disruption to Malibu water supplies… County officials say.


Trancas Creek Pile Driving Is Neigh

Heavy construction is expected to get underway at the Trancas creek bridge this week… and it’s going to be loud.

The loudest part of the project is about to get underway.

That would be the pile driving of more than two dozen pipes… As much as 55 feet into the sand.

The pile driving for three test wells echoed up and down Trancas beach and up the canyon.

This is going to be louder.

Some neighbors have been complaining about the loud noise… The city says it is within permissible limits so far.

But if it gets louder… The city may require sound buffers to be put up at the pile driver.

Some neighbors had also objected to the sound… Bang bang bang… Continuing after 3 PM.

But the state has a permit to work as late as 7 PM…

City officials say work is scheduled to end at three each afternoon… But sometimes pile driving doesn’t follow schedules.

Contractors say they are on schedule to complete the first half of the bridge by mid September.

The second half of the old bridge Will be knocked down next spring… And replaced next summer.

The center of the bridge is 95 years old and the concrete is literally falling apart.


City Will Put On Press Statement On Weekend Concert

The Sunset Jazz Concert On Saturday Sees Smallish Attendance.

There was great controversy up ubntilt he last minute as to whether it would even happen.

It was only 48 hours before the concert begin at the Malibu planning commission gave it a greenlight.

And that was after it overroad the recommendation from the city planning director that the events permit be yanked.

Traffic was not a major issue Saturday… In the hour leading up to the concert beginning.

There was an order line vehicles waiting to park on the chili cook off site… Which is where the concert was happening..

There was also a line on Civic Center Way.

Many concert attendees skipped the $30 parking lot and instead parked on Malibu Road… Then carried their lawn chairs across PCH.

At last weeks planning commission meeting… At least one commissioner asked why the city had rented it’s vacant lot for this concert in the first place. The concert organizer is not for Malibu… Has no Malibu connections… And it was not a charity benefit.

But that issue was not on the planning commission agenda last week… It’s not clear what the city policies are on outside businesses renting city property for profit making enterprises like the jazz concert.

We did learn last week that the jazz concert promoters had tried to stage the concert at Malibu Bluffs Park… But that was rejected by city staff… Who instead put the concert on the vacant chili cook off site..

The city said it would put out a press release about the concert today.

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City, SMMUSD and Lost Hills Making Plans To Dramatically Tighten Security at 4 Malibu Schools

City, District, Sheriff Plan To Hire Consultant On School Shooting Safety

The city … the sheriff’s office and the school district have together put out a request for proposals to find a qualified school security expert.

They want to find a company to conduct a comprehensive safety assessment … an evaluation of steps taken to prevent school shootings … at Malibu’s four public schools.

The assessment will examine physical security and safety procedures.

It will include include a review and analysis of behavioral health programs, policies and procedures as well.

Companies have until this Friday to bid on the work.

The city also wants to hire additional unarmed Campus Security Officers to Malibu campuses as soon as possible.

Unarmed Campus Security Officers are a union protected employee class on Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District campouses.

The district says it will take two to three months to hire those guards.

The additional cost of more unarmed Campus Security Officers would potentially be covered by the City … according to the city council committee members … Paul Grisanti and Bruce Silverstein.

The LA County sheriff’s office will be providing the school district a liaison sergeant to help address school safety needs.

The sergeant will oversee the Juvenile Intervention Team (J-Team) and produce new ideas and strategies for the J-Team.

The sergeant will consider and review programs and ideas such as but not limited to drug recognition for teachers and parents, diversion programs, lockdown procedures for staff, lockdown drills, emergency plan terminology, site security walkthroughs, evacuation plans, reunification procedures, threat assessments, and active shooter training in schools.

firms can be acquired and then engaged once needs are clearly outlined.

Tech two city councuil members say it is too early to consider hiring a private security team to add security .,.. as the overall plan needs to be developed first.

The school shooting in Uvalde Texas has galvanized Malibu’s city Council into action.

Council members say school security is provided by the Santa Monica Police Department in Santa Monica… But school district officials say the santa monica police presence is not that great.


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