First 16 Cal Recycles Demolition Projects Done – So Far So Good

Written by on February 11, 2019

Cal Recycle crews have already substantially ripped down more than a dozen houses in the Point Dume and Malibu High School area.

Fire debris removal under the California state-sponsored program began last week at 13 properties within city limits … plus three outside the city limits.

Preliminary work … like knocking down chimneys and site plan reviews… has begun at others

that burned in the Woolsey Fire.

Early reviews for the CalFire debris removal have been good.

The residents we’ve talked to … and seen on social media … have nothing but praise foe the government-sponsored demolition crews.

The CalRecycle crews are coordinating the work with the city and the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District ,,,  to protect students’ health while they are in school.

A certified industrial hygienist is watching the air quality sensors that have been placed at the schools … to look for dust and ash in the air.

CalRecycle has also placed air samplers at the school sites … which are tested at the lab for asbestos and heavy metals.

If there is increased particulate matter affecting air quality … principals will reduce outdoor activity, keep students indoors, and close the doors and windows.

The district continues to post daily air quality readings online.

Citywide .. more than a hundred property owners have not yet indicated if they will remove the fire wreckage from the house themselves … or have CalRecycle do it for them.

There are four more days to decide … the deadline to sign up is the end of the day Friday.

And the deadline to complete fire debris removal is March 15.

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