Feldman Still Has Job, Critics Still Have Criticism, and Mayor Has Her Back

Written by on November 26, 2019

City Manager Reva Feldman’s job performance was up for discussion again … at last night’s city council meeting.

The discussion was behind closed doors … the city attorney said that Feldman’s job rating would be discussed at a later public meeting.

There has been a constant drumbeat for years … accusing Feldman of being a tool of a former L-A mayor … accusing Feldman of being a tool of the MRCA … accusing Feldman of being cold and distant.

The only speaker after the closed door session last night called that a smear campaign.


“My name is Burt Ross … and I am here to show my support for Reva Feldman, our city manager, who has been relentlessly attacked by a small group of people who seem to have nothing else going on in their lives.

“It is one thing to question and to evaluate the efficacy of the city manager’s performance.

“This is our right has inform citizens.

“It is quite another to smear someone’s reputation and to engage in baseless character assassination.”

Several Feldman opponents spoke against Feldman last night before the closed-door session …

Sam Hall Kaplan made his opposition known two weeks ago…


“It’s a waste of goddamn time add money for this council to go on and on with someone who is not serving them.

“You are the employer, the employer.

“She serves you you do not serve her.”

There was no comment directly from the council last night on Feldman’s job performance.

But Malibu Mayor Karen Farrer indirectly addressed those vocal critics of the city manager.

She said their voices are threatening others on the internet.


“There is a vocal minority here that is consistently negative, engaged in conspiracy theory, sometimes outright fabrication, just like we are seeing on the national level, and global.

“This vocal minority has created a culture of intimidation And fear of retribution particularly online.”

Malibu mayor Karen Farrer.

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