Garcetti Opens City of LA COVID Test Centers To 87 Other Cities – County Begs You ‘Do Not Wear N-95 Masks’

Written by on April 3, 2020

The City of Los Angeles has opened nine drive-thru Coronavirus testing facilities … and yes … they are open to anyone in Malibu or anywhere in L A County who has valid medical reasons to be tested.

This will double public health lab testing capacity in L A County.

Eric Garcetti says 37 thousand people in the entire county have been tested so far.

The nine drive thru test centers will be able to process 30 thousand people per week.


“We are up to nine different locations … including seven within city limits … and we are adding more slots every single day.

“So, you don’t have to live in the City of Los Angeles to be tested … for any of you listening from any of the other 87 cities …or any of the unincorporated areas

“Please go to the portal at and even though it says LA city it’s not just for LA city residents.

“That’s to see if you’re eligible or to sign up.”

Garcetti says the City of Los Angeles is working with the county … and with the other 87 cities in Los Angeles County … and with surrounding counties.

Garcetti made his announcements during his regular evening fireside chat with the people.

It is carried nightly at 5:15 on KBUU and broadcast on regional T V and radio.


One thing that Garcetti was way ahead of the curve on was face masks.

First the L A mayor … then the L A County … then the state began urging Americans to wear face masks.

Te big worry … people would interpret this as a directive tyo wear N-95 proetctive masks in public.

no no NO says Dcotor Barbara Ferrer … director of the county Department of Public Health.

She stresses …. an N-95 mask worn by the general public deprives a doctor or nurse of a N-95 mask that they really need …and does absiliutely not one iota better than a simole bandana.


“There isn’t a single person in the general public who needs in an N-95 mask.

“These are fitted masks.

“They’re really only needed for people who are performing certain procedures in a medical setting or in a first responder setting.

“So please please please … I beg you: “Don’t go looking for an N-95 mask.

“They are in short supply and we have to make sure that our health care workers are able to access them them … and have them so that they’re able to protect all of us and all of the people we love are sick and need healthcare.”

Repeat … N-95 masks worn to the supermarket are no more effective than a cloth or similar homemade mask.


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