Fire, Floods, PSPS, Quake, Tsunami – Now What? A Plague? How Will Malibu Evacuate In Next Disaster?

Written by on April 13, 2020

Gentle rains … but a lot of them .. hit Malibu last week.

Up near Saddle Peak they got almost 6 inches of rain in 6 days.

Here at the beaches … 2 to 3 inches.

When the inevitable dry and warmer weather arrives . there will be a huge crop of grasses and weeds.

The state’s firefighting agency this week began planning the advice it will give residents who must flee wildfires.

Southern California Edison still plans to cut power in Santa Anas ..

Refrigerators packed with frozen or perishable food may be without power for days.

shelters were set up for vulnerable residents, such as people who needed power to run medical equipment.

CalFire spokesman says his department will urge residents to continue following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines as best they can if they must evacuate.

That means things like staying at least six feet apart and frequently washing hands or using hand sanitizer.

Masks will be mandatory has people evacuate.

Keeping people apart means officials will need more shelters to house the same number of evacuees who in the past would have been tightly spaced in cots, officials said.

More shelters means more staff and more logistical challenges in providing food and sanitation … according to a report in Calmatters.

The American Red Cross is significantly changing how it handles evacuations,

They are planning to have evacuation centers set up with only one entrance.

Anyone entering must be logged in after having their temperature scanned and answering questions about whether they have any symptoms or have recently had contacts with anyone who might be infected.

There will be marks on the floor to keep people safe distances apart.

leaning crews will circulate all day, endlessly sanitizing the building.

The Red Cross has been using hotels in the South … after tornadoes … rather than large evacuation centers. 

But hotels are filling up with homeless people … and with people practicing social isolation.

The Red Cross is distributing kits with thermometers, hygiene supplies and a limited supply of masks, gloves and other safety garb to every Red Cross office and has been remotely training thousands of volunteers.

They will still provide the hands-on care that evacuees require, but the large-scale management — arranging for supplies, communications, other logistics — will be done remotely.

the Red Cross tells Calmatters that they want people to know … that if there is an earthquake or wildfire …. the worst case scenario would be an evacuation is necessary … and people would be fearful of evacuating because of the pandemic and they don’t get out of harm’s way because they don’t know that they have a safe place to go.”

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