Jefferson Wagner Wants City Manager Job – Unknown Entity From Ojai Gets Interim Title

Written by on May 1, 2021

A new city manager.

Malibu city council members voted 5 to nothing … note the unanimous vote … to pick a new interim city manager last night.

Steve McClary … a former city manager in Ojai … was picked by a unanimous vote.

Nothing … not one specific word … was said about his background at the meeting Thursday.

A check on the internet finds only a smattering of news article about Steve McClary.

he resigned as city manager in 2019 … only citing “personal reasons.”

During the Thomas Fire …. which surrounded Ojai in 2017 … McClary was the city manager there.

And after the meeting … some resident blasted McClary for failing to keep rfesidents informed as to the fires progress …. and evacuations.

That’s according to a Ventura County Star article.  None of McClary’s past jobs… including at Ojai and Fillmore … had anything to do with coastal issues or the California Coastal Commission.   

When he left Ojai … that city had 40 employees … Malibu has 100.

Ojai’s 2019 budget was 10 million dollars … Malibu’s city budget next year will be almost 90 million.

And not much was said about him at the special city council meeting last night

Mayor Paul Grisanti spoke to the new interim city manager.


PAUL GRISANTI “I am really hopeful that this is going to end up being a wonderful career experience for you and we are looking forward to working with you.

BRUCE SILVERSTEIN: “I suggest .. perhaps … we make Steven’s resume available to the public so they can see his background.

I think you will be pleased and recognize that he has got the background to do this job and once you get to meet him you will be satisfied … not just on paper. “

That was Paul Grisanti .. followed by Bruce Silverstein.

As of Saturday morning … the new city manager’s resume was not posted on the city’s website ….

Not much else in the Internet about him.

McClary’s Linked In bio has not been updated in 4 years and 8 months … it still shows him in Ojai … where he resigned for personal reasons.

Community activist Jae Flo Katz started an online petition to have former city councilman Jefferson Wagner appointed as city manager.

She says it’s time for a knowledgable Malibu resident to run the city …

And Wagner has sent out a statement …. telling his supporters that he would love to have the job.

Others are pushing back … pointing out that Wagner made vague and unsubstantiated claims in an affidavit … now being investigated by the city’s outside lawyers. 

This morning … Malibu residents are completely in the dark as to who is Steve McClary … the man running Malibu city government.

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