Feldman’s Job Review Next Thursday

Written by on November 8, 2019

The Malibu City Council has scheduled a special … closed door meeting to discuss the job performance of city manager Reva Feldman.

Her yearly review was delayed while the city waited for an assessment of her work … during the Woolsey Fire.

That report came in  … and was generally favorable.

Feldman has been a lightning rod for criticism …  because of fire department non-response to Malibu during the Woolsey Fire … and because of the hardline sheriff’s department roadblock policies after the fire hit.

Even last week … some of the same voices always critical of Feldman blasted her for not rolling out stop signs onto PCH during the power blackout.

And for not putting sheriff’s deputies in the blacked out intersections to direct traffic.

As we just reported … Feldman points out that the sheriff’s department is headed by an independently elected sheriff … who in effect does not answer to her or the city council.

Same story for Caltrans.

The special meeting will be at 10 in the morning at Malibu City Hall.

There will be a public comment period before the meeting … but then the city council will adjourn and go behind closed doors.

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